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Let your mind run wild!

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

I'm new here and wish to get inside the head of other members via any story/poem of their choosing they wish to share.
It can be an old story/poem you've written in the past, or new.

With competition comes a reward, not sure how to give one out.

Let creativity flourish!

Dangerous Mind
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Entry removed

Lost Thinker
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Sounds like a deep battle from within. May you find an escape from it. Thank you for your story.

Tyrant of Words
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consort of ashes ~

you paint orchids
my eyes
& tap tears
their quivering mouths ~
... i w[h]et
your savagery
severed fingers
pressed to
featureless faces
trying in vain
fill my veins
with intangibles
that pass by
mismatched hands ...
we carved
numerals on
copper coin sundials
& watched
days pass
like mirages rising
from their warmth ~
... you were
rowan [&] ash
set to flame
they stood
rooted in
my marrow
to leave me
a waste land of
embers ...
& I burned,
before you
licked your fingers
snuff the light
in my eyes ~
... just another
elemental nothing
waiting for
fleeting breaths from
your steel
& clover lips
just another
consort for
a con artist
perfecting his skills...

Tyrant of Words
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The Streets

I was thrown to the streets          
for being a momma          
at the age of fifteen.          
Not street wise by any means          
over protected          
by parents who thought this was wisdom.          
The first year I moved twenty five times          
it was always the same          
house slave or some man's play thing.          
Staying in homeless shelters          
I met people long on the streets          
I was intrigued.          
For the first time free          
from the wrath of my father          
I wanted to get lost in the land of the forgotten.          
Smoking pcp was my first intoduction          
to the bliss of the numb          
I could finally forget the shame          
my parents said I had become.          
Sleeping all day          
running the streets at night          
cruising with the cholos and cholas, I was having fun          
I finally had a family that accepted me          
getting high and fucking who ever I chose indiscriminately .          
The pain that stuck          
no one wanted to stay around for long          
they were young and didn't need a girl with a baby          
that's when I first met Jimmy          
still reeling from the pain          
I felt at the rejection of my family.          
He talked of soul mates and mojo          
A Native American          
I loved him from day one.          
He introduced me to banana splits and heroin          
in his arms I finally felt peace          
he was a warrior, street wise          
he kept the wolves from me.          
He taught me the art of short changing          
buying fast food          
and then saying they gave him the wrong change          
the food would pile up          
Jimmy would pull over and feed the homeless.          
We lived from motel to motel          
ripping and running          
soon Jimmy and I had started doing burglaries          
to feed our hungry habit          
after awhile the cops were looking for us          
we had become notorious.          
At the end of the day          
we would slam our dope          
knowing our time was growing short.          
When the detectives caught up with us          
Jimmy took all the blame          
and was put on the news for being infamous.          
Thirteen years was his sentence          
he's still in prison to this day          
he keeps getting new beefs          
because he is a fighter          
and never does what the cops say.          
I owe him my freedom for taking the blame          
i'm clean now, while Jimmy remains in chains          
I wish for him to get out some day          
and be free from prison and drugs      
I owe him my life though he introduced me to heroin      
he kept me alive when I just wanted to die.

Lost Thinker
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Thank you both! These are all a real joy to read.

Guardian of Shadows
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Chic flick

and to be fair, your honour
it wasn't my fault about the chicken
it had black rings around it's eyes
so I called an emo

it fell from its feathers
and boned itself

I swear, your honour
there was nothing to be done
for saving it


you tell a good tale, kid
but said nothing
to disuade the court
from foul play

and furthermore
not a single explanation
as regards the farmer

..who's chicken died
at the hands of your toungue

locked in his barn
with gospel music
through the Windows

so the court feels
you can no longer serve
the wheels and cogs
of society

so hereby
sentence you
to life

on the outside

no question of parole

Edit:  terribly sorry, picked up the "let your mind run wild " and ran with it. I'll leave it here anyway rather than kill it  

Lost Thinker
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Thank you for your story!

