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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Poetry Contest

Get it all off your chest
Do you have something you just need to get off your chest? In hate? In love? In anger? In frustration?

This is the comp for you. Blow a poetic gasket. Let it all out.


* New writes only
* One entry only - so make it a goodun
* No collabs
* Any length
* Please title your poem
* Please spellcheck your poem
* 2 weeks

... aaaannddd GO.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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take me to the streets  
where I'm at home  
thump of the base  
heard strumming    
through the hood  
keeping beat with my heart  
high class call girls  
got nothing on the ladies  
walking the track  
flagging men down  
on the side of the road  
living on the edge  
I was one of them  
for always  
praying a serial killer  
would come end my days  
not as a whore but a little girl age three  
wandering the nights by myself  
calling to them silently    
I'm right here mommy left me alone  
evil never hunted my soul  
it knew I was its' to keep  
midnight walker  
daring a demon fuck with me  
none stepped up  
instead they rallied    
around my heathen heart  
feeding my disease  
poetry my sickness  
are you down with it?  

Guardian of Shadows
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Bless me for I have sinned
pray me a forgiveness
sprinkle me with water of atonement
for all my sins and iniquities

wantonly had I seduced
the representatives of holiness
they who walked in godly gait
looking at my womanly allure

they who expounded on Godliness
fell to my feet begging for more
to partake of my exquisite gifts
to bury themselves in my womanhood

on the pulpit where they pontificate
on evils and how the man
should submit into the spirit of holiness
but within they burn with desire

as they looked at my cleavage
knowing how the softness
waited to be devoured
their loins ache

I confess to being the tool of temptation
I confess and beg for the forgiveness of sin
Pray for my soul so I wouldn't burn in hell
forgive me...I thirst still

Who gave unto women
her beauty and gifts....

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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entry withdrawn

This entry was selected by the fb admin as a feature poem for the weekly DUP Facebook feature. I feel it would be awfully unfair to leave it as an entry in the competition; as it already recieved recognition by DUP.

I thank you though for the confession prompt. It would never have been written had this competition not existed.

There are some awesome writes here. Judging this is going to be quite a job.

Good luck to all.

poet Anonymous


I meant
to be your friend
to hold you
now and then
to talk
and share with you
do the things
friends would do
I tried
and for a time
it seemed
things were fine
now I see
I was wrong
my friendship
didn’t last for long
my mind knew
we were friends
I swear
on every star above
I never meant
to fall in love

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Crimsin, Grace, Blue skies, Willowswhimsies... I've been an emotional wreck reading these. Wonderful stuff. Thanks for your respective entries.

Inviting more.

Guardian of Shadows
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I Ate All The Chocolate : A Confessional Haiku

Yes, that's right--I did.
Me, me, me, me, me, mine, I !
I left none for you,

Just the way you did
when you found my hiding spot
in the clothes dryer ;

Who would have looked there?
You did because you had to
control everything

and I had no voice,
but bought more for the children
who would trick-or-treat

at our house each year.
Just an extension of your
lack of self control --

Selfish gobbler,
you ate up the happiness
around you and I

so I adopted
more cats from the shelter and
left you, in their place.

They purr on my lap
when I eat the chocolate now,
a bag of my own.

Dangerous Mind
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Confessions: In Anonymous Moments

I  feel  my head  tilting  
      .. .ciphering devotional
flesh as if a tactile

a prisoner wall’d behind your

exploring sensating pulses
of a mouth,  
the smell of a body,
and tasteful blood

“Take   me   out    of  myself “
lingers halo’d  above .. .

as I tell the world, yes.. .love
has slept nak’d
another's  lips. .   but
in those moments
     (I) die within you, a little
more each time  

 because I'll never befit those
arms. ..
our eyes together will never
    lick against provenances

    my cunt.. .o’yes my cunt
    may never feel that hard
jolting seal’d inside

and it taunts the sick pet I
rhythmically .. adamant    
consistently .. immersively

fucking frantic ..yet  I hear
and see you laugh
at the cries-  the torture
and   pain!

knowing I’m not as “adept”

But,.. .

this isn't about me
slithering you with all I have
left to give

     see.my goddamn soul
and heart found, need’d
and lov’d
long before the
rest of (I) did
         and you'll never know
 nor do you even
feel or sense it

*Author's Note: I confess of jumping out of
my skin as someone else... Merci Missy

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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HowlingWhelms said:Opted Out

Please put it back! It was a very worthy entry!

