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erotic encounter as the opposite sex

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Poetry Contest

write an erotic story poem whatever from one of the prompts below, but write it from your opposite sex...
i wrote from the perspective of a dog the other day, made it harder to not be me. so im gonna try erotic now and thought switching genders would be a challenge...

prompt 1:
surprise encounter at beach shower

prompt 2:
first date that goes far

prompt 3:
share a taxi and some fluids

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first date

feathers on the dance floor  
 I'm still hungry  
hungrier even.  
sucking at the last vestiges of white Peruvian candy lingering in my nostrils and my fingertips  
I see  
the lines are clearly drawn.  
concentric circles that shift and bounce off each other with every beguiling smile and outstretched hand.  
"Would you like to dance?"  
"Hello my name is ...  
or whatever you've branded yourself with for tonight on that damn tag.  
All I think is  
That's nice sweetie but I really, really don't give a shit.  
predators and prey exchange  roles with the pulse of every techno beat  
as each once lonely school boy tries to slit the throat of the last forty years of a hermit's life to watch the coagulation of his emptiness and her lust for zhyttya ... life.  
any life.  
the masked become naked  
truths take on a warrior's armor.  
me, I'm here for the same reason as these other jackals  
the taste of sweet hungry young піхва ... pussy.  
sure, maybe I'll make her my wife  
but first she's gotta prove she can be my сука ... bitch.  
nonetheless I was not about to put her on display like the matryoshka dolls here  
teetering to beats of hope as Peter Pan and the lost boys played air guitar to Springstein's "Born in the U.S.A".  
we left.  
she thought my suite at the Koklen  
looked like cotton candy  
something for a princess.  
she stared dreamingly out the window towards Primorsky boulevard and Deribasovskaya  
letting the ambrosia I'd given her seep in.  
we were now disrobed of our armor and masks seeking purification through lust.  
I let her stand there naked looking out the window and moved behind her so she could feel the grind of my hips moving to a new melody.  
I slowly sank to my knees behind her  
kisses along her back descending  
like quarter notes over her porcelain sheet  
seeking the taste of her квітковий сік ... honey.  
she arched her back  
and let my tongue take her willingly.  
her moans writing yet another song  
that her hips swayed to.  
I stood up and let her feel the fire she'd stirred.  
my wetness lacquered her full осел ... ass.  
I spun her around and took both sides  of her face in my hands firmly  
and asked her if she remembered what I promised at the dance hall.  
 "Da ... Vy miy anhel oznachalo, Marie, shchob zvilʹnyty mene ... Yes, you are my angel, Marie, meant to set me free."  
Vy poletyte zi mnoyu Nataliya ? ... Will you fly with me Natalia?  
"Da" she sang.  
And we did.  

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First Date

The date started as with old convention
With an intimate meal and conversation
Then coffee was offered at my flat
An euphanism for more than that

We settled down side by side
Kissing and much more beside
Naked we transferred to the bed
So that I could give him head

I had never seen such a cock
Long and wide; hard as a rock
His hand reached to my vagina
His touch could not have been finer

Foreplay stimulated our desires
Lighting up our carnal fires
He slid his cock into my passage
Back and forth like a massage

Faster still his manhood goes
Until my G-spot near explodes
I felt close to to this man;
Can it be for all life's span?

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Love it's depth.

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Prompt 3:
share a taxi and some fluids

The taxi´s driver maxi

I entered the taxi in a rush
I had a bottle of water in my hand
when the taxi driver asked for a sip.
I thought it was urgent
as he was holding a pill
begging me for a bit of water.
I gave it to him before I realize
that the pill was big and a blue one!

Next thing I knew
I was in front of the scene
of a hard long prick
looking at me
begging me for a bit of heat!
I was feeling empty
I needed to be fulfilled
my boyfriend had left me
in the middle of a fuck,
it was the end for him
but the beginning for me
so I decided to continue in this car.

The taxi driver stopped
he didn’t even need
to take his trousers off.
I could smell the need
I could eat every breath.
We wanted people to see us
so we stopped outside of a cloth shop.
He took all my clothes off
he wanted to lick even my soul.
The connection was easy,
we’ve been dogs both of us
in our past lives
and we knew the trick
for later on to be aside.

People with shopping bags
were looking for a taxi
ending up looking at his maxi.
I was screaming for more,
the blue pill was keeping him on,
two hours full of fluids
the shops were closing
in ten minutes or so
so he suddenly stopped
went out of the car
run to a shop
and bought me a red night dress.
He gave it to me to put it on
he went to the driver’s sit
and drove to a glamorous restaurant shit.

Me with the red dress on
and him with a hidden hard on
we eat everything, even a baked dove
and finally yes, I was completely in love!

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( have submitted a different entry )

poet Anonymous

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A REAL FIRST  (prompt #2)

We talked on the phone after meeting online,
She liked how I spoke and she sounded so fine,
We posted new pics on our Facebook accounts.
Raised eyebrows, I wonder if those melons bounce.

We did what you do and decided to make
A place and a day and a time for a date.
I wore a crisp white dress shirt minus a tie,
And pitch black stovepipe jeans to catch a girl's eye.

With me and my power cut how can I lose?
And my body sans bling, and lizard skin shoes.
Okay so I'm here where we both said we'd join,
I'm ready for action, to spend me some coin.

This club where I'm at is sure building up steam,
If things don't work out I'll just find me some dream
Of a girl to play with all night if she's game,
And trust me, I hope she won't wind up too tame.

I'm checking my watch and I think "should I call",
Not that I'm worried, but it's late after all.
So I step to the bar to order a drink,
And start tossing shooters before I can blink.

Then lo' and behold as the booze starts to hit
I see the Facebook melons jigglin', oh shit!
Fuck, it's her, it's her, says my brain-turned-to-lint
I forget what to do next, i need a hint!

The club with its colorful lights starts to spin,
My sense of direction gets lost in the din.
It's then that a hand grabs me tight and then pulls,
A sweet voice croons, "Come on, stud, you know the rules."

I fall by a table and into a chair
The way I'm positioned says "hell, I don't care."
My hourglass hostess sits plump on my lap,
And that's fine with me 'cause I'm takin' no crap!

We seem to've landed a ways from the crowd,
I guess that's why her attentions are allowed.
The way her tongue digs and what her strong hands do,
Got me feeling open to anything new.

The music goes low as the house lights go dim,
And the talented miss now looks like a him.
I'm thinkin', "those shooters went straight to my head",
I look down and shout, "whatcha doin' there, Fred?"

I creak and I groan then as Fred sucks me off,
A-smackin' and grinnin' like it ain't enough.
He stands up and straddles me, chewin' his cud,
He holds up his fat cock, "Now you do me, stud."

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Many thanks to those who read & voted.

Big thanks to my Brotha case28 who first pushed to ink this!

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