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poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

evil themed poetry

Rules Ö yes, ``Evil`` has rules
all Poems submitted must have the word ``Evil`` in their title/pic is optional
UnLimited Entries
New Poems Encouraged
Old Poems Welcomed Ö with link to that poem
Please stick to the Genre
One Week to Enter

poet Anonymous


.decadence of evil.

we swapped


the lush
of white salted froth
blisters in our throats
and tinges
behind a corruption
of avalanche fire

our one desire, strokes
the wild of our manes, untamed
are the demon-esq lionesses
of the prowling night;
we run our own wild
through the Amazon's of groping hands,
coddling at each other's grunts
lulling in the hunt
of one for another;

spreading heaven,
unveiling hymens,
we trudge through
the wombs of hell
mustering the sťance
of morbid tales
altered in a requiem
of Satanic Versus,
and dream of Rushdie
as a twin~headed beast,
twelve sixes †
he is
the dehumanization
the bare of backs
of the four horsemen
who come to play, to lay
their unbiblical sovereigns
upon us

and we concur

beguiled, we are,
suspended in a strain
of kama sutra'd orgies
bodies draped
within a cyclonic wrath,
blood silk sheets soaked
enthralled within a mild display
of forni~cum~ination;

in the decadence of evil
under a severed spine tree
is where ripe apples blossom
sheltering the resurrection
of corrugated cores

when love has cleared,
she sprouts
her double~horned dick
and inflicts
her rape of paradise
in me ~ splitting me
from ass to cunt

Fire of Insight
United States
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~Evil inside her~

She kicked and thrashed wildly
She cried, flailed, and screamed
He thrust his fuck-stick inside, violently
Ignoring her cries and pleas

Tears streamed down her face
This excited him beyond delight
He licked them just for the taste
He rammed his cock harder inside

Her pussy wasn't enough
He flipped her over, she tried to fight
He whispered in her ear, "you love it rough,
After I cum, you're going to die"

Thought Provoker
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Reviled do I live, thought I  
As evil I did deliver  
Not one life, but all life  
I despise, defy  
Fed flies to their words  
For there is no cure  
And as evil as I  
I am so while alive  
For Death gave me pardon  
When I gave him my heart and  
My soul is a well  
Dwell on this I do not  
But traverse the stair  
Neither up nor down  
And look around  
Try not to drown for  
The sense is uncared for  
Don't follow the light or  
You may be devoured  
As the light is inside me  
Too close to my darkness  
And whither it goes  
Too soon to know  
For every life taken  
More is taken away  
Every move of a chess piece  
Brings me to less ease  
Soon I'll be gone  
And forever a song  
In chapter zero  
A fallen hero
A praise to nothing  
Forever loathing  
In this terrible place  
Without a face  
Without a name  
My true vocation  
But still I live  
And evil I give  
To those that need not  
A heart replaced  
A stark embrace

Thought Provoker
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It's a shame, since most of my truly wicked and horrifying pieces do not actually have 'EVIL' in the title... That saddens me.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Evil Bastards ! extreme content !
I'm a murderer    
killed with my ink    
half aborted words    
that should be flushed    
are walking around    
crazy and demented    
in need of straight jackets    
they scream out their agony    
acid burned    
skin hanging from bone    
teeth like razors    
fuck with the hardest minds    
evil little things    
I won't hide my bastards    
i'm proud of them    
born of illicit affairs    
with demons past and present    
I parade these beasts    
shove them down your throat    
until you vomit    
hate me yessssss    
it's better to die a bitch    
than live a flowery, shit covered lie

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Pah. Evil you say, the guts and gore
Spielberg had special effects darling
Dead is dead and you feel it no more
What I do best, is more evil for sure

See, the thing to remember
The thing to revere
Is that it's lurking inside each one of you dear
Some minds are weaker, some bodies weaker still
But you'll all soon crack, if we find the right pill

My favourite kind, the worst one to bear
The one that would have you tear limb from limb, hair from hair,
You'll corrode to a wafer, a shell, a mere shadow of a being
That grinning scowl that appears, is the demon you're seeing
He comes but a few times, no fear about that
But once you've seen the face of evil, there's no going back

That grin, those eyes, they carve into your soul,
Your mind is now weary, damage has taken it's toll
See the evil you question, the evil you seek
Is inside you, buried down fast asleep
A few small things rouse the beast deep inside
He takes over your mind and your own soul must hide

That evil itself cannot be fought off
Your body is the vessel, there's no need to scoff
You brought him forth, didn't you?
You broke your control
Well buckle up darling, this won't be a stroll

The devastation is done
The corpses laid bare
The pills are scattered
The chair kicked from under there

The demon called forth has no chance of losing
If he fails in his aims, then you'll be his choosing

We wouldn't want that, deep breaths and keep calm
The demon gets both, eventually, that's part of his charm


jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Evil That Claims You

I pull you to me in my lust, to clear my nostrils of its dust,
to fill them instead with your musk, of the sweat that covers
your face, your body, everywhere I hover,
that I lick and taste in the timeless way of dark lovers.

