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Poetry Contest

Lucifer Themed Poetry

Poems can be Violent, Erotic, Vile, Disturbing, etc. etc., and must be dedicated to the word "Lucifer"

Two Entry Max: one new, one old or both
Dark Themed is The Genre
One Week to Enter

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I will see if Lucifer will visit me so I can come up with something wicked

great idea Queen of Darkness Devlin

poet Anonymous

crimsin said:I will see if Lucifer will visit me so I can come up with something wicked

great idea Queen of Darkness Devlin

Ah, my Ally in Darkness. . .I look forward to reading your entry(s).

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Lucifer's Whispers ! extreme content !

my mind turns towards Hades  
whispers on the wind  
inner turmoil and rage  
stirrings of my lover Lucifer  
it's been awhile since  
I've heard His voice fully  
my demons are quiet  
no secrets to be kept  
sulfurous tears ring my hollow eyes  
still wearing my spiked halo  
piercing my brain a lobotomized whore  
marking me as one of the devil's own  
the portal to the netherworld  
closed to me for now  
calling to the North, South, East and West  
where art thou Lord Lucifer?  
I await your presence  
screaming at the confines
of my mundane existence  
the walls closing in on me  
the sound of my own voice  
makes me want to vomit  
I see it shouting at me  
from the crimson pages  
in need of your flame  
to char my flesh  
feed me pain, torture 
fuck me with your forked cock  
that rips me in two  
pops the cherry of my soul  
as it enters raw and rough  
with a heroin rush  
feed me from your black table  
as I sit at the foot of your throne  
your good little pussy  
always open and adored  

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HELL'S ORGIES ! extreme content !

torture is Lucifer's forte
in the netherworld Hades
where legion rapes
maggot filled pussies
demons carve symbols
on fresh meat of the damned

Lord Lucifer holds a competition
to see which Fallen Angel
is the most demented
He holds court of the evil and vile kind
lose your mind all who enter here
Lucifer is licking my cunt as I ink

the Dark One is on His throne
Queen Lilith by His side stroking His cock
the Fallen Angels names are sacred
announced by means of torture
enter Lucifer's court if you dare and bare witness
a very demented competition is at hand

first all the virgin suicides are brought in naked
weeping, moaning, begging for mercy
they will find none here
Lucifer looks on licking His lips
moaning out His desire
for the sport about to begin

vanity her name in life
luscious blonde, curvaceous of body
is brought in and shackled to the slab
Pyro comes in and sets her ablaze
burning a mirror is placed atop her
now blistering wreckage of a visage

she is forced to look on
as he fucks her in the pussy
with a hot fire poker, singeing her virgin
pussy walls swelling and oozing puss
screaming in writhing agony
he fucks her blistered cunt beyond recognition

Asphyxia is up next
taking a coy little red head
from the quivering flock
strapping her down he cackles wildly
putting a plastic bag over her head
he begins to fuck her hard

as she grasps for her last breath
he pops her cherry with brutality
then revives her and takes
her roughly in the ass
letting her die over and over
you don't die once in hell you die again and again

next up is Lunatic
bringing in a shaking
beautiful black haired girl
pale of skin with lips like rubies
shackles her and casts his black magic
causing pussies, asses, and mouths

to appear all over her
he then calls legion in
"fuck her He says"
they come in like hellhounds
sniffing out fresh meat
entering roughly all orifices plunging deep

into the host bag of flesh
with razor sharp tendrils
injecting delusions causing her to hallucinate
she is driven instantly insane
no hope or need to revive
her writhing corpse is fed to the devil dogs

Lucifer is fully erect
coming center stage
"men you've done a fine job
let me now show you how it's done"
He takes a girl from the procession
chopping her head off

then throws it to the blood thirsty onlookers
He bends down tasting her virgin offering
cock hard he plunges it down her gaping maw
flesh sticking to His rock hard member
as He plunges His spiked, hooked cock in and out
though his member remains rock hard

He calls on Queen Lilith to take
Him down her greedy throat
she sucks down each virgin soul
in her lusting gullet with fervent
love for her Lord and Master
now the damned empty of vessel

Lucifer always the winner
I bet you thought otherwise
you can cast your lot
but He always wins
didn't you know?

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Light bearer

Guide me in your first dazzle...
Trembling light...
Oh morning...

I make a wish on you...
And sing out his name..

As he cums and i find salivation...

Strings to tip from lip
In gooy cling...

And the light in your eyes
Makes the Pharoah of Alexandria
Flutter lash in shame...
Light looks like a flicker....

Compared to your hold...

And the lost Gold of Eldorado..
But a match....

Light bearer...
No one shines bold
Against the blaze... you....

poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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Into the Lucifernace

Into the Lucifernace
bastard burn inglorious
flame broiled Son of God
swallowed whole by Molloch
sparing the rod
he spits out the cock

Rock, Motherfucker, rock
Satan snorts Christal Savior from the mirror
with the razorblade
cuts off his cock

Rock, Motherfucker, rock
Standing at the podium
Asmodeus, in his sermon to his flock
preaches to the choir
"Don't forget your Immodium A-D!"

before shitting out
the soul of Jesus
into a ceremonial bowl
triple coiled into a
German fetishist's wet dream

I'd shout, but
this is where I throat scream
Waiting for the Morning Star to burn us
Whose next?!?
Won't you get in line
and take a turn?

