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Listen to your mind

Thought Provoker
Canada 1awards
Joined 15th Jan 2016
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“The Next Step”

Take a leap of faith, the next step, a plunge into the unknown
To see what tomorrow brings – the mystery of life awaits
Inhale deep breathe out slow, count to three and let go
Believe in yourself, you’re stronger than you know
Now it’s all on you, but you are never alone
See the faces of all those who doubted you
And see what they have made you
All the trials and tribulations you have been through
Now lead to this moment, this is the place to let your light shine through
So take a leap of faith, the next step a plunge into the unknown
To see what tomorrow brings – the mystery of life awaits
Inhale deep breathe out slow, count to three and let go
I am Tha Pho3nix unafraid to fly
I will fall down but I will rise to fly again
Forever resurrecting from the ashes of the fire that is my soul
There is nothing that can stop me; this is where I’m meant to be
My journey has been long and hard – life is but a rollercoaster
Thought the future is scary, an abyss that tricks the mind
I know my fire lights the way to the oasis of my dreams
Proud I am to have earned everything I own
There is an army behind me, but this fight is mine and mine alone
I am ready to take the next step, that plunge into the unknown
To see what tomorrow brings – I cannot wait for the mystery f life to unfurl
Inhaling deeply, breathing out slowly
One, two, three
This is my journey; win or lose pass or fail, sink or swim
I take that leap of faith and push my limits to see what I can take
This is my life and I am ready!

Guardian of Shadows
United States 87awards
Joined 17th Feb 2013
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In The Tall Grasses

Daughter, can you trust another step
wading in the fields you can’t see yet?

Daughter, will you end the funeral in your heart,
mourning for a love that still has yet to start?

Daughter, did you try to reach across the stars,
Behind the veil of who we were and now we are?

Daughter, will you see the grasses, wild and tall,
as full of what you need or full of nothing at all?

Daughter, do you think you’ll try to catch the sun,
and shine it in the dark before you come undone?

I can pray
But only you, can find your way.

poet Anonymous

tired and bloated
hot empty night time
traveling in morning
on a train to love

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
Joined 21st June 2016
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Sit and wait, time has no meaning
in this place of solitude.
Eyes see mingled motes of dust
wraiths and ghosts
a sepia picture of long ago..
I slip into my dream
or madness?
You cannot reach me here,
it is freedom.

poet Anonymous


Dangerous Mind
Joined 17th Aug 2015
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remember to forget...

listen carefully to
the buried memories
they whisper the
forgotten curses
through the wind

look carefully at
the sky changing its color
along with the whispers
of the blowing wind

remember to forget
what the wind
making you remember
before it’s too late

Lost Thinker
Joined 12th Feb 2014
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I hear silence - no matter how hard I try
Because what ever I would hear I would deny
What is better? Believing in a lie or to let the hearr die?

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
Australia 28awards
Joined 20th May 2014
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Darkness does not cover your life
Reach further to connect with me
I am the wind
The sounds of night
Bring me closer
Part the veil to see your prize

© Kate Adams 5/8/16

poet Anonymous

I miss you Mom
Miss your voice
Your kisses
Your gentle hand on my face
Come back into my dreams
I miss so much your hugs
Miss so much more
I love you Mom

Twisted Dreamer
United States 4awards
Joined 8th Aug 2016
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Missing my favorite trees.
The one with the rope.
The one with tire.
The one with glass.
The one that used to rock me asleep.
The one I long to see... the baobab tree.

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