The smell of your dark hair, burrowing the scalp as I sigh,
our limbs coil and wrap, embraced till my fingers find
the arch of your neck that you offer me
for what you know will be their intent, to insinuate.

To claim your pulse beneath which flutters in my hands
as a butterfly in its frantic throes of death.
I hear you gasp for breath as a bird about to die,
and when it falls, where it lands only God ever knows,

As if he could help you now after the struggle
once I've taken you, when comes the release to breathe,
if I reach the peak before it's too late for permission,
as if it were for the very first time, or maybe never.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Evil Savour

She was homeless, friendless and lonely,
'Come with me, my house is cosy'
He appeared to be her savour,
One that she could adore.

How wrong she was,he was a monster,
He gathered up girls to conquor,
Befriending them when  luck was down
Providing them with shoes and gown

He taught them how to seduce
Then sent them to a red light house.
From this place there was no escape
Her duties there make you gape

Clients came from morn to night
To use her body as they liked,
There was no limit to their perversion
Forced on her by coersion.

Tricking girls into prostitution
Is such an abomination
This evil trade must be purged
Men like this should be charged

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Evilness Craved

It's not like I didn't have a choice.

You did warn me, how greedy you were,
yet never did I dream just how greedy.

So you can betray me, or enslave me,
just give me your mouth.

Toy with my senses, take what you will,
but touch me in the ways you know,

and I'll believe you just for tonight.
Original mousework art by Jade Pandora. †©2016 Jade-Pandora. All Rights Reserved.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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The Face of Evil

As there is light there is also darkness, good and bad
The fight between right and wrong the heart sees
Regardless of whatever faith, religion or doctrine
The human spirit has always wanted true peace


The devil doesnít present himself in an ugly form
With horns and all just to give you some scare
He doesnít always curse you or look so dreadful
Coming out of the darkness with some vile glare


The face of evil can be also be so very beautiful
In ways you have never imagined it before
It will present itself to you like an opportunity
Itís when your moral compass goes off to war

It will appeal to your curiosity or biggest weakness
Ease itself into you until you become addicted
It will do damage to you, mind, body and soul
Not just to you, but loved ones are also afflicted

It will destroy and damage homes, communities
Cities even nations when itís gone that far
It can even consume our own humanity
To the point we donít recognize who we are

Hatred and greed and all those that destroy lives
By those who are corrupt and bring upon disgrace
By the avarice of those who claim too much power
Devour the very benevolence of the human race

Tyrant of Words
United States
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- - - EVIL INCARNATE - - -

She walks between night and day
Masses gather from beyond the grave
I find myself among them
To fall in line and give into sin

Evil incarnate

Her catacombs smell like roses and wormwood
Flames flicker in relics of rust and decay
Eyes, now awake, pierce like black pitiless orbs
Fangs seeking sustenance in the light depraved

Evil incarnate
Evil incarnate

We walk hand in hand every night
Her haunting swoon is my lullaby
Midnightmare strolls are our alibis
The Hell that lurks behind her eyes

Is evil incarnate

Carve her name into this wasted human flesh
And those who survived exist to spread her tongue
Mouthpieces to herald the coming slaughter
From parapets to where the death bells hung

Evil incarnate

She comes as a poisoned wraith
Lay low asundered legions of faith
A corpse filled copse final morn
Leaves the self righteous broken and torn

Evil incarnate
Evil incarnate

We walk hand in hand every night
Her haunting swoon is my lullaby
Midnightmare strolls are our alibis
The Hell that lurks behind her eyes

Is evil incarnate

She spreads herself open
For the head of the goat
Infernal Lucifer
Fucking so demented
Within the pentagram

From the streets of Sodom
To Gomorrah's brothels
Suckling the demons
For just a taste of home
Hell is where the heart is

The skulls along her highway
Laughing maniacally, quite insane
Suffer not forgotten gods
But remember them as empty frauds

Evil incarnate

And when she stares right through that scarlet prism
I hear her cruelly wrought serpent tongue in verse
We shall go, forever, to burn down Heaven
And cast God from his throne with our words of curse

Evil incarnate
Evil incarnate

We walk hand in hand every night
Her haunting swoon is my lullaby
Midnightmare strolls are our alibis
The Hell that lurks behind her eyes

Is evil incarnate

(c) 2016 Frank Green

poet Anonymous

Chaotic, UbiquitousVoid, Miss Crim, afriendoftina, Miss Jade(y), gardenlover, wallyroo & Hades ... thank you all for the ``Evil`` entries ...thus far!

