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Internet Profiles - who are you really?

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

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We all create images of ourselves on the interwebs that project how we want the world to perceive us.. It is often implicit and not so much conscious, but i believe that if we examine our digital self we can see a disconnect between that identity and what we really think of ourselves (maybe it is just me? lol).

This competition is designed to get you to take a step back and compare, analysis, and introspect about your online identity.  Think about it deeply.. become uncomfortable.. and write something new!

The objective is to not only address the dissonance but also to express it poetically (why else are we here?)

this shall be an open vote, because i like to be perceived on this site as selfless, when in reality I am far from it

poet Anonymous

Office Automation Assistant With a Poet's Soul...

Some times I wonder how he is doing without it.

Shattered, attempting to rebuild.

Adoptive father of one,

among my failures
Disgraced husband, Jack Mormon, and Christian heretic,


poet Anonymous

I am who I am

My name is Grace
I chose this
not my parents
to them I am someone else
but Grace will suffice
for our Cyberworld

I am not graceful
nor am I full of grace
I just hope the name
rub off on me

if at all I am a disgrace
to myself and to some
I am gentle and giving
some people think
I am weak

but don't take my silence
for ignorance
I absorb
I learn and file
in the cabinet of my mind

I can dissect your thoughts
and put them in a row
ticking up which is what
and what goes where

I just don't care enough
to do that, I respect you
for who you want to be
here, you can be a prince or a warrior

I do not invent my temper
nor do I curry favours
I am just me...as I am
a person, renamed
in Maya.

poet Anonymous

all da hos
and all da bros
in da hood of deep undergrood
c m colour
iz black az my d
c me
iz da dood
from da hood
big bada booooootie

poet Anonymous

Smiling out and frowning in
trying to stop from caving in

Fake smiles painted on this clown
Trying to be noticed outside this town

Scared of letting people know my face
fear of being a disgrace

Online I don't need a name
Or a picture to play the game

it simply allows me to be free
of the person who hates me most, me.

poet Anonymous

First to the storm
And last to laugh
Of three attempts failed
I sigh and keep walking

poet Anonymous

i am transgender, what's a gurl to do?
A face for radio but my legs are okay
Peek up my skirt and i'll bitch slap you
Unless you ask real nicely if you may

poet Anonymous

Much More Me

I don't want you
to see me
in the streets
and think
Hey, it's Willow!
I don't want to know
what you see
when looking
at my face
at my body
I wear them
but they aren't me
I want you to know
who I am
how I think
what I feel
not what you see
I promise
is more beautiful
much more me

poet Anonymous

Just Another Poet

I’m a guy name Kim
That’s what happens when your dad serves in the Korean War
He names you after the enemy

I’m a frostbit blue neck
From the St. Croix River Valley
Of Western Wisconsin

Pure farm dog
4-H and all that
Went to a small school

Spent my youth hunting deer
Running a trap line
And chasing coons with my hound

Laugh, but if it weren’t for selling critter skins
I never would have been able to
Become the first member of my family
To graduate from college

I worked in a steel mill
All my adult life
I’m a mechanical engineer

As a unionist I’ve been active in politics
And have never been more
Disappointed with an election
Then I am now

I’ve loved poetry all my life
But it wasn’t till I came down with
That I ever tried submitting my works publicly

I joined DU as a distraction while undergoing
Chemo and Radiation
I’ve grown to love this place
And my beloved beautiful poets

I told my oncologist that I didn't want to play
The cancer card
She told me,
"Mr. Solem, considering how near death you were
you have the right to play the cancer card for the rest
of your life."  I cried.

While here I discovered my Walther White side
I love writing erotica and romance
And at this point in life
I don’t give a shit who knows
Or what they think

If any of you kindred spirits
Wants to drop by
My Facebook page to say ‘Hi!’
I’d be honored

Yours truly
Kim Solem
Aka Kimmy Alan
Aka snugglebuck

poet Anonymous

Who I am
is what I am
and what I am
is what you read
between those lines
of the words I write
those sad decaying meanings
that still continues
to try
to find some light
within this darkness
of this ignorance
that we live in

poet Anonymous

I am in high school,
Instead of being free I'm stuck with the rest of the teenage population,
Homework and Lunch cards,
Rather than freedom and cars,
I have exams and Lunch food,
I am in high school,
Homework and books,
The entire school based on looks and popularity,
I am no one,
I am an old soul,
Stuck in this hell hole,
Some people call High school.

poet Anonymous

My name am Ed

born on the 6th of july

I drew a circle around that bridge

and a few damn things fell down

–Einstürzende Hochhäuser–

(i tell ya, humblebrag, that boy can play a trumpet)

But I got out ok, (madness aside), community radio muttering sweet nothings through two long years of night

Just to me

Just to me

Just to me

(famous blue raincoat, rip.)

And the storm swept in

to bring me a brand new life

as the whole damn town just got

Washed away

Washed away

Washed away


you know what I'm talking about

Pleased to meet you

poet Anonymous

Who Am I

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of what I hope to achieve;
The things that I wish to do
Before it's time to leave.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of who I think I am;
Friendly, generous and honest
My life is not a sham.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of my life's priorities;
Duty to family and friends
Before mere frivolities.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of trends I wish reversed;
Wars, poverty and climate change
To list the very worst.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of the pleasure of my garden;
Fruit, flowers and vegetables
Free of chemical burden.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Of what makes me content;
Sensual sex with many girls,
Always with consent.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Some things are just a hope;
Will I have time for them?
Before sliding down the slope.

My poetry holds my bucket list
Perhaps you'll not agree,
How accurate are these glimpses
A real picture of me?

poet Anonymous

Missy Miss

She's an old fashioned girl
and that's the way she likes it,
with a subtle display of skin
lace edged for the show
watched from the front row

her eyes reflect the glamour of Monroe
and they will only serve to empathise
because that is what you will believe
caught in a web of her demise
and she'll beg you to fantasise
in a world of her creation

it's a fixation
in a celebration of a distant day
before breast implants lead the way,
when a blown kiss was all you needed
to lead a man astray from his mind
and his hard earned money.

She may let you call her honey
while she waves her fan politely
hiding beneath her well timed flutters
that keeps the distance between
her and her punters
oh so very discreet

the world is at her patent feet
her confidence well heeled
using mascara as a sword and shield,
she smiles gently with a finger
on lips that blow a secretive kiss
and her smile is so much wider
as the unfathomable Missy Miss.

poet Anonymous

Far From Perfect

Being the girl with the pretty smile
And the perfect hair. Everyone
Thinks you are beautiful while

On the inside you are lost. The sun
Gets lost in the clouds. The bright
Personality hides the hidden gun

Tucked away. The fright
Outweighed by the bravery
And fearlessness. There is light.

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