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Adversity Dilemma

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

who can write a poem about overcoming fears
Must be something that can inspire other poets who are secretly or publicly dealing with trials that they feel they can't overcome on their own.

Must be from a positive approach for we are in a world where people need lifting up.

Can be as long as you may like as long as the message is spoken loud and clear.

Good luck

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I'd always been different,
The mirror showed the wrong body,
I wasn't suppose to look like this,
It's okay to come out now,
The world changing,
And Now it's okay,
Their not Transgender or gay rights,
Their human rights.
It's okay to be yourself,
And the people who call you such horrendous names,
Well they can go straight to hell,
Just be yourself,
It'll all be okay,
Just know,
That's the world's changed,
And it's okay.

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What do i yearn for how do i dream
a familiar setting in a far away scene
find my peace in a presence for real
to cast away armor instinctively feel
How will i get there i ask yet i know
without me there is nowhere to go
i pray and i wonder i want it so much
smiles in the mirror a delicate touch
When it will happen what will remain
the pain of rebirth sans the refrain
'tis sweet to my essence i do not fear
oh now i can feel it move ever so near

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~paranoia sharks~

out of the darkness I swim  
fearing freedom    
shaking in my skin  
afraid of the open spaces  
a vast ocean of thought  
that seems daunting  
so carefully I tread  
paranoia sharks threatening  
circling, biting, tearing  
there's blood in the water  
my demons know i'm afraid  
alcohol weapon not in hand  
so I fight them fist and ink  
staring insanity in the face  
with it's wild eyed gaping maw  
threatening to swallow my tender soul  
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)

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