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Voices from the stake

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Write the last words of a witch or wizard before their burned at the stake
write a poem from the view point of the witch or wizard, before their burned at the stake.

any style

Happy Halloween

apologies for the horrific theme of this competition

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Cool...be back doll

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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shitty bitty bitty you
i've a nest
i've a crew
burn me alive?
i poison each and every stew!

jade tiger
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A Parting Curse

The village folk had duly made
A worthy build of lumber stacked
At center place of public square
Where all who came would see her there.

A woman not of tender years
But comely handsome in her prime.
Her flowing hair, the crucifix,
Would soon be smold'ring candle wicks.

And as the morning sun arose
The prisoner, escorted thus
Was jeered at by the jostled crowd
That started chanting, each aloud:

"Burn the witch! Burn the witch!" they said,
"Stoke flames until she's proper dead!"

The woman robed in black did bow
Before her arms and torso tied
To limbless tree trunk, tall & straight
That held her to a burning fate.

The village broke out in a dance
As several men with torches lit
Approached the pyre and bowed their heads,
The dancers stopped, a prayer was said.

'Twas in the silence as they prayed,
The woman they'd judged as a witch
Looked up and o'er the folk en mass,
Threw back to shake her head, and laughed:


And just as torches lit the pyre,
The witch went up in clouds of sparks
That caused the folk to hit the ground,
Their screams were heard for miles around.

Lost Thinker
United States
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Crackling burning
Skin melting to bone
May my curses kill you
My spirit venge my death
For it is free in death
As it is not in life

poet Anonymous

loving everything, your all on the mark. keep em coming

Tyrant of Words
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Each crackle of skin and searing of sinew
Each cackle of sin bursting out from within you
will turn back upon you with merciless might
as I burn black and curse you into terrified sight
I will burn out today in a tortured gaze
and watch as you're tortured until the end of your days

Dangerous Mind
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Joined 8th Mar 2016
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you've named yourself
my judge and jury
as you lash me
to this stake
eyes filled with fear
and heart full of hate

I will burn
I will die
this we both know
yet I leave you here
with just one thought
before I leave this earth

the flames
that burn my body
will one day feed
upon your soul

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Before I go

I'll be back, just you wait and see
You think you can simply get rid of me?
Silly fools!
You all shall learn the hard way
my evilness is here to stay!

(and this witch would be giving them all the finger)

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States 28awards
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Malreguardes Flight

I shout from these fiery gallows
My name will be always with the wind
You lunatics give lift to my incandescent track...
I take flight in a fury of hot ash
And roam far past the abilities of your puritanical greed
The sufferings of women be your compunction
While their progeny by men without congugal ties
Are born miscreant bastards
They will grow into thieves and murderers
They will molest your daughters virtue
And white thighs will be spotted crimson
Your daughters will buck and tremble
Beg for mercy and more
Until their moan is carried with ribald pitch
And my name again will be heard
And the sound of it will propel ye into madness
Fear will grip your chests
As the grim recollection
Of the odiuos plot perpetrated against my house siezes your minds
And you will abhor your acts here inflicted with arsonists hearts
And mourn my clement justice

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

I wish I could award everyone a trophy, because all the entries have been absolutely smashing and blisteringly hot

Lost Thinker
Joined 18th Oct 2016
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If i burn

i could beg you thousands of times
I explained my magical rhymes
i catch your eye
but you are blind to see

I could cry my many tears
If it could put aside your many fears
The louder i scream
The more your flames surround me

But i don't care
even though i'm afraid , i swear
you could take my life with all conscience clear
But i am a voice that you can still hear

If i burn
you will soon learn
the fire is consumed whilst you sleep
the smoke is in your eyes , is me

Underneath your nails are ashes
the rain won't wash away my gashes
no matter what you do
i can be burned  ,but so can you

I won't bargain , as i'd loose
you will burn what you can't use
I could beg
but you won't set me free

I won't threaten you with hell
But that is something you all know well
the softer i become
the more your flames surround me

You can break me
Death can take me
but if i burn
so will you

Fire of Insight
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You may burn me to death
But I will not leave this earth
I will haunt all mankind
Mortal fear will fill their mind
I will be free to roam
In places you all call home
You cannot escape my terror
You are killing me in error

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