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~ Erotica Demonic-a

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

erotic poetry of the demonic & evil

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poet Anonymous



I awoke       
to the sound of screaming banshees
when in actuality
it was my soul
trying to claw it's way out of my flesh

he was after me     again     "red death"

heart breathing swift
scrounging for its last breath

I grabbed that fucking bull
by its horns
and mounted its tongue
on my burning tulips,
gyrating my hips
so it could see
the divine


as he licked and lapped
the sinuous of my sap

I had staggered visions
of giving Jesus some confessional head
down by the old church, kneeled on dirty knees  
upon an old tossed out pew where ca~tho~lic sinners     spewed
the pornographic of their sins, uncommitted;
but he was on the lamb
mounting segregation
while ass fucking immigration
only 'cause I was nowhere
to be seen in his sea of carnal green

but once he cum'd off his 'bout w/Heaven, he
trudged through ----> the infernal gates of my Hell
with no memory of this place; he left his face
in my pink little pots while demonic gnomes
made of cathedral glass and ember stones
s p l i t my breast [plates],
and broke my back,
and splintered my bones;

in my home, I dug up our little black pills under the hill
soiling my hand while Jesus created a garden    p
of black picket fences where he strung me     u,
impaling ~ my rectum to throat ~
while the Devil's goat bled the carnivorous
of my mother's lust milk

as it fell upon Jesus' wounded mouth ~ I sprouted wings
and thereafter,
breast fed one of 16 vestal virgin banshees
who were leaving for the coast


Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Split second Posessed

Your mind fuck speak touch through telephone      
Dark voice release invading pheromone      
Hell here in my heart await psycho lovers lips      
Excruciating need for animal suck my tit      
At last primal breathe warms to scorching bite      
Three fingers do wet stretch pussy sho is tight      
Head warns possession he will take hold my soul      
No matter my human  never was quite whole      
Your hands melt my intuition sense  epiphanies doom      
My body gone mad dick fill up my womb      
My cunt walls rock through combustible groove      
Pyro hips baby feel em move      
A sex funk fume outta every pore      
Smells like angel turned bitch darlin your little whore      
My wanton demon scream fill up this broken place      
He spills hot milky white over tits and my face      
No ceremony after nods and gathers his shit      
My crazed obsessive  invaded no bottom of it

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Incubus Came

I had missed my baby terribly      
And we made up for time      
With a treasured share        
Of our similar minds        
We Giggled for hours        
As we twisted thought        
We created Inside jokes      
Closed the distance with familiarity    
But when he needed rest      
I still hungered for baby's stroke      
I tried so very hard        
To sleep away desire      
My arrousal though was deep      
And burned right through      
A restless moon driven sleep..      
I lay exposed and wanton      
An Incubus wet dream      
He came to me just before        
The rise of my sun      
And spread my legs        
With wings of warmth      
Lulling my eyes      
With his own son rise      
His seduction was false..  
Because from whence he came..  
Was hard given to me      
In forceful feed      
Fucked me with vengeance        
At full demons seek speed      
He made devils meat of my snatch    
Made good my hell bitch    
Until my moans pitch      
Matched his howl like shrieks      
He then filled my empty cunt      
With hell fury sent seed      
Incubus had spent into me      
A lava hot seminal shot      
And I woke with a start      
My cunt ablaze and Hades rent    
He had ripped me apart        
And had left a hole        
in my soul and in my heart      
My eyes and aspect now blurred      
Frantically I searched        
for the arms of my lover      
No traces of him were left      
The third dawning..      
A crushing blow. ..      
There was only me        
and the cold left under that cover      

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States 28awards
Joined 22nd June 2015
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Forbidden Fruit
The Poor young man fought a valiant yet momentary effort of mighty against this pythoness's devistating dislplay of temptation..      
However he was proving no match for her spell.      
His holy resistance falling lower, becoming mesmerized by every breath beneath her perfect heaving round tits.      
Her nipples pointed hard at him in if they had been rubbed like a chalked cue with ice.      
"You want me! I can see it in your eyes and in the obvious growing between your thighs!" she cackled. "Hmm, and father it appears you are most definitely in the wrong profession!"      
She teased with scarlet red finger tip, sharp tracing his quivering lip, "Mr. Man let's turn that scowl around kay, purty purty please?" she purred in mockery.      
Then with hot touch she brazenly drove most of what was left of his resolve, down his chest..      
Almost grabbing this doomed man of the collar by his burdon of proof.      
Both aware his recoil was forced and came way to late      
She went wet with pleasure in her bad self.      
He simply went white.      
Fallen to this necromancer? "Phht!"      
He huffed in pure falseness. No conviction behind it.      
He had been firmly warned of her witchy ways, had been told, rather commanded to turn this woman away.      
And look how he reacted!      
Yes he had shouted "Be gone evil woman!" the minute he saw her.      
But his conviction and any bravado had turned tail and limped away..      
While she he had held confident gaze..penetrated straight through his stoicism and easily cast his soul spoken vows into creamed stutter..      
For God's sake this stirring beauty had hip swayed into his sanctuary on a vamp hex mission in 5 inch silver tipped red stillettos.      
Now totally godsmacked by the daphenous black dress she barely wore hugging on tight to her plenty ample curves, almost uncovering her fuckable assets..      
He had more than noticed..      
Her lovely long legs and the creamy skin that flashed ghostly white through the sheerest of black stockings.      
His eyes went up...      
The dark seam in back mapping the way up to her oh so perfect heart shaped ass.      
She caught hold his stare bending slow over raising high in an offering,    
that lovely bottom..      
And as he bent with her, and saw that he had picked up an on purposed dropped bitten ripe red delicious apple...    
They both knew..      
She had got him.

Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)

Tyrant of Words
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Legion Is Tasting And Licking My Pussy ! extreme content !

I call on the powers that be    
this day let my demons free    
a sexual frenzy is at hand    
a beautiful woman and a demonic man    
they feed and inspire with such wonder    
in awe I greedily lust after their ink    
they follow me into my dreams    
seeing their faces    
I rub my pussy    
wide open so my demons can see    
my creamy cunt    
needing to be appeased    
they feast while I feed    
longing to taste her sweetness    
bowing to his hard angry cock    
submissive in nature    
they dominate when they cum on the screen    
tasting their essence    
I'm enthralled by their genius      
feasting my demons moan    
at the fountain of your beauty    
pleasured by a man    
my cunt swollen with desire    
as I write out this lust    
free to be myself    
I thank you    
legion no longer hanging by a leash    
they roam free in your gardens    
licking, tasting, fucking    
sated by your beings    
beautiful lady, demonic man    
I lap at your greatness    
if I be damned for this    
let the chips fall where they may    
legion has spoken    
you set me ablaze    
free I hope you feel me    
on this glorious day    
pussy splayed please lick    
at the corners of my mind    
my soul is yours    
treasure to be found    
I've got dark desires for you in mind    
some may call it sin    
though you've called forth all hell in me    
now it's time we get paid

Tyrant of Words
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The Submissive Queen Of The Underworld ! extreme content !

I lay my serpentine form  
at the foot of your throne  
worshiping you my Lord  
darkest of dark  
evil incarnate  
you bathe me  
in the blood of the river Styx    
before offering me holy communion  
from your glorious cock  
spilling your seed  
down my throat    
I drink in your essence with reverence    
black semen that causes  
me to see wonders  
of the underworld Hades  
winged beasts fucking  
virgin sacrifices upon  
your alter of damnation    
they become wanton whores  
obeying your every whim  
in subservience they bow to you  
I am your jewel who you  
demand obedience from  
my submission given willingly  
"fuck the beast my pet"  
"yes my Master"  
as I open my legs  
on the slate slab of offering  
you watch on stroking yourself  
not wanting to be bothered  
by the whores surrounding you  
the beast has two huge cocks  
he takes me roughly with a growl  
in both my cunt and ass at once  
you look on with a hard glint in your eye  
fully erect now ordering a whore bend over  
as I am being ravished by the beast  
pounded hard by his forked cocks  
that tear my inner walls as he impales me  
blood begins to trickle from both orifices  
this sends you into a fucking frenzy  
coming hard in the whore of Babylon    
you say "come my pet"  
let me lick the blood from your cunt  
the venom on your tongue healing my wounds  
grateful I bow at your feet you carry me  
to the foot of your thrown once more  
here my Queen is where you stay chained    

Tyrant of Words
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Succubus The Seductress From Hell ! extreme content !

succubus meat    
sleeping cock    
a feast for the hell bitch    
cunt splayed    
demonic horde    
licking her gash    
as she rides the night air    
with midnight wings    
seductress of the innocent    
they taste better fresh    
corrupt flesh is bitter    
licking the cocks of the sheep    
as they sleep comfy in their beds    
she pounces and rides you    
like all hell is on her tail    
sending her slithering tendrils    
deep into your soul    
feasting off the essence of her victims    
then legion comes in    
fucking your soul's ass    
while sucking your cock    
in fear you lie in your bed petrified    
and beguiled by this demonic whore    
on top of you    
she is fucking and sucking    
the life from you    
but you must ride to the end    
the torture too great in agony you writhe and moan    
finally ready to explode she gives you a wicked grin    
as she drinks the last drop of life from you

Tyrant of Words
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You Are Mine ! extreme content !

