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Internet Profiles - who are you really?

Guardian of Shadows
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Sometimes, in person, I
forget that only I, and
can hear my thoughts, so
I neglect to speak.

I am far more talkative in
but the soul remains
the same.

I am Madameówhy
Someone has to be, and
the lavender cools
the nuclear reactor in my

Iíve been chewed up and
spat out by
everything, including
so why not make a mockery
of it, and
give some good advice at
my expense?

I somewhat enjoy how
my hair wonít hold the
dye, anymoreócome
and get me, you little, white,
fuckers;  everyone
else did.

Ah, Iím still restless, no
matter what, and I write what
God tells me to; someday,
thereíll be a reason why.

Fire of Insight
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Curtains Drawn

I present with the flair of Oz
great and terrible on his throne
floating head above the stage
smoked explosions and flashing lights
when Iím the one with curtains drawn.

Striking pose on musicís muse
walking step with love of form
triple step to a passing turn
with the loveliest on my arm
if only I could really dance.

Despondent in the depths of pain
seeking release by triggerís pull
when all has lost meaningís charm
I mean it this time, I really do
oh look, it is a butterfly.

Radical rallying the good fight
against the hatred of bigotry
flags flown from pickup trucks
these will have to go
when the skeletons leave my closet.

Impassioned ally of equal love
biology and choice inseparable
when joy is all we seek to find
truth will win out in the end
so says the one with much to hide.

Poet with a thousand words
daily mantras in stanza form
creating kingdoms from my poems
revelations of good and bad
when all I want is to be heard.

The one with mind still twenty-five
demanding that the clock turn back
rewind the years to find my place
just within my grasping hands
across the gap a hundred miles.

All of these are my face
on intranets across the web
desiring you to see the span
imagining by this mortal man
still hiding behind the curtains drawn.

poet Anonymous

Who I Am...

thoughts and emotions
slowly taking shape
who I am
is undecided
it changes
a little
every day
I've got scars
but I've got beauty
the past
does not define me
I am motion
an ever flowing tide
I am
who I am
and so much
more to come
arms open
to offer love

Bradley J
Fire of Insight
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Dangerous Mind
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You may think you really know me, but you don't.
You only get so much from what I tell you.
From my rhymes,
From my stories,
To my poetry, I am three different personalities.
I'm simply Raquel, inspiring writer who loves peace and romance, but wants nothing more than happiness.
Then there's Rocky who's rebellious, won't listen to a thing you say because it's either my way or the highway and if you get in my way I will fight you.
Finally there's Ms. Jackson, the sex queen of DUP as she can bring any man to his knees if he dares to stand boldly like he can do better.
But in reality I'm just me, a woman of the outside world who's merely speaking out her thoughts and once in awhile actions.
I am blunt, but never apologetic for the decisions I make or the roads I take.
Growing up in front of your very eyes both physically, emotionally, and poetically
I am a force of nature with this pen I hold in my hand.
I write whatever is in my heart, I've been writing since I was a child.
I wrote for the kids in my school who felt like giving up,
I wrote for the kids with the broken hearts after a break up,
I even wrote for my mother when she had problems with my father.
Growing up as an old soul in a little body I could only relate to those who were older than me because people my own age thought I was weird.
Constantly misunderstood I looked for friendship through music, dance, and poetry.
A lonely soul who was always stuck home alone listening to Michael Jackson feeling like he understood me best.
I began to write my tears away as I did I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders after I started doing it.
I am a mystery within my words,
I am a shape shifter through my creations.
As I become the person I've been dying to be and that is someone who is free, someone who is no longer afraid and someone who just doesn't care anymore I'm rebirthed once again and brought back to life.
I'm always here standing on my two feet ready as I was born a fighter,
Stronger than ever before and never will I ever stop being Rocky.
Whether I'm Raquel,
Or even Ms. Jackson I'll always be who I am: me.

Twisted Dreamer
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Online Identity

Am I not what my profile states?
Am I a fake instead trying to make
myself look like something I am not?
Think about it, why would I ever tell
the truth to strangers looking for the
most beautiful in humanity? That
exact thing everyone is hiding from,
I'm clinging on to show my range.
Online I'm a sweet role model type
of person pleading to the world to treat
each other better because without
peace we have no future, but in reality
I sit here with control in hand not
really caring what you do with your life.
How dark can I really be? Darker than
anything seen before midnight on a
night when only half the moon shows
its face to the same people it tries to
hide its cheek from. I create images of
myself just like you do to try and
accomplish the same thing you are,
a two face lie of self acceptance, but
I am the project that you wish to silence
in your and my perfect world of corruption.
What do I think of myself? Read my profile,
and just think the total opposite to see
what my reality looks like. I stepped back,
compared and analyzed myself in a way I
have many times before, yet I am still
uncomfortable telling you how I really feel
for the inter-webs is meant to lie about these
sort of things, the reason I am declare myself
sane when writing such a fibbing identity.

Lost Thinker
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Who am I? I'm the coolest guy, always fit in, all I do is try. Well, that's a lie. I try, never accomplished. Trying to stomp this, feeling out of me seeing doubt. But I can't escape it, tried to not make, it a part of me even though it's hard to be..Any other me, lost a person who was like a brother to me so life is struggle to..be. Happy people get at me like you're crazy like I'm the daisy and they're the four leaf clover. The night never leaves me sober, soon it's all over. The right kiss can undo this ball of hate that's become my natural state. Longing for love and never belonging to the club is my drug. Always will be but I'm still me...

Dangerous Mind
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What a fun comp.  All great entries.  Big thanks to the G man.

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