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Poetry Contest

Personify one of the seven deadly sins and let us see inside their deadly minds!
As you must well know, there are seven deadly sins, (I recognise that the following are broad definitions and the precise interpretation of these may be open to debate):

LUST: Unbridled and intense sexual desire leading to fornication

WRATH: Uncontrolled anger or rage usually with desire for vengeance

SLOTH: Absence of interest or habitual disinclination to exertion or effort

GLUTTONY: Overindulgence or overconsumption of something to such an excess that it is wasteful

PRIDE: Corrupt selfishness or self-absorption with belief that one's whims and wants are above others

ENVY: Insatiable desire and resentful covetousness for the traits of possessions of others

GREED: Artificial desire and pursuance of material goods

Pick one of the seven deadly and express yourself - in the first person...bring your sin to LIFE.

Bonne chance mes amis!


Fire of Insight
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Riding a falling empire-
Steady on scattered matter-
All mine.
If a man should reach for my rubble-
I shall take his hand-
His life-
Barred in gold,and pressed tightly into diamond...
I'm carried to the sun reflecting water-to blend with the shimmer...

Sylvia Nicole Harris
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Tides of intuition eroding shores of inhibition, the slut in me rises to the occasion and apprehensions exit.
Behind weary eyes seduction strives and fear makes its presence known. Reproduction is introduced.
Implementing investments of coquettish violation.
Defile me.
Trysts of multiple infractions of fatal attractions.
Generous donations of a hooker.
Pretentious sex offenders.
Established mile high club members.
Wicked tongue provoking cherry plum to Kingdom CUM THY WILL BE DONE.
Lust inspired anthems of resurrection conversing odes of perseverance to my horny.
Reciting interpretations of amazing grace. Hadnít I worn panties there would be a constant flow of honeysuckle trickling down the back of calf.
Stream spilling into subsequence.
Accumulating into puddles of circumstance & consequence.
Cold sweats on frequent trips to Zion.
Rubbing the same shoulders that I come to cry on.
I cloak you in fabric of hope.
My demons the designer.
The only way to cope is by draining my mimosa between sheets of Egyptian cotton. Body in auction.
A matrix of sexual predicament
Where integrity leaked.
Inside my tunnel of alluring femininity collateral peeked.
You make wrong feel so right.
I was proud to be your whore!

Lost Thinker
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The sloth consumes me

a little more each day

It whispers to me

I want you to stay with me forever

rest a bit you've worked so hard

let someone else take care of it

you've done it 4 times this week

your entitled to a rest

lets take a break

the couch is comfy isn't it

you should skip work tomorrow when is

the last you slept in

a week has passed since I've been out of bed

another comes to greet me

it whispers

eat your fill you deserve it

Another plate wont hurt

have another slice no one will know

might as well buy another box its on sale

as they sit on my shoulders in merriment

I slowly wither away....

poet Anonymous

prisoner of gluttony

beans, beans and more beans
eat until you sleep
24 hour †T.V
made the ghost turn and weep

stuck inside white walls
lusting after treats
fill up the tank with cola
soak up the sweat meats

the loss of independence
ushered in a killer
slowly clogging up the blob
corn syrup †stomach filler

home became a prison
it then became a morgue
the glutton fetish killer came
from something sinister dot org †

Twisted Dreamer
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Not long to go...Excellent submissions so far.
Go on, challenge yourself - personify a sin and expose your soul....

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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I spread my arms wide o'er the earth
As I call my children hence near.
To give to me all that you're worth,
I tell you the time is now here!

I seek the revenge I deserve,
Already the movement's begun.
Don't dare fail me or loose your nerve,
Go forth, the four corners undone!

Away, and away to make haste,
In all of the land set the pyre.
Your pillars of flame to lay waste,
Mayhem!, bring to me my desire!

And now I can see of my wrath
The spread of unthinkable cost.
Of vengeance's unholy blood bath,
Of slaughter and innocents lost!

My minion. that's it, give me more,
The terror you spawn to their knees.
It's enough it's me you adore,
I'll never reward you your deeds!

Bradley J
Fire of Insight
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this woman is the shit,  
So i pull out my dick,  
and she with it,  
Big titted,  
Gets to lickin,  
Swallow when I finish,  
Tells me it's delicious,  
I ask is you religious?  
you ain't like the other bitches,  
Consent is a given,  
She knows I'm not kiddin',  
So orgasms be the mission,  
And she not quitin',  
Sailin' with the seamen,  
For real man, the head of a genius,  
And when I'm peakin', shes not speakin',  
Just leaking,  
Watching me screamin',  
My eyes are seepin',  
Had me believin' the feelin'  
That I would never be leaving,  
Dome has me dreamin',  
Searching for some meaning,  
Between the sheets this evening,  
In the middle of the night to no surprise,  
Look under the covers and see her eyes,  
But can't see my dick,  
She Swallowed every inch of it again!  
Bitch if you want me to keep my erection,  
Call up a friend,  
That will bend over for Benjamins,  
A freak lesbian,  
That'll smile when I send cum in her direction,  
And I got no discretion,  
But oh my sexual obsessions,  
Put a bend in 'er leg,  
She sees my aggression,  
I'll Suspend the end,  
Have her begging for it no question,  
Sexual questing,  
But When des nuts get to bustin',  
No discussion,  
Just cum-cusions,  
So is she my lover because I fucked her?  
Or is she just another bitch on my bucket list?  
Fat ass and nice tits,  
What an accomplishment,  
I took all she could give,  
Now she walks away with a limp.

