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Space & Time or Time & Space

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

See below

Today, I've been here (on DUP) for 4 years
so I thought I'd hold a competition  :)

one new entry each, please
on Space and Time, whatever that inspires in you...
have fun

you can edit to the end as I won't read until the comp. ends.
thank you all in advance!

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Time and space

As time slowly tears away at me
i stare up at the sky,
realizing what i used to be
Dare i say with shivers up my spine

a snake flexing
vexing a feeling
of inner meaning
something all know of
through space and time
i see these beings
cast there eye
through space and time
to see us see them

poet Anonymous

thank you, beukez
for going first and kicking it off :)

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Time and space

i don't need time and space
i am going hard like i am running for a race
you is the one i want under and behind me
as long as you do not backstabbed me
maybe i need some space and time
because i need to take my time to unwine
love care and becoming a friend is all about giving people space and time

Dangerous Mind
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Without you

we cast the same shadow
now the vast
space between us
leaves a lump in my throat
as deep
as the oceans
i cannot

I sit in
shadows of remembrance
in deja vu
of when
mismatched hands
& echos
of repentance bells
did not ring
in my ears

Guardian of Shadows
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Space within - touhtiw ecaps


and time ain't no Robin Hood
wouldn't give it space on my wrist
because it cares for nothing


She offered me space
and I refused
then she forced it upon me
so I filled it with anger


look at it, fool
do you think ol' Mr Higgs
gives a fiddler's fuck
where the little hand points

Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Content--A Simple Haiku

It was time for space,
so I took my time, waiting,
then space, came, in time.

Dangerous Mind
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i wasn't watching the clock
and a year passed
needless to say i burned the fucking pizza.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Tony Pena
Fire of Insight
United States
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Connecting dots

Seconds tick off and burn
like embers passing into
a deep dark pouch nestled
between bosom and brain
till which time the heart
demands answers of the head
spilling the sparkling contents
onto a vast black velvet
like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
and the child within you
sits for hours rearranging
the tiny shapes to form
constellations to shine
forever in the nighttime sky.

poet Anonymous

A big thanks to everyone who's participated so far
3 weeks to go...

Thought Provoker
United States
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Strange Creature
United Kingdom
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Nice work :)

Thought Provoker
United States
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Dangerous Mind
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bet on me

mute your ears and
blind your eyes
set your soul free
as I did mine

sync your heart beat
aligned with mine
hear my life how it
runs racing the time

time passed my soul
waving good bye
leaving me locked
inside this dice

take it and roll it
and turn it upside
bet on the two as
am standing on five

I locked myself from
the world outside
within this space
I crawled inside

choked by the torrid air
I prayed and cried
for a soul like mine
to step inside

break my shell
of egos and lies
free me from my
innocent pride

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