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"Your Favorite Color"

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Poetry Contest

See Below...
*What is Your fav Color, Must Pick One Fav Color You like/love ,In Some How Put In Your Poems, I Don't Care How You Write it But *Must Be A Fav Color You Like And Written poem Form. Be Creative. Whanna See How You All Do with this And See What You All Got
* 2 Poems Per Person
* Must Be A New Write
* Must Have Tittle At the Top Allows For This Comp
* If You Hide line that color you Like or other things I etc , like making it fancy will give u points
on for the winner for this comp

Twisted Dreamer
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Its my favorite time of the day,
and its my favorite shade
if it were a color
i would call it darkness
bringing all colors back to black
as all lights run out
so to the the dark comes through
the shadows that were bound are merged
to all around the darkness is free to bask
the light from other stars

poet Anonymous

In so many ways you touch my heart,
from a crashing wave,
you can engulf every part,
to the sweet perfume of lavender,
whafting on a warm breeze,
in a sea of purple
you move around me with a gentle ease.
You are pure beauty,
your soft touch caressing me,
like purple velvet surrounding me.

Lost Thinker
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Its never as rich as it could be
Without red there to enrich
It courses through my veins
Running through my brain
Keeping my eyes open, and in motion
When a blood moon lights the skys, i can feel my blood boil from the inside
Its simply because its how my world revolves
Its how ive evolved, its how i find resolve in everything that may be wrong or could bring me down
Its always abound in my dreams and will never leave until its emptied from my dead corpse

Tyrant of Words
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It is the violent color of war –
of bloodshed, suicide, anger – death.
It is the weeping eyes of sorrow and hatred.
Yet, it is the red rose of love,
the happiness of autumn leaves
and the peace of the sky at sunset.
Red is not a color of trivial ideas.
Red is the contradictory color of strong, true feelings.

poet Anonymous

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....keep going looking great!

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poet Anonymous

plastic glasses?
and paper cups

My heartbeat echoed through my fingertips
turning blue to red with a blankness
I painted blackness within the dark
and smiled rainbows at the thought of death

being removed in transition
feels like evaporating into a vacuum
pineapple dreams and dandelion memories
once the sky was my cradle
and I was as untouchable as a person in a painting
I saw myself through an iron barred window
a chained bundle of pain having flashbacks
about the panic of tomorrow

a night can take so long...

grey, white, and steel
those are the colors of emptiness
cold tiles have refused to soak my fluids up
in too many places
charcoal stained pleas from a failure
eyes of every caliber gleaning something
signing up for my dissection

plastic glasses
plastic glasses?
and paper cups
swallow the tablets

today I ventured back into the darkness
walked down those paths where monsters growl
before becoming your best friends
I looked back and tasted salt
knowing then what I learned so often
takes a lot of darkness to kill a little light
but there's plenty dark to be had
never a shortness of that.

Twisted Dreamer
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Sunsets and roses, thorns and sunburns.
The warmth on your arm when you rest your head on the car window.
A cool breeze as the earth turns.
The glare in your eyes and the warmth on your pillow.


Unique, intense, deep placed eyes on a stoic man.
The citrus smell of household cleaners, itchy to your nose and annoying to your lungs.
Shouting loudly, dared to be seen and heard.
The supple youth of a new fruit, the skin of still soft and unripened plums.


It's like the taste of blue raspberry lollipops and upside down frowns.
It's the air on a crisp cloudless day, sitting on the grass, feeling the land.
It's the thrill you feel when something inspires you, but also the lonely bite of feeling down.
The color of baby boys' blanket, soft against the callouses of your hands.

Fire of Insight
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Like the color of the Carolina sky in morning, intoxicating in the glow of the risen sun.

The color of my eyes , changing one shade to the next like mood rings,
Cobalt in anger, baby blue while I'm happily staring into you.

The color of the dress I wore on the dock the day you asked for my hand, my dress reflected that blue lake and the sky was a blue reflection of my eyes.

Blue like the color of the soft cotton blanket we swaddled our son in the day we brought him home, and the glazed over blue of his eyes as they wandered taking in his first shadows of color.

The sky...
My eyes...
My dress...
The lake....
The soft cotton blanket...
Our sons eyes staring blue up at me and you!

Lost Thinker
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- Green -

Emerald Oceans
Jade Monoliths

Natures true Beauty
Dominion over all

My what green eyes you have!

Green gives hope and understanding
New horizons
Good health and Fertility

Green represents LIFE in all its glory

Renewing each of us everyday
Finding a balance in between our crazy worlds

Lay back in the Green grass
Let the wind take you somewhere......

Green is PEACE

Thought Provoker
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"What is your favorite color".....
The bridge keeper of death
Demented in tongue, asks of me.

Sir Galahad without hesitation," my answer is blue",
Deceitful mind forever changing
"No. My fav"-----casted away in screaming terror,

To the Gorge Of Eternal Peril
Where I know my favorite color is black.

Bradley J
Fire of Insight
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Internally purple,
a merger on color circles,
it is hopeful,
a portal to peace eternal,
feels a bit nocturnal,
with a hint of maternal,
certainly can be formal,
but it is my normal,
look at my wardrobe,
look at my journal,
look at my internals with a thermal,
and tell me what is there.

jade tiger
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When I first saw the color blue

Was it mere months ago?
The span of a lifetime for a crab.
Who could tell?

But I knew it was years ago,
my own lifetime.

Where would I be if I hadn't sensed it
up my spine, on the back of my neck.

If I hadn't felt you walking aimlessly
on the strand.

I was oblivious to the cold as I
quaked from sunset's approach.

The world was monochrome.

Like waves within shells sunken in
wet sand at low tide,

before the last of daylight blinked
from fog rolling in.

I had to know now that you existed.

It happened at breakwater.

I laid eyes on you for the first & last time
(I would never look away again)
when I saw the color blue.

Not like I thought I knew.
Nothing was the same then.

Misplacing keys to the prism,
before you and the color blue
pooled at my feet;

a halo of lights from the pier
in its reflection, and all that I saw.

©2016 Jade Pandora. All Rights Reserved.

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