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The enchantment of the forest

poet Anonymous

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jade tiger
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Tanka of a nature moment

phase of May's moon
haunts early morning light
through forest mist
the meadowlark takes flight
from song to wing

©2016 Jade Pandora. All Rights Reserved

(more to come)

jade tiger
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As a child camping with family, I ventured
from our double tent into the chilled air
come dawn after a night-long downpour,

when Yosemite was clean & brilliant, in
morning filtered through the branches
of more pine trees than one could fathom,

to my favorite vantage, the smooth outcrop
of granite that rose from the path I walked
each day, to a cold, chattering stream.

Climbing atop and standing in the silence
on the concave expanse of stone, I beheld
overhead, the arc of a rainbow!

The myth of what I might find at one end
took over my imagination, so I
slid back down, and off I went to explore,

'till soon, there it was, below in a clearing:
the rainbow's end, surrounded by
a council of trees a quarter-mile thick!

Instinctively, I climbed down the slope,
to excitedly stake my claim,
to bathe in a spectrum of its colors.

But as I approached in breathless want,
the colors began to quickly fade
into the trees, until nothing remained.

Such was the folly of what I'd hoped for,
and to now be left with only a mem'ry.

For years I mourned, thinking, if only I'd
stayed at a distance to enjoy what I had,

yet since I've grown, with each passing year,
I've come to know the gift of that rainbow
truly was... the gold at its end.

©2016 Jade Pandora. All Rights Reserved

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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Poet Trees

Echoes echo 
throughout the willowed hollow 
in secret gardens no one else knows of 
like creeping vines that twist and wind 
embracing the branches up above 
interlaced in loving weaves 
and laying to rest 
placidly on my ledges and eaves 
these faded remnants of your voice 
once upon a time they were 
such bright colored leaves 
your tone resonates 
penetrates the many seasons 
having grown around my core 
The more I feel you here with me now 
the more reasons I have to cherish 
and adore these memories 
when we writhed in passionate throes 
limbs bent and spent 
together in a rhythmic poetry 
rooted deep from seed so strong 
chambers of my heart emptied 
are daily nourished with new song 
I sing along with 
can't help but sway to 
these gifts you keep giving back 
I will gladly take 
as I tremble in the wind 
and the echoes of your wake 

jade tiger
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Anonymous said:<< post removed >>
You're most welcome, madam host, and thank you for the opportunity in this lovely competition with its theme.


Dangerous Mind
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Love in the woods

I take you into the forest
It's a special spot I know well
As I take your hand I lead you up a rock
With our picnic and music in our bags
We start a fire and lay out a blanket
And look out into the sunset
As far as our eyes can see
Then you lean in and kiss me
Which Leads to a lot more
And us passed out on the forest floor
As the moon rises and the stars start to fill the sky
My head snug in your shoulders I am feeling so high
The wind whips throw your hair
Oh the mid night air
With the fires light flickering
we sit back and listen to the night sing

Fire of Insight
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Forest of Caledon
Where have you gone,
Forest of Caledon,
Your  pines and oaks
Once clothed the slopes
Of Scotland's proud hills

The trees were used
O'er centuries past
To build the cottar
And warm the house
By Scotlands proud hills

The heather crags
And grassy slopes
Fed deer and sheep
Forgotten were the trees
On Scotlands proud hills.

Too late we look
And see no trees;
And most agree
We must replant
On Scotlands proud hills.

But who can do
This mammoth task?
The Commission say
You can trust us
With Scotlands proud hills

The spruce clad slopes
Are firebreak slashed
The skyline is dark green
The forest is restored
On Scotlands proud hills

We feel betrayed
No oaks, few pines;
The forest of Caledon
Was never like this
On Scotlands proud hills.

