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Thought Provoker
United States
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I am in high school,
Instead of being free I'm stuck with the rest of the teenage population,
Homework and Lunch cards,
Rather than freedom and cars,
I have exams and Lunch food,
I am in high school,
Homework and books,
The entire school based on looks and popularity,
I am no one,
I am an old soul,
Stuck in this hell hole,
Some people call High school.

Twisted Dreamer
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My name am Ed

born on the 6th of july

I drew a circle around that bridge

and a few damn things fell down

–Einstürzende Hochhäuser–

(i tell ya, humblebrag, that boy can play a trumpet)

But I got out ok, (madness aside), community radio muttering sweet nothings through two long years of night

Just to me

Just to me

Just to me

(famous blue raincoat, rip.)

And the storm swept in

to bring me a brand new life

as the whole damn town just got

Washed away

Washed away

Washed away


you know what I'm talking about

Pleased to meet you

Dangerous Mind
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I know it's not kosher to comment on an ongoing thread, but I love reading all these submissions.  Please encourage other DU poets to contribute.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Who Am I

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of what I hope to achieve;
The things that I wish to do
Before it's time to leave.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of who I think I am;
Friendly, generous and honest
My life is not a sham.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of my life's priorities;
Duty to family and friends
Before mere frivolities.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of trends I wish reversed;
Wars, poverty and climate change
To list the very worst.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of the pleasure of my garden;
Fruit, flowers and vegetables
Free of chemical burden.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of what makes me content;
Sensual sex with many girls,
Always with consent.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Some things are just a hope;
Will I have time for them?
Before sliding down the slope.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Perhaps you'll not agree,
How accurate are these glimpses
A real picture of me?

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Missy Miss

She's an old fashioned girl
and that's the way she likes it,
with a subtle display of skin
lace edged for the show
watched from the front row

her eyes reflect the glamour of Monroe
and they will only serve to empathise
because that is what you will believe
caught in a web of her demise
and she'll beg you to fantasise
in a world of her creation

it's a fixation
in a celebration of a distant day
before breast implants lead the way,
when a blown kiss was all you needed
to lead a man astray from his mind
and his hard earned money.

She may let you call her honey
while she waves her fan politely
hiding beneath her well timed flutters
that keeps the distance between
her and her punters
oh so very discreet

the world is at her patent feet
her confidence well heeled
using mascara as a sword and shield,
she smiles gently with a finger
on lips that blow a secretive kiss
and her smile is so much wider
as the unfathomable Missy Miss.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Far From Perfect

Being the girl with the pretty smile
And the perfect hair. Everyone
Thinks you are beautiful while

On the inside you are lost. The sun
Gets lost in the clouds. The bright
Personality hides the hidden gun

Tucked away. The fright
Outweighed by the bravery
And fearlessness. There is light.

Tyrant of Words
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I am who I am

seekingkate is my name and I am kate
seeking myself and no one else
unraveling the layers with every poem
peeling them away revealing who I am
at times it can be cathartic
yet always advantageous
if you read between the lines

my avatar is frida
dark as I am fair
young as I am old
an inner strength emanates from her blue face
as mine does through brown eyes
her waterfall of coloured tears are my tears
reflecting the beauty of our pain

I’ve played with many avatars
all showing some part of me
yet none represented the whole till frida came along
she encapsulates who I am
all my hidden aspects rolled into one

I am who I am
what you see and read is me
sometimes it's the whole
others it’s just a peek

© Kate Adams 16/12/16

Thought Provoker
United States
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I have written and submitted Erotic works
And ask for only friendly comments or quirks
Because it wouldn't be fair
That all I share
In Erotic works of mine
Only lives in my romantic mind.
Never been with a man passed first base
But in my romantic mind, that's not the case.
I am just a hopeless romantic without experience
In search of an outlet for deliverance .
And so the beauty of writing is you can be anything you want to be
Let the ink spill, imagination flow, and the inner goddess free...✍️

Fire of Insight
United States
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Storefront Smile

If I could put pen to page
put aside this storefront smile
turn my heart inside out
perhaps you’d know this broken one.
The spilled ink would reveal
a different soul from who you know
arranged just so to please the eye
to give you comfort when I lie.

