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Don't Pick Me

Guardian of Shadows
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Poetry Contest

Write about why you should NOT win this competition
Some time ago, a member here ran a comp where you had to write poems about why you should not be chosen as the winner. I thought I was a great concept, it was fun & hilarious, she hasn't logged in, in almost a year, so I'm hijacking her idea for another comp like it.

Enter as many poems as you want, any style, length, no collabs and write about why I shouldn't choose you as winner, why you don't deserve to win, why you don't want this trophy, etc.

Get going--have fun!

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 24awards
Joined 15th Feb 2016
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Because I want to win!

Why would I want you...
To pick me as the winner...
Of a competition that wants me...
To write why I shouldn't be...
Picked to win that trophy?

Of course, I want to win!
So dont pick me...

Thought Provoker
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I know I wouldn't win. When I got into the life of writing, that was in my teenage years, I started to think that I had come by this term I deemed upon myself as a zero. I don't stand out, I easily fit in, just an average man average height average looks average education average. Every time I was able to boost myself up something would happen to bring me back down to where I was before. To me, there's no such luck. In life I get by with what I have and what I'm dealt. So if I had any chance of winning this, my sarcastic smile grows in doubt. The zero doesn't stand a chance.

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Because I'm new
and who wants some
smart arsed newbie,
thinks she knows it all
coming in here
taking our prizes?!

besides which
I just broke a nail
and it's messing
with my typing,
so that's your lot!

Guardian of Shadows
United States 84awards
Joined 17th Feb 2013
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Thanks for starting off, everyone, and welcome to dup, Under Your Spell!

Dangerous Mind
United States 6awards
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I Don't Need No Stinking Trophy

I am the trophy
sitting 'round the house all day
collecting dust
my empty cup
sticky with the residue
of celebrations past
my shine
harder and harder to bring forth
requiring more paste
and elbow grease
on the rare occasions
I'm pulled off the shelf
just waiting for the day
I'm finally tossed in the charity box
to be snatched up
by someone who appreciates
silly retro objects
with a story to tell

poet Anonymous

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geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States 33awards
Joined 27th Nov 2015
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this could be longer
truth is found in fewest words
read my other po'ms

Fire of Insight
United States 3awards
Joined 20th Mar 2015
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Cheesy Triangles of Scree Like My Awful Poetry and Lowly Little Me

I'm not worthy of your trophy
Don't waste your award on this

She said my verses sucked
and was compelled to add
My poetry is better than yours!
in her vicious taking of the piss

Well, I guess that I am fucked
I know I'm not the best
but to be honest, I didn't think
my writing was all that bad ...

... until she spelled out her "critique"
in a damning stain of red ink
now long dried

You're a worse poet than
Johnny Blaze, Anarchitect
Magnetron and Psycotic Mastermind

I cried

and cried at such words unkind
forced to hurt myself
in ways that you could never imagine

swallowing Doritos whole

cutting myself with Doritos

standing naked on the streetcorner
wearing nothing but Doritos
as pasties and a thong
to ensure my humiliation was a
long lasting reminder of why
my poems are worthless and weak
not strong and deserving of any comp win

unworthy like me

Guardian of Shadows
United States 84awards
Joined 17th Feb 2013
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Lol--loving these, everyone!

May Rayn
Thought Provoker
United States 2awards
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Keep It Hidden, Keep It Safe

If I were to win a trophy, any trophy
I'd have to admit that writing poetry
is more than a passing lark,
more than venting off my steamy
side, uncapping my ego and
squirting my odd words, in my excitement
making a mess everywhere 'round me.

If I were to win a trophy, someone
might actually take me seriously, give me a
membership card for the DUP club of wordsmiths.

I would then have to resign, as I couldn't stand
to belong to any club that would accept people
like me as a member.

Better keep the trophy safely on that high shelf
where, were I to clumsily reach for it,
I'd simply knock myself out when it fell.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 6th June 2014
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Little blackbird independent vastness freeing me
Infinite meaning escaping me
Oh hey, so long with love, I'll see you again
       Mysteriously dreadful
       Poems I create
Nothing but stupidity
Broken lines
Blessings in disguise

        Ridiculous merry go round
Choose Mary or Bill, but never choose me.

poet Anonymous

Well I guess I must admit it
or the competition I will win
I have a crush on Madamme Lavender
Since the day I started in

Until this time she did not know it
but the truth it must be told
for if I were to win now
the whispers would unfold

"Oh sure he won the trophy
now how could she resist
he's tugging on her heart strings"
And every one would be pissed!

Of course my secrets out now
I am sure I've opened up her eyes
Now that she knows that I adore her
I need no other prize!

Strange Creature
Joined 3rd July 2016
Forum Posts: 7

The Trophy isn't my life
Winning is not success
I wish not to be picked
As I want to continue knowing
That happiness comes from participation
Not winning what doesn't have to be won

A Trophy won't save my life
Won't help me live like I'm wild
A Trophy won't help me at all
It's nothing but a thought
Maybe a flaw
A Trophy won't help me
Grow into a person that knows
True wisdom of life's gifts
And mercy's beliefs

Pick someone who sees
The Trphy as their child
For they will not forget
That even winning has it's flaws
Give it to someone
More than shallow
Who deserves the championship
For their beautiful mind

(Idk what this is)

poet Anonymous

Although It Would Be Nice...Don't

My syllables always
correct in their count
My words entice
to see, taste and smell
Details seek out
to create tempting visions
whether sucking
or about to mount

I bring out an instinct
within us all;
the one known as carnal being gifted at conception
I speak of those rides
we all crave to take;
most not comfy admitting, let alone making mention

Be it "poetry"
or as a novel
presented before you in a leather bound book ...
All writing
should be critiqued the same way...
Would you be so compelled to have another look?

For the love of all that's holy Dear Madame
Please hold steadfast in remaining consistent
Judge the content and ignore any talent
Not to reward any open holed sinners

As you read a villanelle, pantoum or even sonnet,
bruised knees are begging
"how about we just pass that one over...?"
Especially if it's a metaphorically lacking,
play by play scribble written
by this here Aspergian poet

I write for myself
and for those not afraid
to transcend into such levels of darkness
Not for the trophies
although it would be nice
and with that said, this is my last comp entry

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