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Reality WAAAAaaaaaaaarp

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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a shimmering lavender mist
  surrounds me
intriguing in color
a shade my father referred to
  as sky blue-pink
and I’m warmed by the memory
all alone…just me and the mist
I begin my solitary journey
quickly becoming enveloped
  in its embrace
     in its scent
a smell that saturates
vaguely reminiscent
of snickerdoodle cookies
  freshly baked
and toasted marshmallows
  aflame from the fire
closing my eyes
I’m still for a moment
simply breathe it in
wanting no more than to bask
in the rightness of it
of the feelings it arouses in me
until the smell eventually fades

a sound slowly building
registering in my brain
standing in silence
  fading away
     building again
and receding

I open my eyes as the mist fades away
to behold a rocky coastline
slowly wavering into view
the sun is warm before me
  dazzlingly bright
     sparkling on the water
        diamonds upon the horizon  
dark and cool where I stand
I reach out with both hands
to my left and to my right
I find myself within a cavern
between the cave and water’s edge
are several areas through which I must pass

the first area…mossy and cool
gentle beneath my feet
  and quite soothing
I linger briefly in the sensual caresses
of the moss bed
cherishing the smell
  and feel of it
beneath my toes

the second area…is grass
  tall and scratchy
     with unseen textures
  at the base of each stalk
it’s uncomfortable and I move slowly
for I cannot see what lies beneath my feet
and am startled when I encounter
sharp or scratchy objects
a stark contrast to the comfort
of the area through which I have just passed

the third area…a bed of rocks
  sharp and biting
I falter here
  think briefly of turning back
but before me I see sand
  and pulsating ocean
no more than ten feet
  from where I pause
taking a breath in resignation
shoulders slumping as I prepare to cross
with each step I feel
pain strong and stabbing
but it passes quickly
as my feet leave each rock
until I reach the sun-warmed sand
standing for a moment
burying my toes deeply
in the comforting heat
of the blanket of gritty softness
thinking it just as I had imagined
until I feel the burn on my feet
     radiating from the sand
        hotter than I had anticipated
     it burns if I remain still for long
I wade out into the stinging cold water
though I can’t make myself wander
  further than shin deep  
     too cold
        too biting
     and I’m not ready
  for that kind of chill
still trying to make sense out of…
well, come to think of it
I don’t even know

I no longer care to swim in the frigid water
and slog back up onto the shore
burrowing my toes into the heated sands
I drop onto my backside
  and stare up at the sky
the same color as the mist
  a shimmering lavender
I take a deep breath and realize
I’m seeking the scent
of cookies and marshmallows
but it’s no longer there
in frustration I close my eyes
and breathe
  in and out
to the rhythm
  of the tide

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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Rattling Your Cage
The dispersed energy at the outer core of your disposable omnipresence
left a hollow void of concentric microcosms twittering on the edge
of a rehearsal reversal of inclination as they hovered in matter limbo on
the preordained metaphysical oblong position and thus combined
with a potent inertia exerted by the stupendous galactic viola ensured a near
total obliteration of your vacuous innuendo

With all this going on it was understandable that your
former beloved affliction got side railed into obscurity
and left bedazzled by the eyebrows of oblivious consent
and that it produced a polished psychosomatic imprint not
easily obfuscated in light of the ever intensifying substance
reaction in your inner ear, my friend

So it was with much aplomb and little regret
that you found yourself charitably chastised
by that which you once discarded as illogical
entertainment reserved for the seasonally wicked
congregations of flooded Altus and you began
to realize that this new beginning was akin
to the long forgotten feeling on the tip of your tongue,
the one you had always avoided until now
that you were forced into it's near vicinity
by your own obtrusive conundrum
and thus the aim became clear,
became downright synonymous
with your former idiosyncratic despair
The balance hung in the meaning,
the cosmic wind rattled your cage
And there was much rejoicing

Thought Provoker
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Rainbow's Enticing Disgust

The prism captures the radiant light of an imagined goddess ~
Trapped within the pyramid designed for eternal reflection~
Crystal clear tri-sided geometric prison falters~
Metamorphosis occurs as the wavelengths of illumination~
Transfer through the phantom bars of her Alcatraz~
Banished to the outer limits due to her unintended travesty~
An exile who's punishment far outweighs the crime~
Masked marauders coaxed her vote to sway the counsel~
Ostracized by her peers to live out her doom habitually~
Every sliver of brightness that passes through the prism of perception~
Causes the projector to replay upon the opaque screen~
Tears stream down her sunken cheeks in bitter remorse~
Shame filled face extradited from the outskirts of a crumbling kingdom~
Palace of an impotent monarchy allowed the coup d'etat~
Revolutions rebel hunted by knights arranged to crush independence~
Her actions reward is worth rejection of royal mockery~
Vixen knew her plot would topple corrupted anarchy~
The final blow was unleashed as a musty fragrant scent~
Bewildered by her lack of triumphant memories~
She spins in circles faced only by unending mirrors~
Hoodwinked by a traitor fingering her with the mark~
"When am I?" lost between translucent blaze ignited in simpatico static~
A fog enshrouds the ancient talisman from giants haunting gaze~
Echoes of madness swirl in the sparkle encased in her violet iris~
Mystery of her violent outburst follows her into the ether.

Strange Creature
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Too deep

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous


Here we go the same again
Once a day, now and then
It was the poison that made you sick
I am the toilet
I eat shit

You come each day to drop the waste
I’ve even grown to like the taste
It don’t bother me one little bit
Cos I am the toilet
And I eat shit

poet Anonymous

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Lost Thinker
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I am sorry my name is there now but they put yours sorry

Lost Thinker
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Now my name is on your page all fucked up

poet Anonymous

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