Confidence is the painted shield
thin as the ice in late fall
hoping that nobody walks
across the sheen to break within.
The cracks will clearly show the way
to frightened fathoms far below
where bravery is a distant wish
put forward for you to see.

Look beyond the rosy glow
there you’ll find the ribs that show
starvation for the touch that feeds
a hunger my skin cannot release.
I’d scream if the ache was pain
longing for a glancing rub
why must the space be so wide
between the hands of you and I?

You can drop kind words into my well
conversation made to fill a void
most appreciated though the depths
pass through the earth far below.
There is so much I would share
encyclopedias could not contain
the memories of a world combined
held by lips that cannot talk.

These things I could let you know
if walls did not hold me back
from the world I try to fool
with platitudes meant to sooth.
If I spoke these words out loud
you’d see that I am so much less
than perfection we’re meant to have
instilled in the storefront smile.

Bradley J
Fire of Insight
United States
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YO!!!! this competition is marvelous.. I would give myself props for making it but it is each of YOU who have made it so awesome! thank you all for participating and sharing about yo-self!

<3 always,

Twisted Dreamer
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I love Your forum post's spelling and message!

poet Anonymous

The blade artist is an authentic version of me
Exaggerated ego true but not that much disparity
We both enjoy rhyming verse it’s our shared vanity
It’s better than taking their pills for the sake of our sanity

Spitting words is just our form of meditation
It’s better than the quick fix of their medication
Verse landing in the spectrum of dark and the absurd
Most will never understand the thought behind each word

I guess the main difference is his moniker and my name
Blade artist sounds cool, Andrew comparatively sounds lame
Even though the blade artist secretly aspires for fame
We both accept our words will never reach critical acclaim

Is Andrew the old man, the blade artist a youth?
So regardless of dark words, regardless of spoof
I guess from these words you may have some proof
Sometimes there can be more than one version of the truth

Lost Thinker
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i am an article of demise, sandy eyes in the night.
have i orchestrated a curse to my own sleep?
clattering of keys press over the hands of a clock,
faces look up and smile, i'll be tired soon.
love hurts, a strain of conciousness.
yet you are always there, alone as can be.
i vent my heart over again, spilled onto a glowing surface,
my dreams illuminating before my eyes.
take me away to this newfound home,
this warm energy trapped in an untouchable zone.
the wings it has given me fade as i fall asleep.
tomorrow i'll dream not to rot, but to have warmth to keep.
-Tyler V. Quarello

Dangerous Mind
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About me

I was 1/3 of a pregnancy
I was the good son
the bad boy
the black sheep
the sex toy
at 15 my retirement plan
was to not make it to 30

I have been at the periphery of lightning & sailed the under-toe
was a la carte on the road kill du jor
my slate has been meditated
to clear
& my body has been
both comatose & blind

I have been
& mourned
the holy [ still-born ] ghost

saved the living & buried the dead

plucked the chord
stretched the canvas
dipped the quill
mastered tables of Balls & cards
rode horses of iron & flesh
was a card carrying member of fight club
& told a joke or two

i have felt
love & hate
Passion & loneliness
hunger & excess
fead celebrities & homeless
the outspoken rebel & the quiet observer
a big fish in a small pond
& a minnow in the ocean
teacher & student
been a hoarder of my feelings
& given more than I had
broken hearts & been broken
& i have seen
a magical beginning
& a tragic end

I have walked
through the valley of death
stopped to smell the nightshade
kissed the devil on the lips
& hugged an angel

& i am still here

poet Anonymous

Well I said it once (about my profile), and I'll say it again:

'DevlinDLC' mean's "Nothing";
and when I die
my headstone will read:
"here lies Nothing. . ."

so when DU no longer exists
and no longer is my home
at least I'll be known
for writing one great fucking poem!

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