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RUNNER-UP: Gahddess_Worship

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Voices from the stake

poet Anonymous

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Who’s Cacklin Now

They hoped the witch would stop her cackle
They prayed her skin would start to crackle

They hoped both her eyes would pop
They prayed her pain would never stop

They hoped her feet would feel the burn
They prayed like a roast pig, now she’d turn

They hoped to watch and hear her screams
They prayed her death for her blasphemes

They hoped god would be her sanctifier
They prayed she’d be cleansed in holy fire

They hoped her blood would steam and boil
They prayed god’s plan she could not foil

But; She could and she did

They hoped the flames would kill this sage
But fire just filled her full of rage

They hoped she’d be turned to dust and ash
She laughed like a lunatic, screamed and cussed

They prayed that their crosses and bible protects
But still, on all of them she placed a hex

They hoped that filling the church’s purse
Would protect them from her curse

They hoped her curse of plague and disease
Would be, by god, dealt with ease

They hoped this disease would not infect them
They prayed to god on high to protect them

Well; He could, but he didn’t

It is far better to suffer a witch
Than to run the risk she’s a horrible bitch
Regardless if she’s clad in black or in red
If you fuck with a witch you could end up dead

Here enderth the lesson

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Congratulations Willow! I appreciate the "runner-up" recognition as well. It was a fun competition, thank you.

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Thank you so much!  I wasn't expecting this...so many great entries.  I'm honored deeply.  It was a great competition!  Thank you for hosting it!  Congratulations to Gahddess_Worship as well!  :)

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