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the BITCH comp

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

bitch themed poems/poetry

Okay, Ladies, so we`ve all been called a ``Bitch`` at one point or another, and some more often than others. †So putting that in retrospective, I decided that we should have some fun with it and pen poems about what makes us a Bitch, what makes us Bitchy, what makes you or us the Total Bitch, the Ultra Bitch, the Mega Bitch. . .I think you Ladies get the Bitchin` point!

UnLimited Entries
Old or New Poems
Any Length But Not Less Than 2 Lines
Any Style
Any Genre
1 Week to Enter

Dangerous Mind
United States 8awards
Joined 1st July 2014
Forum Posts: 318

Respect Me, Respect Me Not

Yeah I may be foul mouthed
Yeah I may say mean shit
Yeah I guess it can be pretty hurtful, but do I look like I give a damn?.
Bitchy as I am I'm just unapologetic
You can call me unsympathetic but really
You just mad 'cause I ain't fallin' for that wham bam thank you ma'm shit.
And if you don't get what you want you smack your lips 'cause that Mack shit didn't work on me and you call me a bitch, but I punch that motha fucker right in his eye asking him " who you calling a bitch?!".
How do you like me now?, am I still a bitch?.
No?, good!.
Now go tell ya mama she did a shitty job raising ya ungrateful ass.
Now I think it's unfair to call me a trouble starter and a drama queen, but I think it's downright typical to call me a bitch just 'cause I speak what I feel.
Well if you don't like it I got two words for you:
Fuck you!
Yeah I know Rocky's the bitch you love to hate 'cause one minute she's sweet as honey, but the next she'll hit you with insults so savage they'd make Donald Trump cry.
Don't know why I'm this moody, maybe I'm a little crazy or a little touched or I guess I'm a bit bitchy.
But I don't give a fuck!
I'd rather have my attitude than to be the bitch that does everything a man tells her what to do.
So excuse me for having a brain!
And pardon me for being anything, but a mindless hoe with a nice culo.
You can try and call me a brainless bitch, but I am above that.
Too good for that, but you dumb asses clown bout women being bitches in your living rooms, well try doing that when I'm around and see what happens you'll see the bitch come out.
Call me a bitch one more time and see what happens,
Call me a bitch one more time and see what happens,
Call me a bitch one more time and see what the fuck happens!.
These motha fuckers need to learn!,
Respect me or not!

Dangerous Mind
United States 3awards
Joined 14th Jan 2016
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You call me a bitch like its a bad thing

Only can take so much
Before I explode
Everything I do is so god damn wrong
Well fuck you
Call me a bitch
I don't fucking care any more
Yea so I finally made my stand
Standing tall
Building my confidence
Put on my big girl panties
If that makes me a bitch
So be it
I'd rather be a bitch
Than to put up with your shit
Because I am more than this
So if becoming my true self
Makes you think of me as a bitch
Tuff shit
I'm more of a women for it
My new found confidence is
Stronger than you can handle
No longer in your grip
I set my self free
So call me a bitch
Like its a bad thing

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States 154awards
Joined 9th Nov 2015
Forum Posts: 5134


Hey! Listen up, don't try to fuck with me,
'Cause even I don't know how far I'll go.
And up till now I've waited patiently,
Let tables turn to show you just how low.

I am the one to circumcise your flap,
With pen, my sword, to follow-thru my pitch.
I long ago have tired of your pap,
For reasons that defy you are my bitch.

Though you are not the type of bitch for me,
You judge me but I couldn't give a fuck.
Your kind dies out with every pair o' threes,
Your pigeon's hole is stuffed, you're outta luck.


What, where & who gave you the right to talk
Of me about the company I make?
It's 'cause of you & your incessant squawk  
I rose up and could give as good as take.

You're poetry is rotten to the core,
And even on my worst day I don't flinch.
I'd take you on and "slam" you to the floor,
And tar you in my ink within an inch.

One day you'll look around and wonder why
You cannot reach to scratch that constant itch.
You're all alone and living your own lie,
Did you think you could leave without a hitch?

