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RUNNER-UP: Jade-Pandora


"The Hurt My Desire Pain"

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Poetry Contest

see below..thanks
Ok poets this comp is all about getting Things off your chest,like if u your feel sad talk about it.depressed write about it. i know what its like to keep shit in.at the end it never gets no where but hurt in pain.so today comps is to write a new comp on how you  are   feeling deep inside....

1.)New Writes
2.) Title
3.) Can Be As Long As You Whanna Write it
4.) Must [u] Underline {u/} The Main Reason In Your Poems,so i know what the main sourse is that your hurting and the pain.
5.) Must Be True
You Have Till A Month To Get This Comp done,get going my wonderful poets!

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Trying to get it together. 
Can't wait for time to make it better. 
The rush I feel reminds me of the time, 
I spent coming down from high; 
point to low 
I know I go to show 
To where no man wants go to show the blows taken from battle. 
Rattle snakes and flying drakes, 
I can't push brakes, 
They break me off. 
I'm ready for take off. 
I'm ready to break off the monster inside. 
I'm fueled off of pride. 
I'm another planet awaiting the day for world's to collide. 
But for now I'm confined in a hotel room laughing at my jokes like Heath Ledger for pleasure before I fall off the ledge and Crack my head like we rolling dice and my body land next to a group of cold hearted  tweaking on ice. 
How nice : p 

I kiss the angel of death to find out that she has no effect on my rotten side. 
I dream of the day that I can fly. 
I don't fear the day that I will die. 

Like moth to flame, 
For my own sake. 
I choose  to take the road full of resistance. 
So I can be ready for each  trial ahead. 
Inside my head, 
I'm ahead of most of them. 
The ones who know; 
My fucking friends to end. 
I'm driven by dead prisidents! 
I won't meet my end until I see my prey, 
Then I'll have my meat in the end. 
Self absorb. 
I eat my own heart! 
Mechanically separated into parts when my love lost at the cost of her kiss. 

I got new ports cause these niggas lacking on the green. 
I'm at the point where I'll be on cloud nine chiefing on the kief. 
Reefey  mad cause I've been separated for a week now, and during this week I've been way too weak. 
So I hit the pad and let my soul leak. 
I'm just looking for freak of the week for my weekend. 
No luck. 
I can't wait for my weeks end. 

The booze don't compare to the air that makes my life fair. 
Two fat spliffs to lift me in the air, with no care. 
Just a dream now. 
I'm like air Jordan falling in Vegas from years not spent around dad. 
No matter how many wins I'm still dead inside. 
Money and weed the only thing that keep nigga glad. 
Not sad. 
Matter of fact I'm trying to sneak into your heart through the cracks of your canal. 

No weed in the Hotel!

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When he writes to me
I know I'm not what he wants me to be
Nothing can help my feeling of inadequacy
Connected only through the web
Im willing to by whatever he sells
Its hard for me to tell
If he's lying to me
He wants to meet face to face
I can't name a time or place
Just knowing that he's older than me
Should have been enough to scare me free
I stay because I'm starved
Starved for the attention he gives
Now I'm not sure if
I'll ever be able to leave
The dirty things he says
In his text messages
Are sometimes the only reason
I believe he's talking to me
He makes me hot for no reason
Then he doesn't want to talk
He says he's at work
It'a hard for me to believe it though
He told me he slept alone
And I can't figure out why
It made me have
A sad soul

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To what can I compare
The hurt that lies inside
It breathes fire within
Sometimes I wish it died

But it lives on with a rage
Full and near offload
At any moment from now
I am bound to explode

Who gives all and gets nothing
Who against all odds care
Who spends eternity seeking something
That is not even there

Now in bitterness I stay
Edgy and so unsteady
Forgiveness has gone its way
For vengeance I am ready

Tears for the tears I shed
Pains for the pains I felt
No fairness in what I offer
Will hit even below the belt

To wreak havoc and nothing more
Misery is what I give
To avenge myself on a cold duo
The two I will never forgive

She sang her love like a melody
Yet her heart was for another
Led me like a scapegoat
To my place of slaughter

Now love I have forfeited
That I know so well
Our trio is set for relocation
Our meeting place is hell

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dressed in gown and a smile,
laying there in silence,
weeping and mourning fills the room,
yet still silently laying with a smile,
unmoving and unphased,
her time for tears has passed,
now she can only smile,
no one knew and no one helped,
not one person weeping that day had cared when she herself was in tears,
only after time has ran out,
their eyes open and see
what they had ignored so long,
yet they realized to late,
she is already smiling once more as they lower her,
casket closed and sealed,
she smiled for them one last time,
this time it being genuine and all they do is weep,
it is too late for help and now

she is gone,
she has made it to where she felt she belong,
leaving all else behind.
even her closest friends.
She is gone

how the world misses her so,
some more then others though.

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A Inert Existence

I lead a sad existence
It sometimes must be flushed
With salt
A steady stream, it cannot be hushed

Loneliness has long consumed me
For I am now twenty
My lips know no girl
Neither my heart
Since birth I've been shy
A reclusive mind-dweller
Pinned by fear to the cellar
An inert existence
Unseen by every open eye
Hidden by the foreshadow
of fear

And yet morn brings hope
New day, new me
I swim after another fish
in this infinite sea
But I am consumed by teeth;
a shark delights in my timid state
In a "be yourself" tirade
If I knew who I was, I would be him
Alas, with sadness I confirm I know not
How can a be whom I do not know?
I can only put on a puppet show
And exist inert, cold and alone.

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Slow-dying away from a life, my life
long before it should be, but not like this.

I wish I could be outside in the rain
Where I could relax, forget ev'ry care,

And for a day not be in any pain.
To lie back and rest and leisurely think

Of when I used to go sail and catch fish,
To bask in the sun with gulls overhead.

There's far fewer times than I used to have,
That's left of my life, and harder to tell.

And though, when I am not wishing, I know
It won't go away, I'll never get well.

The things we all take for granted each day,
Till you no longer can go out and play.

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Slow Fade

my son is hooked to that glass dick

with each hit of meth
his soul is being sucked out

he's losing weight
I hardly see him anymore

the light in his ocean colored eyes
slowly fading just like his essence

spiraling out of control
blocking me out of his life

I want to follow him all the way to hell
just to be by his side

I'm dying inside
he's the light in my life

slipping sideways struggling
with my own addictive ways

he's turning into a shadow soul
one of the living dead

it's killing me
watching his slow fade

my son disappearing in front of my eyes
the knife is twisted in my gut

there is no reprieve my heart
serving time life without parole

watching him on the death march
is breaking me in pieces

bargaining with the gods and devils
bring him back whole

for now I'm left holding
the broken shards of what used to be

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In the desert on LSD

To describe an emotion of what I am feeling
feel-God I hate that word
well there are two main ones

The desert which is naturally deserted
nothing special there
nothing special here
nothing special anywhere
only to keep moving forward
to an empty promise land

There is a rabbit hole
Why the fuck do rabbits live here?
that's funny
wait what
An elephant!
a monkey!
a catepillar!
A camel!
oh right a camel

what a sad yet wonderful world

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Wow, I am truly honored to be selected as the winner among such great poets, very unexpected! Thank you for holding the comp, it was a privilege to partake in.

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Thank you for the opportunity, for runner-up, and congratulations anonymouslyhere!

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