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poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Write something in your life for which you are very grateful.  
Must be something that means a great deal to you

New writes only

Long...short...doesn't matter

My Example:

Hallways and lockers
classrooms and friends
passing notes
and flirting
4 years in a life
though not of mine

I'll be the first to admit
I'm not the brightest
but I can hold my own
had nothing to do
with high school

4 years of traveling
nursing homes
a veritable groupie
as it were
following a hero

no proms
no boyfriends
no gossiping friends
no final exams
I did my learning
through life

I had 4 years
spent with my father
constantly by his side
a feat no longer possible
but they were mine
before he died

I can't express enough
it was never
a sacrifice

it was a gift
for which
I am eternally grateful

Bradley J
Fire of Insight
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i'll be bach!

Tyrant of Words
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ndiyakuthanda ~ {enkosi}

written for the hubs

perhaps it was always
meant to be you
& i didn't want to see it
in the way you slept
on my sofa
night after night
without expectation,
listening while i
cried myself to sleep ~
... consumed
by the raven fall,
the lonely ache
for lost things
that wanted
to remain unfound ...
you filled
the hollow shapes
my broken heart made
& i
should have known
by the way you slept
on my sofa
that it was always
meant to be you

poet Anonymous

Thank you, Shadoe, this is beautiful  :)

poet Anonymous

Hand in hand
We listened to the words
Conception would only be
but a wish
A dream from afar

Something greater
A miracle
Consumed our hearts

From nighttime
To pretty pink bows
Daddy's little princess
fully exposed

which last all night
that make tears
Laughter to melt the heart
A soul
pure as a dove

She is our blessing
Our daughter
Which was sent from
Up above

David Gonzales
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Family, friends
Voice, words
Stories, poem
Love, not noun, verb
Stress, ability
Confusion, hope
Knots on the noose,
Lack of rope
Moonlight, sunlight
Desert dew
Known, new
For my dirt for my seed
Greatful they grew
For these and for me
But above these truth
And mostly I am greatful
For you...

poet Anonymous

Thank you, David!  This is wonderful!  :)

poet Anonymous

WithinTheHeart:  A daughter is truly something to be grateful for!  Thank you for your beautiful words.  :)

poet Anonymous

WillowsWhimsies said:WithinTheHeart:  A daughter is truly something to be grateful for!  Thank you for your beautiful words.  :)

I agree wholeheartedly:)
Thank you so very much! 💓

Twisted Dreamer
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I am grateful for a good many things
But on days that those things feel worthless
The only thing I'm grateful for is you.
You who tell me it's alright to not be perfect
Although "you'll always be perfect to me"
You said
At two in the morning
When I called you with a note half written.
It was never finished
Because you made me feel like I had someone to be alive for
And then you called me beautiful
And the flutter that filled my heart
Hummed away the pain.
I am grateful for you
And the fact that you love me.

poet Anonymous

Thank you for your lovely entry, Estar.  Love is a wonderful thing to be grateful for.  :)

Dangerous Mind
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Love, money, ecstasy, poverty
Full stomach, groggy stance
Bountiful dresser, naked surrender
Sick countenance, another sunshine
Dry spell, pouring rain, silent darkness
Glittering bulbs, friends, foes, family
Cuticle remover, hair dye, for Facebook
Dup, Wattpad, Scriggler
Many others, need I mention?

Am grateful for everything
Specially just for Being
Thank you, my Lord!

poet Anonymous

Thank you Oxy for the lovely entry ☺

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

Ahh the moon...she lives in us, doesn't she?  Beautiful!  :)

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