Get used to it, I own your smelly cunt,
It's not the sort of land that makes you rich.
But as for now I'll settle for a runt,
Then throw you back 'cause I'm an uberbitch.


Dangerous Mind
United States 16awards
Joined 8th Mar 2016
Forum Posts: 242

No Bobbitt

no, you didnít beat me
not much anyway
adjectives were always
your weapons of choice
until I grew thick skin
thatís when the muscle work
really kicked in
call me a whore and punch me?
sorry, but thatís your thing
I was always faithful
moreís the pity
but I walked away
conscience clean and prettyÖ
no, my mistake
I had to runÖ
and for this
you call me bitch?
excuse me
am I mistaken?
or do you still have a dick?
didnít pull a Bobbitt
when I was through
I left you intact
if things no longer work
honey, thatís all on you

poet Anonymous

Miss Jackson, Lady Luna, Miss Jade(y), Lady Willows Ö thanks Ladies for your bitchin`!

Dangerous Mind
United States 11awards
Joined 30th June 2014
Forum Posts: 186

Bitch is another word for not a Stepford wife

I'm a Bitch
† † † † †you say
I tease
† † † †and
You want me
on my knees
† † † † †before you
† † † † † Are you
for real?

This morning
† † † † † † † Or
Some morning
† † † † † † † Or
† † † † Doesn't really matter, does it
Just like
† † † † When you smiled at me
as you approached
† † † † † † †And
† † † † †I smiled back
† † † † † †
And said,

Good morning
† † † † † † Or
Good afternoon
† † † † † Or
Good evening
† † † † Or
whatever polite words I uttered

Funny how such simple language is an invitation, apparently, in some complex game you want to play that baffles me

I just said,

Good morning
† † † † † † † † † † † † † Not
I want to bed you

† † † † † † † † † † † † † Tell me how the two come to be misconstrued

Do believe me
when I say to you now,
What on earth?! for in no wise was I on that page with you

So, when you say to me,

You're a bitch and a tease when I say,

Oh! No, thank you (still retaining politesse)
You only baffle me further.

Is this a test
in your daily quest:
women as token conquests?
Your smile a pretext
I'm supposed
to decode
knowing myself, my body
You would behold...

I'm a bitch and a tease because I won't give you me at your behest???

As Alice the waitress at Mel's Diner used to say, Kiss my grits. Don't mess with me!

poet Anonymous

Queen Savaja, thank you for your entry ... *brilliant* ...

poet Anonymous


Done With Your Shit!

you got the cheatin'
on your mind, huh?

Well. . .

there goes my heart
there goes my soul
there goes my fucking innocence
that you so proudly stole!


Don't look at me
like I'm talkin' crazy
like I'm fuckin' crazy
like I'm makin' shit up
when you're the one
who really fucked up
cause you're ass was to lazy
to delete your sweet talkin' mess,
those, let's keep it on the down low, texts
not to mention your dirty porn sexts!


You think I was just goin'
to turn the other cheek,
and dismiss YOU
as a 'lil Wayne freak,
then, forgive you
for all your bullshit sins
just so you don't look like an ass
in front of your gangster friends?

So now that you know
what's up, here's what:
you ain't takin' the baby
you ain't takin' one fucking cent
but I'll spare you the embarrassment
and toss you two quarters
so you can stick it to that 'lil spic
who crossed the border
cause this here bitch
is done with your shit!

poet Anonymous


Gangster Diva

I donít give a shit
† † if you think Iím a bitch!
I donít give a fuck
† † if you think Iím stuck-up!
I donít give a damn,
† † Yes, Iím stealiní your man!
So, what up BITCH?

This is my hood
† † so letís get it understood,
Iím the Duchess of Earl,
† † so donít you go playiní big girl
in a gangster divaís world!
† † If you try to start some shit
Iíll be blastiní more than just your pretty clit!

Itís bad enough I got homies tryiní to hit on my ass
† † cheap talkiní all that juicy ghetto trash!
Homie says he likes my ďKit KatĒ
† † and that he should hit that!
He calls me ďsexy little mamaĒ
† † that Iím stacked in the front to the back,
and if homie ainít enough to get my flow on
† † he says heís got a dick I can blow on!

