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Calling Out All Of The Monsters 2016! (Halloween Competiton)

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about yourself as a monster
This competition is last year's revival of my Halloween Competiton,
Basically all you have to do is write about turning into a monster on Halloween night, but one change of pace you can also write about escaping from a monster who is trying to kill you if you can't come up with anything.
But like the last one you can write about turning into whatever monster whether it's a vampire, werewolf, a zombie, the boogeyman etc.

☠   Rules:
🎃  One entry only
🎃  Can be as long or as short as you want
🎃  Has to be scary
🎃 Needs to be original

Have fun,
And happy Halloween!

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Monster Me

They sit in sudden mourning(
Tattered souls wailing in my wake
My wrath fell heavy in their lap
As infant daughter was discovered dead in her nap
Lips cold and like her fingertips
Her mama frantic to rub her warm
Knowing utter futility
But there was nothing else for her to do....
Than hold her corpse and rock a bye

Rock a bye babe.....sleeeeeep
Hush a bye babe.....sleeeeeep

And baby did go so gentle
Shut her eyes to this cold life
With barely a fuss or restless wiggle
As i sucked her soul inside
My deathly midnight kiss
Did steal her last innocent breath
But proudly forcing up my breast
Renewing my ruthless vanity
With blood full of sweet baby's whisper
My veins run warm
And precious blue
Hushing this monsters sanguine need
Now free to roam committing human deeds
No abhorant fate to deliver
To sleeping babes with chins a quiver
Gurgling bubbles through cupids pout

Rock a bye babe ............sleeeeep
Hush a bye babe.............sleeeeep

As night time stumbles in to black
I fear my monster coming back
And taking hold my countenance
I pray to Goddess make me whole
For i face hell for the babes lives i stole

Tyson M.
Lost Thinker
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I am the monster

I am your bad dreams
Pooled into one
With piss colored eyes
And lips stained in blood
I am the decider of mercy and death
The twilight survival...
no stake in my chest...
Ill cut you down baby
Ill fillet you inside
Its alright my darling
Just look in my eyes.
I am the monster
I am the noise
The corner of shadows
The banshee like voice
I call out to you
To embrance what will come
Ill be your heaven
And the hell you run from.

Thought Provoker
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Your worst Nightmare

No angel or demon,
Can save you from me,
I'm everything mommy warns you about,
I hear you tossing,
I hear you turning,
I live under your bed,
And sometimes i live in other's heads,
I feed off of your fear,
I can hear you crying out,
It excites me,
My talons scrape against your bed frame,
As i watch you sleep,
I lick my teeth as i watch you,
So Vulnerable,Asleep.
I'm the bad dream,
I'm the thing that lives in your closet,
Mommy shouldn't have checked under your bed tonight,
I told her that I'd bite,
But she didn't believe me,
And she didn't believe me when i told her she had to die.
Not heaven or hell,
Not even God himself,
Can save you from me,
Don't worry honey,
It'll all be over soon,
I just need one tiny thing,
I just need your soul,
Then you can Join mommy.
Not even God himself,
Could save you from the king of hell.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Scimitar Bride

Was Halloween night is when I saw you
deep in the crowd at my place where you looked  
like you were lost and no one knew your name.  
I recognized that you would be my bride  
with I as host to such a prized event,  
and I would make you mine in blooded own.  
I never cared for made-up vanity,  
the blondness of your hair had sable roots,  
your bite was fixed, your wisdom teeth were pulled.  
A bump was taken off your Roman nose,  
your thighs were lipo'd, and your tummy tucked  
but all I want to do with you... is fuck.  
My way was nothing like you'd ever known,  
I blew your mind and then I cut your soul.  
The way I loved you with my scimitar  
was from its blade to bare your heart to me.  
And with your final gasp, your mortal plight
was last you saw me on Halloween night.  

Tyrant of Words
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Oh sweet fragile flesh
finally conforming to the
delicate intimate embrace
of my mind concealed by mankind
after so much time
the beast released once more
A savage to ravage the night
all within sight of a moonlit whore
gazing upon me once more
freedom set free now devours
all creatures I see during these
magical hours

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

I feed on the fears of the mega-rich
when ever they lose
my soul is bewitched

There blood is rich poison
to me it is gold
hunting them down
when they're withered and old

it's then I would strike
telling them of there life
of how they made trillions
the cost  human life

they'd prey to there gods
'I'm an angle that fell'
I'd say no your not
your going to hell

if there is one that is
that's where your headed
if there isn't oh well
prepare to be beheaded

Darker Half
Dangerous Mind
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Shadow of a Girl


A baby girl runs,
quick as quick as she can.
Hiding in the shadows of the forest.
She fears of the night,
She fears of the light
of moon peeking behind clouds.
Heart clamouring in her chest.

Every door in the village is closed.
Closed on her.
Closing her out.
The time had come.
Cognitive words dying,
as laboured breaths heave from a snout.

