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Autumn Anologies

Bradley J
Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

see below
Describe autumn or how it makes you feeling using the best analogies and metaphors you can muster up!  You could flush out one comparison or make a bunch of smaller ones, the choice is yours!


This will be an open vote because this is a democracy, not a dictatorship!


Jennifer Michael McCurry
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I remember the sinking Glow of Orange Sun and.....

As Indian Summer losee his grip on Sir Sun
Missouri's hills become a colorburst mosaic
Reds and Orange flash an incendiary display
Leaving a fiery carpet for people to tread
Their hustle of feet scatter crisp leaves about
Lifting an earthy smell to permeate the senses
The scatter becomes a bustling scratch symphony
And brings to mind a witch with gnarly talons
Scratching on childrens windows in rapid sucsession
She holds up high for them to see their lure
Golden creamy caramel drips off a red delicious
It ooozes down its stick romancing the children's tastebuds
And they devour their fall treats with thoughts of Halloween rushing like bats from a cave
Out of heads filled with snicker bars, popcorn balls and homeade costumes by mama

Lost Thinker
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A breezy fall day three months after the month of May
temperature begins to drop what was green is now orange summer once again becomes just a thought  hopefully nature's beauty and change will enlighten my soul to the gift of life
What's important is right in front of me taken for granted at times
covered with snow like my fucked up lies
Can be taken away just like the leaves raked in a plastic bag
All the summer memories I didn't get o I wish I had
A breezy fall day three months after the month of May
May life's beauty of nature bring enlightenment to everyone's day......

jade tiger
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While I Read Poetry by Those Whose Arrival of Autumn Has Come

Where I have lived, Summer seems to swallow up
most of the other three seasons in one gulp,

like a pot of simmering chowder that sits
on a stove steaming since the first of the year.

But to my surprise, or maybe chagrin
it's my birthday today and I feel a slight chill.

It's early morning and it actually feels
like fall setting in 'cause the fans are turned off.

I can think clearly now as I linger in bed
and I hear the landscapers start to kick in,

edging the lawns as they work up the street
and blowing the leaves, yet to fall, off the grass.

My body's in shock, disbelief is more like it
with quarrelsome birds in the trees going quiet.

But summer won't give up the ghost, not just yet,
So for me, Fall waits as I commiserate,

tired of chowder, of fresh fruit and sunshine.
and hungry for cheeks of beef stew with root veggies,

with puffy white dumplings that float on the top
like October nimbus clouds normally do,

of strudels and crumbles with tart apple fillings
that I haven't tasted since last year next Sunday

while my army of spices stand, proud and abreast,
they're Shilling's pantry soldiers ready for service,

waiting for roast fowl with ground sausage stuffing,
sugar carrots, young peas, and baby red spuds.

Though temperatures have mellowed out for a day,
they'll be back to nineties Fahrenheit once again.

So as I plan what I'll hand out come Halloween,
Autumn and I long to meet, face to face.

Dangerous Mind
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against the skyline
for the sun
arms raised
in supplication
and thanksgiving
releasing past
to start anew

to ragged bone
to the elements
to face the cold
letting go
of life that's ended
and emerald hues
of youth

from the winter
in nothing more
than tattered skin
sinking roots
beneath the surface
of healing earth
in search of solace
deep within

the chill melts
when sunshine teases
and limbs
shake off the frost
spring will have its season
budding life
will grow again

Guardian of Shadows
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Sundogs like pins, hold
an open rainbow—a passage
among heavens, saying
“Look, just look…”
and through the gate, lay
Books of Life, readied
for review, in the
Rosh Hashanah days.

Shofars low across the lands,
in wooded-wilds, I wash mine hands
with dirt among the eyeless saints,
atoned, themselves, before the grave.

Blessings as feathers, fall
among blood red leaves, not
yet shaken from their branches—
let them go,
let them go, and
spiral to the ground to be
swept on currents of

Shofars sounding worlds apart,
raise the Jew within my heart;
before Yeshua, I take heed
to glean and gather all I need.