I got homies telliní me that they love me too,
† † that they need me too, that theyíll be good to me too.
Shit, I donít need their ghetto-drama crap!
† † Iím a gold-digginí cold-killiní bitch
lookiní to strike it rich
† † in Gucci, Pradas, and blood.
Ah, baby, donít be so mean,
† † just show me some bling
and Iíll be your ghetto danciní Queen!
† † Iím talkiní straight-up-ghetto-monogamy here,
nothiní to fear, just donít mistake me for Beyonce
† † and try to put a ring on my finger
Ďcause homie youíll be wastiní your time,
† † but goddamn are you fine!

Hey, donít hate me
† † Ďcause you know Iím gangster crazy.
Donít hate me
† † Ďcause Iím rappiní whatís what.
It should be no surprise
† † Ďcause Iím speakiní the truth,
telliní it like it is,
† † this here homie ainít suburbia
you in a blazer,
† † and me in a house dress.
This here is real life,
† † I ainít your woman, I ainít your wife!
So homie please, stop playiní the fool,
† † I got a party to bounce to!

Iím not just a ghetto hoochie mama
† † in a skin tight dress,
Iím the real fuckiní deal
† † so donít mess with this bitch!
So as I roll through these streets
† † you bitches better step the fuck on back
Ďcause this here gangster diva
† † is representiní her hood, ghetto-fiably strapped!

poet Anonymous

Let's see now. Bitch.......
Yapping.... tapping ...capping
Yeah.... your ass that is.....
What you don't know about this bitch...
I was born a bitch....
Torn.... worn.... customizing ...
Flying with a broom...
Just to fucking ...
Smack....some sense inside...
That air dried... cobwebbed.. dead...
Wasted space.... inside your head...
Yeah I know.. why do I give a shit???
Because everyone is a bitch...
You too .... reading this...
I'm proud to be a bitch....
It's not an everyday misconception...
I'm nice .... hell...sometimes too nice..
I balance myself out...
Just like the world....
If these proud bitches up above.....
Didn't speak their peace....
Who the hell would.....
Yeah I know....
Here we go if ....
" If you weren't such a bitch....
Mabey people wouldn't be so mean to you"...
Yeah.. ok ...
that always works with the ...Disturbing,
Cunt calling... Micromanaging ... Belittling...
Insecure....Narcissistic.. Jerks out there ...
Who.. ENJOY... †doing this shit to you...
Just for the simple fact ..
They WANT to fuck with you....
They have no... Pride..
They're not at... Peace..
So please .. get over it ...
I'm a bitch....
And.... I am damn proud of it!!!! †
You want me to be Kind ...
Sweet.. Loveable... Sensually... Cultured...
And act like a Lady......
Then TREAT me like one ....
It's easy.. this way....
I wouldn't have to be such a BITCH....
Peace always to my ...
Who are MALADY'S.....

poet Anonymous

Lady Trish ... bitchin` ink ... thanks for entering!

Guardian of Shadows
United States 87awards
Joined 17th Feb 2013
Forum Posts: 5600

Turbo-Bitch Haiku

I'm a "stupid bitch"?
Actually, I'm a smart bitch--
I got sick of you

and all your "isms"
that I never lived up to
in your judging mind,

so I left, and took
all that mattered in our world
that was of value.

Now you can play games
all by yourself, and with men
who you'd rather have,

but hid from the world
deep in your closet of shame;
I am not at fault.

Women know it all,
we don't leave without a plan--
now who is the bitch?

poet Anonymous

ML, I am honored by your presence, and thank you very much for your entry ... *heartfelt* ...

Guardian of Shadows
United States 87awards
Joined 17th Feb 2013
Forum Posts: 5600

DevlinDLC said:
ML, I am honored by your presence, and thank you very much for your entry ... *heartfelt* ...

Anytime, Honey-Bunch!  (I did a quick edit, BTW, just now) Might as well go for the gusto, when being a bitch!

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