poet Anonymous

evil JACK, evil JILL

evil Jack and evil Jill
gravitated down a blood thirst hill
to snatch the souls of the young and old;
bodies and bodices pilfered and collected
and chained to the urns of their unholy waters

caught in a soiree of incantatious demons
scheming with sadism and ritualism
impelled Jack in a fiery rage of unreasoning
while Jill cast herself out like an Eve
amidst the serpents in a venomous tree
to seize all that was illicitly theirs

but conflicts amongst the evilest of two
reigning in an Evildom of one,
brooched Jack against Jill against her will
with Jack's head callously severed and fed
to a goblet of foul curing in infectious vinegar

Dangerous Mind
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VVitches, The Evil & The Good

I - VVitches

The nights are darker beyond the forest
Heated barren lands calming their skin
For the blowing wind with a loud shriek
Her chants roamed on earth a century ago

She had four daughters to accompany her
Sitting in a circle chanting the unknown songs
Evil is what you would call it if you ever hear it
No men allowed stepping into those wasted grounds

But for the young boys with healthy semen
Their chants cast a spell like a sirenís song
Many boys lost in the woods and disappeared
They lure the boys and fucked them to get pregnant

The villagers called the ladies the evil witches
Bones of little babies were hung at the borders
Rumored that they kill if a boy was born to them
And teach the daughters to pray for the unknown

On a full moon night, the chants could get stronger
The Wind could slice a grown bull into pieces
The voices of the witches mixed with a growl of a beast,
Curiosity of the young flesh sacrifices their lives for them

The chants were continuous throughout for days and nights
Most of the villagers learned to live with this cursed chants
"To whom are they praying for generations and generations?"
Itís a common curiosity comes to any man with a sane mind

II - The Evil

It was the full moon night in the midsummer
A boy born to the youngest witch in the circle
Is she supposed to kill her own baby? is she?
She did bring back the shattered bones

An old witch fell into the fire the next night
One dead witch won't slow down their chants
The circle has grown bigger and bigger
While the Growling of the beast grew stronger

The tall trees of the forest fell down in the night
Wise men took their families and fled the village
The poor who stayed accept to mourn for their sons
Abandoned houses turned to ruins in time

The forest became the prey to the hungry dry wind
Almost two decades passed swallowing the forest completely
The natural barrier to the village was gone
Wind carried the voices to the houses to torment the living

Now in the village, all left were the women
Men and the boys were gone except for one
A young boy who was deaf by birth
He could not hear siren songs of the witches

No one knew his father or his mother
He was found in the forest on a full moon night
Till now he had never cried, smiled or spoke a single word
But that night they found him shaking in his sleep bathed in sweat

It was the night before the full moon of the midsummer
He screamed but no sound came out from his throat
They made up their minds to fate they were forced to
The night came and the boy left the village

III - The Good

The boy stood at the edge where the old forest ended
Tonight he could see his shadow from the moonlight
He looked up and saw stars for the first time
He removed his clothes he felt a slight coldness in the wind

He could feel the strangeness in the atmosphere
Women in the village heard the shrieks and growls
Their houses fell into the grounds for the weight of the wind
They mourned for the boy and the sons they've lost

The boy walked slowly towards witches circle
He could not see anything but the darkness
He noticed the moon only let the light fell on him
He saw the black hands on the ground following him

He heard the desperate calling of the familiar voice
He turned his ears to the direction and sprinted
He saw the circle at a distance, and he stopped
The fire flames trying to reach the sky in the dark

The boy felt the coldness freezing his body from inside
And felt his feet lit up in yellow flames burning his skin
He didn't feel the cold nor the heat, he was amazed
He could hear the cry of a woman to save her

Now he can hear the chants, songs of the witches
It was not unknown language for him and it said;
"I bound the beast with fire, I bound the demon's desire"
He walked towards the circle and touched a witch and said;

"Mother" and she turned to see her only child grown
Glowing in flames with all the magic he inherited from her
She couldn't kill; instead, she brought the bones of wolves
All the chants stopped, in the silence, the fire grew taller

The witches started to cry for what about to happen
They cursed the young witch for her betrayal
They'd been containing the demon from getting out
Who will stop the great evilness yet to be unleashed?

Who wrote these prophecies, no one never knew
Who started the chants to contain the demon in the fire?
But there was a prophecy from the old villagers
"From fire, you burn the fire once and for all"

He was born to a fire witch on the coldest night
He inherited the fire inside him from the day he was born
A dark hand crawled out of the flames and grabbed the witch
Another hand crawled and tore her body in half

Inside the flames, two eyes opened staring at the boy
And blood dripping from the appeared mouth
His eyes filled with tears, in remorse of his mother
He knew what he had to do to stop this evil

The witches started the chants holding their hands
"I bound the beast with fire, I bound the demon's desire"
The demon screamed as the spells pierced flames into its eyes
"I bound the beast with fire, I bound the demon's desire"

The boy spread his arms and turned himself into a fire spear,
"I bound the beast with fire, I bound the demon's desire"
And jumped at the beast piercing its throat and exploding into tiny sparks
Women at the village couldn't hear the chants anymore

*Note - †Damn its fucking long the longest poem I wrote I think, hope it didn't bore you...

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