Lost Thinker
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Lucifer's Fall

He crash landed at my glowing feet
battered in the fall, scorched by the heat
Heaven sent just for little ol' me

I licked his bloody wounds
dragged him to his waiting tomb
the den of my delighted iniquity

where for pride, his only sin
his real torture did begin
as I ate his soul and tanned his shredded skin

Little more than rotting meat
He amused me when he yet did beat
his skinless cock to bloodied ecstasy

The pleasure of his pain did soothe
my PMSing bitchy blues
so his forsaken life I did let him keep

I fashioned horns and tail
and his tongue I did impale
that he could lick my ass and cunt in one fell sweep

Drug to his knees
he hissed his aim to please
for the boon I so capriciously did grant

Thus began his maiming
his excruciating training
from which he gained the power to enchant

silly human girls and boys
such lovely little toys
he gifts me with to this very day

Thought Provoker
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Lucifer And The Angel

My angel, beautiful one fallen from such great heights
into this world, so dark and full of madness
why have you abandoned your first estate, your realm of light
traded for this temporary world of pain and suffering
your heart, full of light perfect in all of its ways
cries for the condemned souls of this realm, my kingdom

I embrace you with my burning flesh, casting a shadow
on your soul, slowly rotting away your heart held in perfection
your desire is your undoing, yet I can fulfill your every want
Eve tasted the apple, and so she became mine
come now, taste the fruit of my love, feel the heat of my passion
give yourself to me again, as you have many times before

Our love burns hotter than a black sun as I take your body
my darkness surrounds you, my wings enfold you now
let the perfect being that you are, become one with me
you belong to me now, a whore for my lust, a toy for my desire
glory in my darkness lovely angel, take me into you
forget your past I am your future

Thought Provoker
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Who is the cum?

I knew the night would be perfect
when I saw Lucifer entering the room
dressed in leather black, the whole uniform,
His enormous dick already hard and fat like a fist.

He is always scared of human arse
and he is discussed of human shit
so He put on this leather condom
with a pin at the edge to make me bleed
to make another hole inside my glory throne.

The sealing was made of wax
He spit on it and his burning saliva
set it on fire and hot sperm was dripping on me
while He was screaming and wanking like hell.

You could hear thin echoes of painful sounds
and poems recited in Greek and Latin
when Brian Eno entered the room and sat at the piano
his eyes melted, evaporating tears, his dick erected
longer than the hand of his drama guitar
he played a river of toxic pee and Lucifer drunk it
as this was the only drug to make him go mad.

Now He was ready to fuck my heroin holes,
there is no blood that don’t turn on his cock.
He grabbed the balls of Brian and cut them at once
-finally Brian was feeling half trans-
He shut my mouth with them. Fuck! That was the best cork!

My hole was fickle and my whole was living a miracle.
my flesh was already full of burning sperm
blood and holy pain was fulfilling my soul
awaiting for His explosion to come
but what the fuck I was thinking?!
Lucifer can never cum, this is impossible,
I read it on the bible of how to kill your sperm babies
I remember it perfectly now, it was clearly saying….


Fire of Insight
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Even without a joint in hand
he was smoking
with the other boys toking rope
behind the school's metal shop
Such a dope
I had to stop and turn and stare
becoming all wet
down you know where

in my crimson palace of poetitude

So goddam hot
I just wanted to melt
He put me in a mood
the likes of which I've never felt before

couldn't put my finger on what I was feeling
so difficult to describe
without the proper metaphor

until later that evening
when I put my finger on it

and found myself squealing
for more of him

more beautiful than Seraphim
Won't you please
ask me to the sock hop?
Don't you dare do it on a whim
We can dance the night away
'till we drop

and afterwards park in an empty lot
I'll try to make your temperature rise
even more if that's possible
You being yourself is quite enough
to make my panties drop

Lick my slickened cherry
I'm feeling ... Luciferous
I hope to be the one you marry
but for now
don't you dare ever stop
don't stop!
don't you ever stop fucking me

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I was shat from a putrid womb
Among the skulls in moldering tombs
Wrapped in a burial shroud that things
Long dead have now forgotten
The blood of Lucifer runs in these veins

Invisus Luciferium
The cursed angel from Heaven sent
In foedus cum diaboli
Defiling fair angels ‘til cunts are spent

I am the abomination
My face, a curse upon creation
Weeping maidens mourn that I passed
Without glancing at nubile wares
I seen what was offered but still I laughed

Domus Luciferium
The house of the dead rejoice in sin
Voluptas Satanae
Rending the flesh of lovers once again

Torment is my forte
The screams are sweet
Pedophiles for necrophiles
Gallows swing for those to come
I am here to witness the suffering
I carry this burden
From life to meat
Luciphiles and Hell’s gentiles
Rejoice when serpents speak in tongues
Forked and wet and quite abhorring

I exist in cremations
Face in the mirror of temptation
The fealty in frailty
The reasoning in twilit years
One last deal before lost mortality

Domus Luciferium
The house of the dead rejoice in sin
Voluptas Satanae
Rending the flesh of lovers once again

The first light of the day
A poisoned star
Desecrate and mutilate
Bloated corpses in shallow graves
Plague bearers are queued for some sheltering
Torture is still to come
Written with scars
Replicate the syncopates
Daemons gather in dark enclaves
For prayers renown and still descending

Once a crescent moon
Crested the doom
The earth trembled
With wailing trees
The first bone sin
Knew what awaited them

Invisus Luciferium
The cursed angel from Heaven sent
In foedus cum diaboli
Defiling fair angels ‘til cunts are spent

I walk in the shadow
The harbinger of day
Whisper not my name
Lucifer! Lucifer!

(c) 2016 Frank Green

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