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Mechanized inspiration experiment

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

construct a poem from generated random words
1. play scrabble or do a crossword - or use the answers from a crossword

2. once you have a list of random words  

3. choose 10 to 15 of the words

4. use one of the words as a title

5. using the rest of the words and as many additional words as you like, write a poem

This is an experiment in Dada philosophy. Is it possible to create art from nothing?

jade tiger
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Art is created from nothing all the time...

and it doesn't take two months,

Thank you,
Have a nice day.

Lost Thinker
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Micro quibble, thickening plot?
What is, what might be, damn I forgot

Art form, state of formless art?
Nothing I write, freedom of thought

poet Anonymous

To Jade-Pandora
I think you misinterpreted my use of the word nothing. It all depends on your own interpretation of nothing. The meaning of nothing is acutely ambiguous as is the meaning of art. One persons art is another persons vomit.

Goes Without Saying
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Containment of emotions
Immunity to devotion
The breath of fresh nothing

A homicidal chant
The knowledge of impending doom
You recluse in the room

A tactical refugee
Betrayal to your own fantasies
Can you hide under this mindless sea?
Or will you indulge in your insanity?

jade tiger
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countless fingernails
in the shower stalls  
that rain down acid
of every nightmare
projected like  
the heavily spliced  
silent newsreels of  
bi-plane skylines, and  
Purple Gang massacres,
in the bubbled cracklings  
of deteriorating nitrate,
leaving the blackened outline  
of a holocaust victim
the lidless glare of a strobe  
filtered through  
spider-veined parchment
of its skin,
lurching off the  
chattering sprockets of  
throwing chaos into a  
clockwork sluice  
that sets in motion
the next death star cult

poet Anonymous

Here’s one I prepared earlier it’s definitely not art.

En route, event, maid, frugal, axel, sex, the, dint, silenced, debt, jig, frills, suburb, Qi, zero, zips, visa, pray, hay, swims

The frugal maid

The frugal maid swims in debt
Silenced awe at zero
The jig is up no money for a visa
She zips away, on an axle of dint's
Sex frills in the hay
Toot the cones
They pray
For what grew in the shit

Dangerous Mind
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chopper-gator madness
klingon mold inhibitions
of the tigerwide contretemps

battlefield of the unelected
outlasting rain
becoming toothless wind spider
gauntlet of man, kind.

Twisted Dreamer
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I wish I could find you
     My little girl ring.
A strange condition--Adema flare,
You've come early this year.
Southern faith you will never be near, so give me the key to this strange machine--
     It fits my face perfectly.

poet Anonymous

Thats awsome

poet Anonymous

Nice poem

Twisted Dreamer
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Mechanical Future

That's all I seem to be, believe me when I'm bored I have visions of heaven, but heaven is not me. At work wondering how long before the updated machinery order from China arrives? Out of myself I ask for the next few days off to get the hangover cured bypassing the sameness that sampled my soon to be frozen body. No bodyguards to protect my uniqueness against an android of superior intelligence  phonetically calling me a coward rebelling against the dollar and yen. I'm at peace with the new version of visioning which occurs every few hundred years or so. I don't love to be treated like a little bit of a version of anything, but the fact that you have no choice neither brings me happiness.

poet Anonymous

Heavy metal

Dangerous Mind
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Away, Crackling, Curl, Electric, Fade, Fist, Force, Moment, Recede, Tamp, Toys, Vie, Will


you curl your fingers
into a fist
like a child
fighting for toys
I tamp down the fear
by will alone
as I vie for control
you cannot take away
force myself
to breathe
let the panic recede
the static of the moment
crackling with anger
will slowly fade away

poet Anonymous


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