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Giver Man
Gillian Welch lyrics Elvis Presley Blues
Was thinking that night about Elvis            
Day that he died, day that he died            
I was thinking that night about Elvis            
Day that he died, day that he died            
Just a country boy that combed his hair            
And put on a shirt his mother made and went on the air            
And he shook it like a chorus girl            
And he shook it like a Harlem Queen            
He shook it like a midnight rambler, baby            
Like you never seen, like you never seen, never seen        
I go to the well..its empty..its empty..    
Im so thirsty..          
So thirsty            
I could just cry.            
Dirt roads they jes seem endless baby..endless..  
Suffer me            
Ain another house for a mile.            
Baby so lonesome i could die..            
Skies above are open wide..wide      
Like Dangerous thought      
And use you to poor Whip or Wills haunted calls of time.            
But sweet summer time brings lightnin bugs..fire flies time flies            
Through lil gals rare giggles of freedom            
And the river, he waves Hello..          
You thought he was friendly then the rains came, rain poured            
He roared and sucked you under his bridge            
Right under that ridge where your house sat..            
The roar became your music, sweet music..            
A woman in your skinny dip, he licked              
And he knew            
He pulled you back under, under            
Whispers..i am so sorry Jennifer..            
My love how you've grown...            
When the water understands your secret, he keeps it            
Never another dry well..            
No thirsty            
No alone.            
Miles away, pass days by daze            
You forget              
That ol man, my ol man..            
He groans..            
As you fly high in a new world...            
You shake what he owned.            
Lover river..my sweet giver man...            
Please forgive me..            
You delivered me..            
From my wretched dry home.


Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Matter over mind and the red deep under

And it starts a flame
incendiery dust roused by a crazed eyed demagogue
as his words rage
tongues of feral fire that cannot be taken back
they haunt
haunt you until
taunted by this harsh Sun your lips blister

you pray for rain

it starts a trickle
and noisy gossip babbles a brook
you cannot resist a placating dip of ONLY toes ONLY to cool your feet
till it hurts as you are pulled in all in  harsh wet wet currents of bad medicine
suck you under sweep you down
and it floods your wholeness
and you feel the drown ..
self esteem screams for air
you are soaked unworthy
unworthy of even an Angels touch

and dust seems the only place
ash seems logical end
dry please oh God!
no more than a sip of need....
just a sip...then oh please oh God....
and years you wander through
wander lust
scorched wilderness wanting

a coward
you pray for rain

and it pours days and days
of course...
and you mix it all into muddy redemption

words hurt...bleed
the foul air people expell so willingly
glad words of pseudo triumph
uncaring that that the people
breathing their toxic air ..
might be hurting like Perpetua..
she in martyrdom..
you in vengeance...
might be close
so close
to woman on the verge
or close to divine purpose

Ever expell toxic air?
i have
Ever thrown words that can yes could kill?
i have
Ever try to rescue the ones you almost drown?
i have
Ever been proud of the hurting....

I have not

and all mix in muddy bloody redemption..

wrists slit and the deep slice...
feeels nice...
the drip
spot to dream swirl
to stream of red ease....
as dream swirls haze eyes...

under, 6 feet, so close to the cold covered covered soggy red under

wish i brought my favorite blanket
and teddy bear....

Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Great avatar...and welcome.

Lost Thinker
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Thank you for the greetings and thank you for your read!

Twisted Dreamer
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the corners of my eyes squint open
struggling to process each word i didn't want to hear
i could've told them to stop
but i let them continue

i push my wrists, boney back under my sleeves
my clenched knuckles into a fist
as i was holding something i was attempting to not release
i greet my anger once again

later on, i go back into bed
greet my pencil again
and write the words on my thin lined paper

angrily, turning moments to words
my teeth clench, as i hold back all the words i refused to releass from my lips. pale and fragile, crinkling from each expression i've refused to let out

i swoon my neck, then gradually my head against the silky cold pillow
and pour it out from my eyes
but no one's eyes rotate when i hide behind my sheets
and tomorrow, i repeat

Lost Thinker
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Danke for the read!

Lost Thinker
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the age or the people ? x

harsh truths bit like mosquitos;
constant and always itching /

in the back of my mind
(or on the side of my leg)

there was a sigh from us all,
relief ?? or just to take another breath in
and exhale the next lie

my, my,
my mother's mother's mother
might just cry with the state
of us these days
and the length of our skirt
((or perhaps, lack of))

the sensible are confused
all the time
because nothing quite makes sense,
our minds warping to get out of the way
of the fragile future.

what a time.

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