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Listen to your mind

Sredni Vashtar
Twisted Dreamer
France 1awards
Joined 18th May 2014
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Poetry Contest

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, clear your thoughts, then write whatever comes to your mind.
The only rule is this : Do not try to "shape" your writing in any way. Listen to your subconscious, just listen to the words that come in your head and write them exactly as they come. It's harder than it seems.

It can be any length, any style, anything. Any language aswell, so if you're not comfortable with english to the point where you can "think" in english, or just want to do it in your native language, go ahead !

Here's mine :

Black widows
Hanging in the tree
Calling for an encore

Thought Provoker
South Africa
Joined 24th Sep 2015
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Hello anybody home
talking to this brain
becomes a bloody pain
people think something is wrong upstairs
why upstairs?
why not downstairs?
why even bother with stairs at all?
A maze perhaps?
looking at a wall to gaze
in a daze

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
Philippines 24awards
Joined 15th Feb 2016
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I dreamed of shit.
What time is it?
I feel like shit!
What number would win
This day's small town lot?
What's the nuber for shit anyway?
Gotta use the loo.
Hope I remember this
Later today.
For now
Lemme shit!

Jaqui Camp
Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 21st July 2016
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echoes in my head
chirping and yet I'm dead
found a mirror there lying on the floor
tell me will it hurt if I lay it in
my pulse is rising
cut me down
til the blood runs further deeper
in reverse
call me angel
call me witch
I am just the devil's bitch

Strange Creature
United Kingdom
Joined 19th June 2016
Forum Posts: 2

where did you go ?
why did you leave?
i thought you told me you needed me
cos i needed you
now i just dunno what to do
my minds going insane
my thoughts project pain
cos now my heart don't beat the same way

Unknown soul
Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 3awards
Joined 15th July 2016
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Now your gone
All is left
Are the memories
Which burn
Inside me

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone 109awards
Joined 16th Apr 2013
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set the beast on fire
I can hear his skin crackle
with my eyes

I'll be next
when they realize
I am him too

poet Anonymous

Fire ice soul
Within me
Fire my soul

poet Anonymous

Why do you ask?
because Karma is a bitch
you deserve shit
you are shit
you cannot get out of the shit

Stop, wait, your not dead yet
There is hope for everyone, right?
I am too old, I will be too old by the time...
anyway, responsibility sucks
I am to old for all of this

So in my head I am disgusted
with the fact that my skin peels
my skin bleeds my skin wets the sheets
There is one thing and only one thing
that I need and that is a good stiff drink or twelve

I can't wait for another breakdown
hopefully it will do the job
Now isn't that odd
that all I write about are my problems
Well, all of my solutions are dead

Memories from hell
Memories from heaven
Give me a keyboard, and I will send you
words from my head
It is:  "In need of serious psychiatric help"
Thanks sis for saying that, btw

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States 154awards
Joined 9th Nov 2015
Forum Posts: 5134

It doesn't matter,
especially when death comes,
what season it is,
whether into the ether
when a part of a life leaves

through a window, or
out the door in even steps,
3-days worth in a bag
knowing how long as I do
the actual uncounted

in a constant sleep
even during waking hours
forgetting to eat
daylight unable to break
where the blinds are missing

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States 33awards
Joined 27th Nov 2015
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Only rumblings
And a voice
I long to hear

But its echoes
In purple glass
Are all
That's left to me

And night

Dangerous Mind
United States 16awards
Joined 8th Mar 2016
Forum Posts: 242

My mother
used to get dressed
in her closet
with the door closed
in the dark
so that her posters
couldn't see her naked

long haired cats
are hard to bathe
when their fur
is covered
in caramel and peanuts
oh, and hot fudge
Daddy found it hilarious
the cat…
not so much...

Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Apr 2013
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                   bitter bessies grooi in my are,
                   deur roet en rook wat die tralies
                   van my moordkuil hart versmoor;

      ek sterwe in die gleefies
      wat daagliks nouer en
      nouer om my druk

                          { in texture van kant
                           en bloedrooi bloos}

               grou ek jou naam
               iewers onder my vel,
               soos 'n dom gebed
               wat op dowe ore val  

         my skrif-skreue
         word minder werd
                    terwyl ek my siel
                    nagtelik verkoop
                    aan drome oor
                    lank vergete tye

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom 31awards
Joined 10th Oct 2009
Forum Posts: 6695

Listen to your mind
Unravel the automatic pneumatic tubes
and listen to the sound
of synapses sparking in the skull
and sparkling wishes
winking in the infinite darkness.
Turn off the technology and plug in to yourself
surf the subconscious
and take a dive in the oceans of inspiration
ride a star back from the bleak beyond
with the smell of happiness still staining your shirt
and do that thing you always wanted to but talked yourself out of.

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