She reaches the edge,
looking at the thrashing rivers below.
But it's all too late,
judging from the cracking,
and slow dislocation of her bones.

Twisting in impossible directions,
she crumbles in tortured.
Organs shifting,
immobilised by the horror.
The hair on her head,
spreading all over.
Every thing that was once
described as human,
now covered by fur.

Her screams of pain,
turn into howls.
She can hear guns cranking
in mid air,
hunters following the music
of her growls.

Her family they cower.
Crying for her, with her, because of her,
Hoping that she can escape.
Rib cage expanding, jawbones break,
Head clouding over,
Replaced by nothing but utter pain.

There is stomping in the distance.
Farmers, working like an army
to kill the beast; destroy the beast.
Yet all she can smell
is the scent of fear,
and crosses bless by unholy priests.

With a bellowing yowl.
which rumbles the ground.
The riot, they scatter.
For alone they are weak...
and in a crowd they're stronger.
None of them willing to stink around
and bare witness to the slaughter.

They race to escape the beast,
The same beast they came to hunt.
The beast that lived inside
the little girl they shunned.

poet Anonymous

Dies Irae

As if the pumpkin carver's hand had slipped
And put the glowing apertures awry,
Inconstant flickering betrays a soul
Malformed, a show-biz golem on display.
And in my ears a ghastly cackle rings,
Malignant gleefulness at having sent
Entire nations to the underworld --
It is a woman's voice; should I be moved?
Two awful beings, looming in the night
To haunt our screens with horrid frequency,
And after all the youngsters with their bags
Of candy and their dilettantish frights
Have gone to bed, their parents grimly turn
To face the greater horror, one that preys
Upon the hapless voter in eight days.

Fire of Insight
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I had forgotten    
All of it    
Every bit of it    
Day by day    
Bit by bit    
It was coming back      
I remembered,
Her email last October 1st.    
Asking me  - - -    
Would I?            
Could I?            
Join her for a "little" celebration/ceremony on the 31st?            
I remembered . . .

The meadow    
Blood red wine    
Star shaped white silk cloth spread on the ground    
Wine sipping    
Ceremonial stripping    
Erect nipples    
Erect penis    
Lighting the candles    
Lying down in the pentagram    
Her body splayed to the pentagram's points    
Entering her        
Thrusting to the strokes of an unseen clock    
Those were my memories    
Now, on this October 1st    
An email    
A command    
“Be here    
On the 31st”      
I write this    
On a plane    
To Austin    
It is, of course,    
The 31st    
I, quite literally, could not, not be on that plane to Austin    
A car pulled up in front of me at Passenger Pick-Up    
Door swing open    
Voice --deeper, richer than I remembered    
"Get in"    
She drove in silence
I stared
Barely recognized her    
Longer hair, red so dark it was nearly black, hid most of her face    
Breasts, my god, I am certain I would have remembered those    
Pearl white skin that nearly glowed    
Cleavage that showed the edge of her nipples    
Her dress, also a deep, dark, almost black shade of red,    
Flowed and hugged her body as if it were a living layer of skin    
Her arms, covered with lace sleeves down to her fingers    
Her nails, polished that same shade of red/black    
The dress, slit up above her waist    
Tunic style held with a silver chain just under her breasts    
And, yet, the fabric stayed close to her body    
Except, as she drove, her movements    
Bared her leg    
As if the fabric willed it so    
Showing, the tunic was all she wore    
Showing also,    
Pearl white glowing skin and a glimpse of red/black pubic hair    
An instant erection    
Painful one    
Pain in my balls    
The ride may have been long or maybe it was short    
I don’t remember    
In full moonlight
at a familiar meadow    
In its center, already spread, a white silk star shaped cloth    
Like last year    
Waiting for us    
To finish    
What we started    
A year ago    
She whispered    
"Your flight was late    
It's almost time    
Get ready    
I stood frozen    
Her red/black tunic flowed off of her    
without any effort on her part    
pooled at her feet    
She looked at me    
I reached to unbutton my shirt    
She ripped it off of me    
My t-shirt too    
Also, my    
The shredded pile made it clear    
How quickly it had happened    
Both of us naked    
Nipples erect    
Penis painfully so    
She was already wet    
I could see droplets glistening in her hair    
Dampening the inside of her thighs    
"Lay down    
On your back    
Spread to the pentagram    
Like I was last year    
This year, I'm on top.    
She shoved me on to the cloth, down to my knees    
"On your back.  
Tears in her eyes    
I rolled over, splaid myself out    
Open, exposed    
Penis to the sky    
She knelt between my legs    
Bent over    
Touched the tip of her tongue to the tip of my penis    
Slid her mouth down so that all of me was in her mouth    
Deep enough, some of me was down her throat    
As much of hurry as she had expressed    
She took her time moving me in and out of her mouth    
Down her throat    
I was squirming    
The strokes reached    
She pulled back from that thirteen stroke    
She leaned forward    
Her hands reached toward my chest    
Using the nails of her left hand on my right nipple    
Her right thumb, forefinger on my left nipple    
She pinched, pulled, twisted, and lifted    
Pain caused me to gasp    
Buck my hips forcefully upward    
She had positioned herself perfectly    
The force of my upward movement    
Drove my dick deeply into her cunt
The slamming pain    
Of our pubic bones coming together    
Caused us to jerk nearly apart    
       As an unseen clock struck one    
Nearly apart, but not completely so    
The clock struck a second time    
So too did our pubic bones    
Although the pain this second time    
Matched the first    
It had an ---    
"I want more"    
Obscene sexual pleasure to it    
With each of ten more strokes    
Of that clock    
My dick drove into her pussy    
The obscene pleasure grew    
With it    
Grew a low sort of growl    
In her throat    
In mine    
Mine deeper than hers    
More lustfully, loathsomely, raunchy    
Decidedly more male than hers could ever be    
Our mouths locked    
Our tongues raw from each other's teeth    
Our fingers nearly crushed    
With the force of their interlocking grip    
Our legs twisted and twined around each other    
Our pelvis bones bruised from battering    
Against each other    
While my cock squished    
In and out    
Of her cunt    
Beating on each stroke against her cervix    
With what must have been excruciating pain for her    
It certainly wasn't love    
It wasn't even sex, exactly    
The clock counted off    
We keep perfect time    
It was number twelve we were
The clock struck twelve    
Our bodies released    
Her cunt contracted, convulsed    
I cried in pain    
My cock delivered    
She gasped at the flood    
Her contractions, milked me of everything my body had to give    
My discharge filled her    
As my penis relaxed inside of her
Cum flowed out    
A large wet spot grew on the cloth    
Tinted pink with the blood of the violence done to our    
A seeming moment later    
I awoke in my bed a thousand miles north of Austin    
This time    
I remembered everything  
I got out of bed    
Glanced at the mirror    
A deep red/black bruise showing through my dried cum matted dark red, almost black pubic hair    
Dick, still red, swollen from its violent use    
Nipples with red, bloody nail marks    
Pearl white skin    
From the floor    
Curling about my feet    
A pooled red/black cloth    
Seemed to be climbing my legs    
I also noticed    
On my swollen lips    
A smile    
All this seen through eyes    
Whose yellow-green pupils were more cat shaped than round