Colored carpets in
harvest fields, like mantles,
spread before the feast,  bow
underfoot—“Won’t you
please come this way?” and
the air is more alive, charged
with glass rivers that flow
through the soul.

Shofars summon Autumn in,
Palm fronds washed away my sins;
keys of hope from Ancients of Days
Turn the tumblers, loose the gates.

Dangerous Mind
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Autumn Feelings

I can see my every breath
In the crispy air. Hot cider
By the fireplace. The change
In leafs from green to red,
Orange, and yellow. All
The kids dressed up begging
For sugary candy. All the food
Piled up and being thankful
For what we have. Family.
Friends. Good times. Breaking
Out the boots, Uggs, warm
Sweaters and hats. Getting
Ready for winter just around
The corner. Always one of my
Favorite seasons.

poet Anonymous

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Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
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Autumn Anology; Autumn Analogy [#Analogue]

Now my grand-pappie used to say "every town got one"
our town had made America proud for two reasons
One our goddam'd rodeos, the other our Autumn
Autumn was so damn sexy, when she
met the town centre, on a Saturday
mornin; she'd have a wee posse
ah teenage boys
a following her
and every
Just one
of 'em boys
was da lucky
fuck who'd get to
carry her shoppin'
home for her; they'd get
to stop along the way at Billy's
That one boy, he'd get to buy her a drink
too. We never found out, what em boys did after
But they all raked the front lawn, of fallen leaves on Sunday


Tyrant of Words
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I’m Falling…Again

I’m falling

The season is here again
The cool weather seems to bring together familiar sensations
The breeze and ambiance beget random commemorations
As I again fall…free…verse

There’s something about autumn
It’s like days of youth and expectation
When the world was a bigger place I had yet to go discover
The surprises life had in store for me that I would encounter
That I’d fall but get up again

I love the change in the wind
When leaves are tumbling announcing chilly days
Time for sweaters, scarves and gloves whenever it gets that cold
Like an interlude between the seasons ready to perform again
The leaves are playing once more

There is a distinct sound to it
The crisp air seems to travel swiftly with an echo in my ear
As if the resonance of years gone by accumulate in the atmosphere
Like a melody of nostalgic memories both good and bad revere
When the leaves are falling again

Lost Thinker
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Autumn time

Leaves are falling from the trees
crisp and fresh , puddles to the knees
yellow and brown, like melted gold
makes me forget about the blistering cold

raked in piles, higher than my head
lying in the leaves , pretend it's my bed
just laying here so nice and warm
makes me forget about raking the lawn

Twisted Dreamer
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An Autumn tree romance.

Vibrant leaves of autumn
with slender fibrous arms...
October shed and shook'm,
degrading all their charms.

These fire-colored flags
cascaded through a twirl,
in crinkled rigid skin
transformed by chilly swirl.

For the many leaves fallen
from branches high-elite,
a chilly north-bred swish--
delivered them defeat.

As for elms that sway
along the park bench trail,
premeditated piles--
have grown inside the dale.

Whether gust or breeze
stirs up these leaves to dance,
white snow will soon replace
my autumn tree romance.

geoff cat
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(a sonnet)
Hard pressed I am to gather Samhain’s wood
That fires burn with queen and consort's dance
For so the forest evening stirs my blood
That I would come to know your hungered glance

For you I’ve known in every phase of moon
The want and miss found in your writhing spell
The taste of amber flush, your yon' lips' boon
The drip of honeyed clutch, your flowered dell

For all my storied life I’ve quested you
With hope in every step your holy site
With every rise and wash of morning’s dew
Expresses you my love by day and night

  My hope remains that wood gathered alone
  Might bring a tended sweet fire of your own

Twisted Dreamer
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I must apologise
I cannot otherwise
Autumn, you are
Not here but there
Six months away
A hemisphere away

jade tiger
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I just discovered the results of the public vote, and I'm absolutely thrilled!

To see they voted for Geoffrey's (Hepcat61) wonderful formulaic piece, "Gathering Wood", has me over the (Autumn) moon...
Congratulations, tomcat, I'm so proud of you!


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