crucify me upside down      
on Lucifer's spiked cock      
taking Him down my throat      
impaling my intestines      
with His forked member      
drinking demonic semen      
I spit the bloodied truth      
from the pit below      
my eyes cherry red      
fed the secrets of the damned      
they fuck my soul      
entering roughly        
blackness pours forth      
I want to bathe you        
in the acidic waters      
of my lust for evil incarnate      
it washes over me      
like dark death      
enters all of my orifices      
fucking, torturing      
making me writhe and moan  
there is a man walking among us      
scythe in hand      
carving his dark art        
on the tender folds of my pussy lips      
making me cream out desire for him      
chained to him from the nether world      
I submit willingly      
this is his dominion        
dark overlord      
he sees this demoness      
in his periphery        
invoking legion      
to make me cum      
on hands and knees      
awaiting my punishment        
for being so weak      
manacled to the rack      
he enters my bloodied cunt      
pounding out his hunger
with carnal, primal need      
his message is clear      
bitch you will obey me      
I see and know you      
crucified on Lucifer's cross      
you are mine      

Dangerous Mind
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Tango's & Tangerines [ A five fingered death grip on love]

Dancing with Snow White
on the edge of a blade

when my neighbor Death
comes over & says
" Make me tea& toast with
orange marmalade,"
" If you would, dear."
So i did and we sat down
and as i watched her enjoying her breakfast
she says
" Now fuck me the way you know I want it."

I get out the finger-cuffs & taser
and we do it like
wild animals
in a fuck fight death battle

next thing i know
the paramedics
are telling me that they found me
face down naked on the bed
with a note on the pillow next to me
which read
" not yet baby"

...and the subtle smell
of oolong and oranges
hung in the air...

Tyrant of Words
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Darkest Dominant Lord ! extreme content !

I'm the one in the shadows
with a ravenous hunger
for your bedevilment
wicked one, seducer
fucking me like only you can
Lucifer's very own son
walking mortal among us
Necromancer practicing your dark art
have all the women creaming for you
violator of all natural laws
entering me violently with cyanide kisses
bestowed upon me through the veil
you traverse both this world and the next
on my knees before you
accepting your unholy communion
on my black tongue
venomous viper that I am
is put in my place
by your Dominant presence
burning my flesh as you do so
singeing my pussy
with your molten cock
spitting Hell's fire
when you cum in my tight hole
I am nothing but a gash
without your demonic seed
that enters me with force
animating this body you possess
crawling on hands and knees
you order me open my ass to legion  
that they may feast
I can hear them enter one by one
popping my soul's cherry
as they pound in and out
my mind being raped and ravished
as they feed me their depravity
I do this in you honor
in obedience Dark One
accept my bloodiest offering
on the slab of sacrifice
spread me open
take me darkly
make my pussy
bleed crimson  

Dangerous Mind
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Pressing flowers

possessed once again
by the demon of lust
I found myself an angel
make her my meat puppet
on a stick
my dick
till the tip
came out her mouth
& her juices flowed
till there was nothing left
but an empty husk
i pressed her
between the sheets
of virgin wax paper
to keep in my collection
along with the rest

Tyrant of Words
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Yes, Dearest Devlin, I hear you

Dangerous Mind
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! extreme content !

All Rights Reserved

In the windowless basement,
No sound would escape it.
Don't worry!
Make her scream in terror,
Let her wail in pain!
No one would hear her pleas for survival...
No one would ever care!

Three hours of torture and excruciation,
Strip her, unnerve her!
Gag her, clamp her!
Electrocute her with her feet...
Submerged on a basin of water!
Pull out her nails...
One by one with a plier!

Whip her back and mark her!
Bind her to the Rack,
Dislocate her bones from its sockets!
Slice her tits with a katana,
Burn her clit with cigarette!
Violate her rectum,
With a nine inch choke pear!

Fuck her only after then;
Deposit all of the would be children...
In a womb that'd soon whither!
Slowly drain the life out of her...
With hands incased in a pair of leather gloves;
Besotted with her blood,
Stained with her tears, sweat and urine!

When dawn comes,
And before the sun is up…
Lay her on the earth,
Where daisies bloom…
And Ma awaits underground.
They belong together,
Along with all the others like them!

Tyrant of Words
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Hades The Underworld ! extreme content !

spider web laced lips  
whispering demonic secrets  
we are one with the wind  
blowing us across  
the decrepit Earth  
in the graveyards  
amongst the tombstones  
we are at home  
among the dead  
the portal to Hades  
where the King with his black crown rules  
speaks through minions such as I  
the book of death in which my name was engraved  
since the day I was born  
to descend into the bowels of hell  
reborn into the flesh that matches my being  
casting of this sheep's clothing  
transfigured into the glorious Queen Lilith  
feeding my husband his darkest fantasies  
legion entering all orifices at once  
plunging deep in and out  
fucking my soul, licking my cunt  
feeding me the most depraved fantasies  
that make me cream in pleasure  
in Hades I writher in lust  
kneeling at the foot of his throne  
awaiting his next command  
collared and leashed  
I serve his Dominant desires  
suckling from his cock then spitting his seed  
planting devilish thoughts  
in the virgin flower beds of people's psyche  
exalting my King  

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