Dangerous Mind
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Amazing entries so far!
Keep em comin'
Everyone you got till tomorrow so don't stop now! 😀

Tyrant of Words
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- - - THE LAST OF US - - -

Heart beats to the pulse of the dead
Or like the calming storm instead
Where’s the thunder from
In bleak skies of grey?
The blood falls like a rain of tears
Feeding life to obscuring fears
I see fire flash
In your lantern eyes
And I sacrifice myself
To you and no one else
Our epilogue today
Seems so far away
In the grey of graves
You scare the ghost right out of me
Something I thought I’d never see
We rise to fight our way through the rust
Cause we’ve become the last of us
A little touch of madness seems
To grace façades of haunted dreams
Where’s the howling from
In dread rays of grey?
We shine brighter within the doom
So scrawl with me inside the tomb
I can touch your skin
On All Hallows Eve
And you sacrifice yourself
To me and no one else
Our epilogue today
Seems so far away
In the grey of graves
You scare the ghost right out of me
Something I thought I’d never see
We rise to fight our way through the rust
Cause we’ve become the last of us
You tear my heart out
To witness stillness
Beating just for you
Neither heavenly
Or the hellish night
Can keep us apart
And I sacrifice myself
To you and no one else
Our epilogue today
Seems so far away
In the grey of graves
You scare the ghost right out of me
Something I thought I’d never see
We rise to fight our way through the rust
Cause we’ve become the last of us
(c) 2016 Frank Green

Tyrant of Words
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I heard your cries when you called my name
In the void all the way from the other side
Released from out of the darkest corners
To return and be right by your side

But now they call me something else
Unholy so they say at the sight of me
And I thought love would conquer all
Unhallowed I am but this is my destiny

And though I would be cursed with a hunger
The chance was given to me to walk the earth
Now reanimated it’s I who calls your name
Deprived of your love I’m no longer worth

Go back to the shadows, they yell and scream
Like a bad dream when some take a shot
It’s not natural, I hear their insults and slurs
As my skin continues to fall and rot

And all I know is this terrible emptiness
Without will the need to feed goes unopposed
And though I can no longer communicate
The humanity in me has decomposed

The stench and worms won’t leave me alone
Even though I’ve come out of the vortex
Still I’m ravenous with an abysmal desire
So I must eat flesh to help ease this hex

And what happens when I finally find you
Will your heart be filled with gladness or dread?
Will you be able to look into my decaying eyes?
And love me forever like your prayers said

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you all for participating and congratulations to Wallyroo92 & PsychicApocalypse for their amazing dark entries.
I hope everyone has a fun, scary, and safe Halloween and once again thank you for participating and have a Happy Halloween!!. ~ Ms Jackson 🎃

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