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Erotica Fairytale

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Poetry Contest

Pick your favorite fairytale scene or charater and make it Eroctic and Sexy!
Be creative and have fun!

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Was just
After he
Made his own way
Into the castle
Of the sleeping beauty
That the prince was about to
Kiss her on the lips but took one
Look at her body and decided
Instead to get both her and himself nude
And stuff that hard dick of his deep into
Her pussy like a sword being shoved
Into the heart of the darkest
Dragon and kept on doing
That until she woke up
And saw that it was
The prince who had
Fucked her out
Of that

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Here is one I published two and a half years ago. I'll try to write a new one as well

extreme content
Snow White the true story

In a wood a maiden stood rejected by her mother
She was too beautiful for this vain bitch so she was cast asunder

Snow White was beautiful as we have said and for her age mature
And when you got to know her she was not demure

She came across this cottage in a woodland clearing
It was the home of seven dwarfs who always worked until evening

They came home and found her, boldly sitting in their chair
She asked if she could stay and serve their needs and her body share

It was soon agreed that each dwarf would have a night a week with her
She was delighted with this scheme so she did not demur

Sunday night it was Doc
The leader of the pack
He entered her with gusto
He really had the knack

Monday it was Dopey
The silent clumsy one
She didn't mind his fumbling
As long as he made her come

Tuesday it was Bashful's turn
He was so very sweet
She had to coax him to undress
So their genitals could meet

Wednesday was a difficult night
Grumpy was so hard to please
But she soon found that deep down
He was easy to appease

Thursday was the turn of Sneezy
His sneezes could blow her away
She let him fuck her very quickly
And then soon send him on his way

Friday was a different problem
How to keep Sleepy alert
When he dropped off in mid action
She used her mouth to make him spurt

Saturday was Happy's day
A pleasure for both to enjoy
They fucked in every position
To find one that brought most joy

This arrangement went on for years the outside world forgotten
A prince rode by, Snow White was alone, so he fucked her rotten

The seven dwarfs were not pleased at this cruel event
They were livid that he'd fucked her without their consent

They gathered friends and went to war with the prince's kingdom
They beat him and his army, giving his people freedom

Snow White became the Queen the seven dwarfs her consorts
She continued to fuck them day by day according to reports

Written by gardenlover
Published 5th April 2014 8:54am

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Country Girl--tack a note on your Thanksgiving turkey, to choose a winner when this comp closes, since it has a long time to end; your last couple of comps had to be sent to vote because they ended up on the abandoned list --thanks !

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Orgy in Nurseryrhymeland

Bo-Peep found her sheep
And decided to have a soiree
She bought some wine; not too cheap
To celebrate her birthday

The evening drew a jolly crowd
From rhymes of the nursery
They played music very loud
For her sixteenth aniversary

As she was now of an age
She could have an orgy
So she got on the stage
She was feeling rather horny

She danced round a pole
Casting clothes at random
'Who will come in my hole
And show me the way to heaven'

There was a rush to be first
She made them form a line
Boy Blue, her hymen burst
So that he could entwine.

Tom-Tom the pipers son
Played a merry ditty
As he joined in the fun
And he fucked her pretty

Bobby Shafto had a turn
He'd just returned from the sea
His previous love did he spurn
To fuck this young beauty

Jack was the next to score
Jill was quite upset
She called Bo-Peep a whore
Stomped off with a threat

Simple Simon was the next
He needed some instruction
He found it was complex
To  make a good insertion

Miss Muffet and Marjory Daw
The other girls as well
Felt they should also score
Their jealosy to quell

They all stripped to be nude
The boys all prepared to play
They were already in the mood
The orgy was soon under way

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Fairytale Fuck

Any plans    
for the next life    
I asked the dying man    
Before the worms    
eat you    
and your bones    
turn to dust?    
If the road leads up    
I'd like time    
to enjoy a few things    
I never got around to    
Most of all    
I'd like to find    
the fairy at the bottom of my garden    
and show her    
how to work a cock    
She could put her wings    
to good use    
while her dainty pink tongue    
darted up and down the shaft    
She'd stare right back at me    
bright fairy eyes    
wide with wonder    
at how much swallowing    
her little mouth could do      
She'd be wearing    
silver fairy panties    
that glistened like stars    
golden pussy hair    
peeping out the side    
finer than fresh spun silk    
Tweaking ripe cherry nipples    
I'd drizzle my pinky    
around her red hot baby gash    
until she got mad    
and jumped right on    
twerking tighter than a cat's ass  

On account of those wings    
fairy suction    
pulls stronger    
than a first swig of beer    
And if the road leads down    
without my fairy to fuck    
I'd still be hornier than Hell    
so I'd just look Satan in the eye    
and learn to spit on the fire

jade tiger
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Naughty Neverland

It's Treasure, the island to live
Where sodomy's all take & give,

'Cause Peter Pan's testosterone
Is legend like his pheromones,

And Tinker Bell's his faerie whore
Who's pixie dust we all live for.

Her white "sparkle" will make you fly,
It's better than sex when you're high!

While Captain Hook is waxin' 'stash,
The pirate crew is smokin' hash.

Their sights are on nookie with glee,
But all they've got is Mister Smee.

And Wendy's such a "darling" girl,
The lost boys just got to have her.

And often they do at a cost,
That's why they are always called "lost".

She's "madam" within their tree home,
Where spanking & ropes are the norm.

While nearby the tree is a lake
Where pole-dancing mermaids eat cake.

Their orientation is bi';
There's nothing with whom they won't try.

There's Tiger Lil', the princess slut,
Who loves to give it up the butt,

With rubber strappy buckled tight,
To ream injuns all through the night.

Will Peter Pan and Tinker Bell
Be going straight to Treasure hell?

It might never happen, I'm told,
When no one here ever grows old!

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Well that was an orgasmic start to my day.
Thank you and well done for hosting such an interesting comp.
Best ~ Abra

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