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poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Write about what it's like to have a hangover.  I admit to having precious little experience with this, so entertain me.
2 entries maximum
new writes only
make me laugh!

My example:
She Insists

stepping out the back door
I turn my face up
toward the sun
breathing in the scent
of lilacs in the air
stupid sun…go away…
too damn bright today…

I bite my tongue
trying not to laugh

I know her pain
is self-inflicted
but she knows me so well
and over her shoulder
throws me The Look
noisy freaking birds…

I grin silently
and again
over her shoulder
this time without turning
shut up…
I swear
I didn’t say a word
and protest
I could hear you thinking

I can no longer
smother the sound
go ahead
alcohol sucks
I’ll never drink again

indeed, my child
so you always insist


poet Anonymous

Waking up in the sands

All around bright light shines
Punishing my crows feet lines
I'm in the desert nearly dead
As a neo-nazi stomps my head
Water is just what I need
Vessels in my nose slowly bleed
I'm in the desert once again
The ink has dried up in my pen
I crawl toward the edge of the shore
The waters wash the pain no more

Tyrant of Words
Kiribati 21awards
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Hanging by the Heels

Is it morning
or afternoon?
My three best guesses
and they all feel wronger
than chipmunk cheese
sweating in a polecat stew

Don't speak

You sound like
a foghorn on heat
screeching and scratching
the top of your voice
fit to crack a skull in two

I couldn't say
where I've been--
three night's
of poor boy's poison
is more than any shit eating rat
could swallow in a single hoop
and still have memory
to chew

Just help me count my ears
then check my fingers
toes and teeth
I need to be sure
I'm alive
and more or less one piece

I used to keep it a secret
but when the last bottle's ass is empty
every skank and pill whore knows
there ain't a happy place left on earth
so it's better to just get home

Let me slump in this corner
unzip my mouth
and shut my eyes tighter
I'll leave my head to circle the sun
while the doors open and close
not a breath outside to bend a cactus
but they still slam a devil to a dozen
in the desert between my ears

Have you seen my clothes?
I don't remember
no gutter rolling contest
but it feels like I must've won
Mister Raggedy
finger nails gone AWOL
backs of both hands down

And are you sure it was me
took a piss in the wardrobe
Was that before the cat ran off
and those pictures fell and broke?
God knows my guts are twisting to puke
Better clear me a path now
I'll be ready any time soon
to shit out this hangover, dude

poet Anonymous

Jaykay said:Waking up in the sands

Thank you, Jaykay for sharing your hangover input.  If that's what it's like, I'm just as happy to be innocent of them!  

poet Anonymous

Abracadabra said:Hanging by the Heels

Oh my!  I'm very glad to have no experience with hangovers after your read!  Thank yo,u Abracadabra, for your entry!  

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

Thank you for joining the party, insane_asylum!  Great read!  :)

poet Anonymous

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Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States 28awards
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All that Glitters

She swills in dark ..  
heart leaks the night into pounding morning head…  
another day she walks the dead…  
another sun exhausted by 10, tiresome lonely staring down her demons mocking..  
Her only invited friends..  
though cruel friends they are embraced …  
by her martyrdom and self loathing costly, costly ways…  
her expensive tastes forfeited as slave to the high..  
or rather the chase…  
rot gut replaced fine wine when  
high escaped from her red knuckled grip that was once just an embrace..  
out the bathroom window without so much as a wave..  
Fuck You Cunt! he hollered…  
while she lay face down in a Demon Friend's cold empty lap ..  
faded to black mid jiz swallow surrounded by a dozen or so of her little blue precious gems…  
they do glitter in her red laced R.E.M…
Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)

Strange Creature
South Africa
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Oh shit , I can't believe i did that .... who are you .

Chris Addict
Twisted Dreamer
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Morning after Syndrome

We stayed true to 80 proof
but now my aches could split the roof
don't look directly at the light
or feel your eyes get vaporized
stomach turning all around
hands and knees we hug the ground
we wish we hadn't drank so much
but know full well we're dumb enough
to take a shot in mornings light
to make it through work and last til tonight
coffee brewed by shaking hands
to sooth the poison of our own hands
laughing hurts, blinking sucks
for the next 12 hours, our lives are fucked

poet Anonymous

Anonymous said:<< post removed >>

Yet again you took me somewhere I hadn't anticipated!  Good job, Adam!  Thank you for your great entry!  

poet Anonymous

calamitygin said:All that Glitters

Wow!  Those are some intense images you've drawn up there!  Thank you for your vivid entry, calamitygin!  

poet Anonymous

Reapersheart said:Oh shit , I can't believe i did that .... who are you .

Short but no less potent!  Thank you for your entry, Reapersheart!

poet Anonymous

MichaelMorgue said:Morning after Syndrome

Hardly a laughing matter, by the sound of it, but you brought a giggle bubbling up with that entry!  Thank you for joining, MichaelMorgue!  

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