Strange Creature
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this is beautiful. I love how you can express your struggle through such an artistic poem

Fire of Insight
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I have visited this place so often      
Frequently the sex is really awesome  
Oft times it was a different girl
That caused my manhood to swell.                                                                
Sometimes a familiar face was there                                              
Eager for another share                  
To feel again my manly rodding          
Orgasm from my frenzied prodding.
For many years this was the pattern                                            
Each time I would explore their cavern                                          
A few built up quite a  score          
Many keen for some more            
Physical encounters were the norm;                                                
Emotions were not the form.
The pattern changed when I met
The face that I could not forget.            
Sex with her was a relevation        
Her body worthy of adoration      
Her mind lively, full of sense      
Discussions often were intense.
I still meet her in this place    
For five years her loins, I 've graced.                                            
Although close we are not lovers  
But our friendship beats all others  
As our age difference befits              
We are just friends with benefits  

Thought Provoker
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Here, there is no shame
Searching for a shell
Where my soul is aflame
Beyond me, there is hell

Attuned with the dark, took me away
Thoughts that are not my own
There’s an empty voice on the tape
Familiar pathways now overgrown
And to reflect and feel nothing
Those years, like me, hollow
A dirge for my unraveling
Looking always into the morrow

…and I see nothing
By the sill, I ponder
Savouring the blank canvas
No care for the sonder
In bleakness was my reverie
Your company, unfitting
Bestowed your trust in me
In your absence, I’m grinning

Masquerading, I
In the guise of your kin
As liquid drapes over me
Ichor of my absent care
Your weakness was my window
I sought only to avail
Self-loathing, my affinity
Another trust to derail

And yet…
You loved me nonetheless
As you walked with me
Past the gallows

Bound to the void you were
In my footsteps, you followed
Tangible was only the mask I wore
I wonder if you saw through

All devotion, ideals
Crushed in the wake of my apathy
A tempest that devours all
For absent friends, I do not dwell
Painted murder into a landscape
From reality, for a moment, escaped
My masterpiece

You were no exception
After all, how could I love
Whom with death, was picturesque?

I lust only for possession

'There is no forgiveness in my apathy
Only a swift disregard'

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Till seeing him through stealthy looks,
I used to take my life from books.
A fairytale fit like a glove,
Was how I gauged the way of love.

But on the day I saw him where
He was a bouncer, dancing bear,
At that gay bar/ pool hall/ and club.
(I was a minor, was the rub)

I lusted for his rock & roll,
His heart I sought, my heart he stole.
Like Icarus, I felt the heat
Of melting wings each time we'd meet.

He was my biker on his hog,
To rev it through the highway's fog
And vibrate 'tween our thighs as one,
As he would take me for a run.

And when he wrapped me in his sin,
The smell of leather off his skin
Mixed with the pungent scent of sex.
My friends all said it's scandalous!


Lost Thinker
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The true idiots
Angery at all the dumb ass bitchs
Who think there smart
When they are retarded

They say I am idiotic
When they get held back

They say I am weak
When they can't lift a book

They say I am lazy
When they can't stand up

They say I am alive
When I am dead at heart

Thought Provoker
United States
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She's my best friend,
I see her everyday in school,
My god she's so fucking beautiful,
She's been there to the very end,
She's so beautiful,
I'm afraid to call it love,
And It hurts to fall in love,
It almost always does,
Her smile's so bright,
And if loving her is wrong,
Then I guess i don't wanna be right.

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