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Christmas Wish List

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Seven years of unanswered prayers
Follows seven more of silent tears
Too many months filled with fears
The only cure is if he's here

Him being me
The actual me that I should be
I've wished and I've waited for serenity
This is my letter for tranquility

I've asked time and time again
For the world to just let him in
He's in a place deep inside my mind
Because society has forced him to hide

One Christmas is all I need
For the boy I am to be freed
Santa, won't you help me?

Dangerous Mind
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All I Want Is Him

Spent my entire childhood with this man
Finally got with this man years later after so long almost lost him awhile back and never will I ever forgive myself for the mistake I made: I tried to push him away.
Now that he's back I feel as though God is yet testing me with another obstacle blocking my way from seeing the man that I love.
I've spent most of my life living in agony and the only thing I truly want this year is to be in his arms.
I want to make up for all the lost time we could've had,
I want to kiss those lips again under the mistletoe.
I want to show him how much I missed him.
I don't need snow, I don't want fancy jewelry or a brand new Benz.
I just want him and his love here with me.
I'd trade all those material things for a rainy day just to be with him.
I love him and all I want this year is him.

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Here is
my wish list

Merry Christmas
to the forgotten ones
the little ones
who continue to live
in fear and despair
Merry Christmas
to the homeless familys
because their governments
don't really care
Merry Christmas
to the misguided
who minds and limbs
are M I A
who fought for a dream
that will never be
on these cold hard streets
where they wonder
like shell shocked
Merry Christmas
to the 90percent
who sit happily comfortably numb
within the flickering light
of there out of reach
plastic dreams
while being spoon fed
fools gold
and like mindless moths
they fly
to the flicking light
Merry Christmas
to the 9percent
who walk the path
between happiness
and despair
there is no
turning back
when you become aware
Merry Christmas
to the 1percent
who fully believe
that common sense logic
and empathy
should only belong
in the lands
of poor peoples dreams

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Tall trees same hill road and hill
Morning mist and wood smoke
Cross my eyes first far then near
Fear greed recede

Night bats dawn birds chit chat
Grey brown same white and black
Cross my eyes this way and that
Fear greed recede

Resist to read the next verse
Unless you read this first
There is no happy ever after
No time gone by
Nothing meaningful
Or meaningless
Nor a time we were cursed
Not a time for laughter
Nor a time we cry
Not a best or worst
Not a just over there
Just this day these words
This gift we share

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A Little Longer

For my Christmas wish list...
I donít wish for much, I think Iím becoming a minimalist,
The things I have donít bring me as much joy,
Except for you, when youíre present.

I donít say that much, Iím a little introverted at times,
My thoughts about you bring me much joy,
In my mind I still put you up in a pedestal.

Iím ridding myself of things that wither and fade away,
In years possessions just tend to lose their value,
But my obsession, this fire for you is an undying ember,
This December I only wish to be with you,
Stay in my arms a little longer.

jade tiger
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