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Pity Sex Erotic Poetry Competition

Lost Thinker
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Poor Her

A homeless virgin detected
From my virgin radar
Probably because she was homeless
Literally filthy from head to toe

Through filthy ragged clothes
I saw some features
Some "hot" chicks don't have
No make-up
Just dirt n' rags

But somehow... she was kinda cute
Poor virgin
What must be her story?

I take her in
Clean her up
In my 5-star hotel
She looked cute now
Got her checked up
Just some malnutrition
Fed her well
Dressed her up
In my dirty fantasies

From her cleaned skin
In those white laces
Pink nips perking up
Tight in lingerie
Hot, hot, hot she was

Waxed her myself
The virgin reaction she gave me
Drove me crazy

Threw her on my king bed
Confused she looked
Took it slow for the virgin
Lick, lick, bite them teat
Slurp, slurp, her slushy clit

Who knew a homeless girl tasted this good?
Maybe because she was a virgin
Hotter than hookers

Stuck my fingers in
Crazy moans and yelps
Told her :
"You are my slave now
I gave you home
I'll give you food
I'll give you pretty cloths and dresses
but nothing's free
call the police
I'll hire my mans
now sit and enjoy whilst I ravage you"

She seemed delighted
Despite her virginess

Guess she's smart for learning to enjoy

My dirty slave
Once homeless
Once virgin

Poor her

Maybe not?

Written by NightReverie
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Dangerous Mind
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She saw him laying
naked on the sofa and
crying over his wife's death.

That made her sister
get naked and make him feel
better by riding his cock.

Strange Creature
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Raunchy. We'll leave the lights on for you.

Twisted Dreamer
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Dangerous Mind
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I took a peek outside my apartment door
and saw some nasty lug right in front of my
place after he had done his personal chore.

And when I walked in, I saw the reason why
in the form of my neighbor laying naked
on the sofa and letting herself just cry.

I laid her down gently right on her own bed
and took my clothes off in order for me to
probe her pussy and kiss her on the forehead.

And I knew that she was glad to have me do
it to her for she wanted me to cum, too.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Alright now

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