( I wrote this poem soon after I started writing poetry about 25 years ago)

Tyrant of Words
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A Kiss Of Magic

deep in the forest
among the fair fey
my heart takes leave

deep magic hidden
amongst the trees
an ancient kind

my lovely ones are here
playing hide and seek
under the thick canopy

they're balm to my soul
with singing that causes healing
torn and left hurting in the mortal realm

my wings left in shreds
are now mighty and strong
sweet kisses from their powerful potion

have made me whole
I dance among them
frolicking freely in this magical kingdom

oppression taken from my shoulders
by the Master of this beautiful place
he tenderly touches my mind

takes the darkness from my thoughts
gently tells me you must go back
you are needed in the world of men

your magic powerful
I'm with you always in the shadows
fighting for what is worthy

take your sword for this journey
there are some treacherous paths ahead
the forests your home

i'll always be here
for you to draw energy from
my beloved Queen

show me what you have
make my heart swell with pride
one day I will come for you permanently my lady

Guardian of Shadows
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I dream again about the wild
where branches thick with leaves
lend shade to the ground below
and gentle zephyr casually blow
I see the fresh young leaves
on plants I had plucked before
putting them in reed baskets
and heading for home to cook lunch
the babbling brooks
where we caught small fishes
and freshwater shrimps
to fry together on a hot wok
I hear again the calls of squirrels
chattering noisily over ripe fruits
monkeys joining in to call
soon leaving the trees sadly bare
this morning I woke up
in a sterile hotel room
cold and impersonal  
and recalled my childhood

like a communion wafer turn bitter
or a balancing act on a tight rope
past memories lost in racing with rats  
streak across the room laughing  

Guardian of Shadows
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Just a Walk

Alone I walk
shawled in thoughts
Treading light and soft
on moss green paths
Old rocks and pebbles
Paved the moist soggy
ground of green grass
smooth as a shaggy carpet

Sounds of twittering birds
Serenades the balmy air
Hopping squirrels on branches
rustles the canopies of green
On the jungle floor
Tranquillity reigns
Except for rustles of dwellers
In the green Kingdom

Hearts call and fragrance
of rose petals comes from afar
of bread baking and candles
flickering on windows
Return, whispers the heart
To a beloved hearth
But always out there
Eden calls to take me home

Tyrant of Words
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Big Sur California

Where the ocean meets the forest  
that's where you'll find me  
amongst the trees listening  
to their ancient tales  
picking up pine cones  
as I trail under  
the leaf covered canopy  
naked like Eve in the garden  
adorned only by nature's beauty  
wild flowers my covering  
kissing my milky flesh  
with their tender petals  
making my way to the beach  
letting the sun and wind caress  
collecting sea shells  
lying down in the waves  
as the tide rolls in and out  
opening myself as the ocean  
makes sweet love to me  

Guardian of Shadows
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Nature’s Promenade

Magnolias bloom cautiously, like
eyeless saints guarding
wax-lit cathedrals.

petals too tender for
this Earth, fall—

their death, a carpet of
pink and white, for the feet
of spring brides, and hares
sniffing mossy furrows,
from winter’s last, feeble

Ye gods of the wood, and
stretch your branches to
the sun, yawning
off hibernation’s slumber.

I wear my veil of
daisies, among your
vines, and his name
falls from my lips.

I marry you, now, in
the presence of doves and
green grass, the deer,
my witnesses.

We promenade through
breezes and darling buds of
until I find the path to
Heaven, where
you are.

Twisted Dreamer
New Zealand
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Blind Symphony

Sometimes, I like to walk with my eyes closed.

I find myself in search of noisy peace in wooded areas.

Places that are rich in the language of nature, absent of human voice.

I wonder with wild curiosity, why it is, when I’m locked inwards with my eyes shut, the outside world feels closer.

I step slowly with naked feet on forest foliage, and feel every individual brush of leaf litter.

I imagine their shapes and colours, vibrant in my mind from the squish between my toes.

I smell their damp deterioration as they return to the roots from which they first grew.

Light footed and tenderhearted, I step to the rhythm of the wind.

It’s underscore the beat to ancient songs whistled by birds darting above my head.

The leaves bristling high in the canopy, marking the sound of solid trunks for me to avoid.

I smell the remnants of rain soaked soil, good enough to eat.

I listen to the pauses between the wind and the silence which dances in the gaps.


when I’m ready,

I open my eyes

To feast in the colors that complete the symphony.

poet Anonymous

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