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Celebrity Roast Challenge

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write a diss poem about a celeb
Is there that one celeb that you really just hate?
If so tell about it!
Write a roast poem about that one celebrity you just hate the most.

~ Please name the celeb you're dissing in the title
~ Has to be about just one celebrity
~ One entry only
~ It can be about any celebrity especially those either on YouTube or on any social media site
~ Writing about politicians is acceptable
~ The write can be as hardcore and mean as you want it to be
~ Can be as long as you want it to be

Here is an example:

Don't understand why brain dead girls get that Bieber fever.
You're just a loser with the face of a thirteen year old girl.
Justin should've just stick to YouTube instead of making our ears bleed.
Ego so big you're compensating for what you don't have down below.
No you won't ever be the next Mike Jackson!,
You can't even dance!, you have no rhythm!
For god sakes, pull up ya damn pants!
Tryna be a rapper, but really you can't even rap!.
You brag bout gettin' girls, but really you couldn't even get Kim Kardashian to sleep wit you.
Miley Cyrus didn't want you,
Selena Gomez left you, face it you ain't irresistible.
Just admit it, you're an undercover racist.
We knew you were when you got caught for saying the 'N' word and wouldn't even say sorry,
Now it's too late to say it.

poet Anonymous

Do you have to name the "celeb" or you can just diss without naming?

Dangerous Mind
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Yeah I forgot to mention that in the rules

Thought Provoker
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Billary Benton

Just another Clinton
Who's totally bent on
Fucking things up

We'll let her screw the world
Just so the oval gets girl'd
And the Pres squeeze out a pup

Her IQ is subliminal
Her intentions criminal
Evil thoughts can't interupt

I can only hope
While she is smoking her dope
That the cancer eats her abrupt

poet Anonymous

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May Rayn
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Hope's Lament (American Sentence)

Trump humps the stump, pumps hateful words across the land; where's rational thought?

poet Anonymous


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BILL COS he BE a rapist

I guess Jello pudding wasn't enough
You had to dope up women with roofies and such.

I get it now!

That's why Heathcliff was an obstetrician
You used any excuse to cook in a woman's kitchen.

Fat Albert and the gang hunting for chessesteaks and fries
While the voice of America's Dad sold so many lies

They all pleaded, "Stop!" ... "Let me go!"
You said, "Have some Coke and a smile,
and I'll put you on my show."

Drugged our reality so we couldn't see what's what
Then we woke up, our eyes no longer wide shut

Spelman College said here's your 20 mil back
We're no longer drinking your Koolaid or smokin your crack

Justice may not be fully served
cause she's blind they say

But now so are you, so
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Twisted Dreamer
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You always create interesting  comps rocky jay jay ;)

Tyrant of Words
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I appreciate the nod on this RJ, though it was a tough write bc I'd met Cosby when his family show was at the pinnacle of American television, and I even went to a taping.

He was the gold standard for what one could do as a writer, performer in every medium, producer, director, businessman and activist; but having read the article in the New Yorker about his serial behavior ... Jail would be too good for him.

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