Thought Provoker
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8th Deadly Sin

you grazed my lips
a sex crazed kiss
and felt my wrath
that you call bliss

took me all in
more than you need
left none to share
obsessed with greed

kept you in bed
all day and night
a sloth, a haze
that you wonít fight

you tote me through
each place in stride
hope they all see
me, you with pride

longingly watch
from far away
lust after me
beg me to stay

canít get enough
ingesting still
gluttonís surpass
far past their fill

now, Iím in love
with someone new
you envy him
with all you do

commit to these
not just seven
for Iím the eighth
deadliest sin

Dangerous Mind
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I can't choose one
I just got to have them all
Greed is over and above
So here it is
A repost of...

My Lucifer

You're always there never leaving me
Even at times of gore or glory
Like a second voice whispering heart's desire
Like a nemesis challenging gracious hope
Lucifer, your presence was never absent.

Your darkness so tempting
Seducing the light, touching skin to skin
Like a sweet tooth craving hot fudge
Like a vice, addicting and compelling
Lucifer, your existence knows no resistance

Hell or heaven, you offer both
Cloud nine on earth with see thru bed
We know gravity would pull us down
Yet, for a time we want to fly high above the ground.
Lucifer, your offering defies good judgement

My Lucifer, your Lucifer
Disguised as delicious apple
Hiding the poison, deathly potent
He resides in all of us
In a sand castle within our soul

Sin personified, pleasure and pain alike
Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Wrath
Avarice, Lust or Pride
Feel his touch, bask in his essence
More than a lover, he is my Lucifer
Our Lucifer... Our Sin...

Salvation is calling
God help us all.

Dangerous Mind
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I woke up to the alarm
banging in my ears

still I was wondering
what's the word
ten letters - red state

snoozed it again
for another ten more

but for what?
I should've turned it off
am not gonna go to work
and today is Wednesday

fifty two missed calls
thirteen messages
ninety nine plus on whatsapp

two roaches came out
from the pizza box

but what was that word
seventeen across - red state?
ten letters

my neck stiffed
may be because of the couch
my cheek is wet with sweat
laying on the leather

actually there are four roaches
did I really leave a piece in the box?

well I can't reach the table
whats that poking under my tummy?
oh the remote...

lets turn on the television

what was that word
ten letters, red state?

oh fuck,
where's the paper?

I used it to sponge the floor
there it is kinda stuck

I think the crossword page is safe

have to get up to find it though
I will wait a little more
till I get a nature call

dont wanna get up
just to pick up the paper

dont wanna waste my energy
throw the pizza box, clean the floor, take a bath
but not now

is that my rubik cube
under the table
was looking for that

my girlfriend gave it to me
she must be pissed right now
office will get on my nerves
fuck it

a roach stared right back at me
tsk, I waved my hand at it

again the alarm on my phone
this time I turned it off
and turned to my right




I gotta pee...

Mandla Msibi
Thought Provoker
South Africa
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I am your seed
your son
and now I struggle
with what you are

Father, I saw you in great eyes
not knowing that I am blind

Now that everything is crashing down
I realise that the cracks were at the foundation

A foundation I thought
I could build an empire on
But can a Kingdom built
on Lust really stand

last I checked God
destroys such places

even if my sins are cleansed
I still feel guilty
I judge myself for emulating you

There is an internal fight
I can stop my body but
the eyes of Lust
damage the Heart
the eyes of Lust
strip women where they stand
the eyes of Lust
see the soul in its nakedness
trapping it in desire
and the next thing it is tied to your own

I used to think Habits are copied
by seeing them
now I know its all in the spirit

How you raised us and what you did
just cancelled each other out
How you let Lust destroy your mind
now its all you think about

we thought you raised us in Love
yet we inherited Lust

My mind is at war with its self
the holy land is divided amoungst itself
Lust is defeating Virtue

What can I do?
I am my fathers son
for even Solomon fell for Lust
yet he was set to be wise
but then again I am my Fathers son

In Faith I can Fight
even if I fight with myself
for it is not who I was that matters
but the better person I shall be

I repent to then repeat the same sin
but I get stronger after each fight

Now father please listen to our Father
understand because I don't want to grow a a tree of sin

So I trade in Lust for a much stronger weapon
I trade in the root of Lust
which is deep sorrow
its stem of Hate
and Now I plant seeds

seedss of salvation
but living in this society means I must always be ready for war
For Lust is still within me
and I feel sorry for the women that might make me manifest this self

I only hope to grow in Love
so I can stop the sun
and defeat Sin

Oh sin are you really
stronger than my repentence?
I believe not

poet Anonymous

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geoff cat
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an ode to the next 2008

(an unrhymed pantoum in iambic quatrameter)

I wake to greyly flaccid light
Where Moon devours red Sunís heat
A land of sweetly scented Ghosts
Where walking crows leave broken trails

Where Moon devours red Sunís heat
In streets of bone like broken teeth
Where walking crows leave broken trails
The weight of Ghosts remains unseen

In streets of bone like broken teeth
In rooms that conjure Earthly wraiths
The weight of Ghosts remains unseen
The churches where the corpses eat

In rooms that conjure Earthly wraiths
Of failed incantations brought
The churches where the corpses eat
With airs of golden ashes glut

Of failed incantations brought
The shattered splendor poisoned me
With airs of golden ashes glut
I was the ghost of stolen hearts

The shattered splendor poisoned me
Where once I touched its sacred coin
I was the ghost of stolen hearts
And witnessed Oz that they still see

Where once I touched its sacred coin
I wake to greyly flaccid light
And witnessed Oz that they still see
A land of sweetly scented Ghosts

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