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the BITCH comp

poet Anonymous

MadameLavender said:

Anytime, Honey-Bunch!  (I did a quick edit, BTW, just now) Might as well go for the gusto, when being a bitch!

Hey, ``Gusto`` is good

poet Anonymous


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There is no clone of me,
for as well as I can see,
an only child was to be,
my gift, fortunately...
of me.

And you...
You tangled with a rose-
thorns ripped into your clothes.
It was me that you had chose
to bring new life among those
that loved you the most.

A son he was for us.
All we felt was deeper love
until you thought you were above
what it was when times were tough.

So you run, boy -as you wish.
Watch us grow up just like this.
Our son, smart as a whip-
you called him son-of-a-bitch.

And that's when I became one.
With all your games, I've been done.
Look again, at how we have fun.
Yeah, look at that bitch and her son.

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Kool-Aid ! extreme content !

I won't drink your Kool-Aid
arsenic poisoned Jim Jones style
cult of the lost

I'm above you

reeking of insanity
deity of fiends
your godhead is obscene

you grazed me
with a palsied hand
shaking with disease
I slipped your slimy grasp

covetous creature
three headed beast
forked tongue spitting lies

aborted feelings
in death throes
I stomp on them
put um out of their misery

disgust grips my guts
sullied, trashed, mind raped

you grazed me
with a palsied hand
shaking with disease
I slipped your slimy grasp

shudders run down my spine
a full dose of Lucifer
leaves me cold

I won't drink your Kool-Aid
arsenic poisoned Jim Jones style
cult of the lost

my third eye is on you
not a blind cunt
caught in a trap

slipped your noose
as the hunted
begins the hunt

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Diagnosed Cunt

With swift twist of peek a boo toe
I snuff out my ever present Camel
And huff out loud with rise of full white tits
Nipples pointed at him in hard accusation
I curl my index finger in beckoning fashion
And he will cum and hop to hither
Or regret will hang from his prick
And sway a full swollen blue sack
That dangles in precarious pendulum action
Before My fingers trigger happy to flick
A bullseye shot to mid tender ball
And I will laugh at the swaying sight
Of engorged nut slapping against his thigh
Oh be very very afraid my dearest
Of my hell bitch comeuppance
I flew fast on broom wearing crazed red pout
Caused by tragic news from my GYN
You whoring pseudo excuse for a lover
Have lost your place under Gins covers
Seems the deed you done with my sister
Gave my pretty pink wet gorgeous twat
The ferocious cousin of feverblister

poet Anonymous

Ladies, my respect to all your bitchin’ entries

Congrats WillowsWhimsies on your trophy win
Forgotten_Mom71 enjoyed the raw & edginess of your piece
Savaja, and regardless of the theme, you still gave your signature sensual performance

See you next comp!

Fire of Insight
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I loved this comp. What a tough job to judge, every entry was bitchin! CONGRATULATIONS WILLOW, truly earned✏! To Savja & Forgotten Mom, well deserved runners up! Beautiful talent in this comp! Respectfully,

Dangerous Mind
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Wow!  I was totally not expecting to win.  I enjoyed the hell outta writing it.  So many great entries, I don't know how you managed to select.  Thank you so much!  This was fun!  :)

Dangerous Mind
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DevlinDLC, luv ~

Thank you very much for a runners-up spot! I wholly did not expect to reach the top three as there were so many fantastic entries!

Congratulations WillowsWhimsies on the win! Congratulations _Always_Yours_Trish on a runners-up spot!

Thank you, Devlin, for hosting another wonderful competition!

As always, I am honored to be part of the Deep Underground Poetry community writing alongside all the truly great poets here. :-*

poet Anonymous

Hell yeah!!! Thanks for the tip of the hat.. I loved this .. Bravo maladies Willow and Savaja. Congrats. Lol, what a bitchen composition. Pun totally intended ...🦋🦋🦋
✨Always peace Trish

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