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poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

~ lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender poems
This is a comp strictly dedicated to the LGBT and all poems need to be themed in that Genre ~ thank you.

Comp is open to Everyone  
UnLimited Entries
New Poems Encouraged
Old Poems Welcomed
Any Length. . .But please keep it Poetry (no prose/short fiction pieces)
Poems can be Erotic, Sexy and Raunchy
1 Week To Enter

Have Fun!

poet Anonymous

~ Hard Candy

rock hard
dick endowed erect
random acts of voyeurism  
in a 24hr
XXX adult candy shop
to a hard-core magazine
behind counter blues:
peach dildo
 sour apple vibrator
cherry anal beads
 kinky bondage grapes
strawberry nipple clamps
 ben walla blueberry balls
some toys to replace big boys
when necessary;
she wants a sample
of every flavor
of his hard candy;
he obliges,      
filling her bag
w/all his savored goodies
'cept for a sample
of his bubble-gum
flavored cum;

that was strictly
for the boyfriend.

Dangerous Mind
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It was after she broke up with her boyfriend
Robert that Roxy drove herself to the bar
Where she found Page, her old Berea High friend.

Then, the reunited friends got in the car
And drove themselves over to the one place that
Page was living in which was not way too far.

And after they got there, a small pet tomcat
Made them fall into the swimming pool and got
Them so wet that they got naked off the bat.

That was when Roxy and Page became so hot
For each other and sucked their pussies a lot.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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With promises to be good,
you prayed every day
and waited for the sign,

even when a songbird touched
down on the roofs of Kansas
and went hollow on your shoulder.

The shedding of teardrops,
the coming out of a heartland
from its religion.

Breathing the smoke of its ash,
and being washed clean of what
you thought you knew.

The locusts never come,
the harvest will yet fail,
but don't deny the butterfly

that carries you over pastures
of dairy cows too busy
to look up at you and judge.

©2012-2016 Jade-Pandora. All Rights Reserved.  

I watched a documentary about an amazing country/western artist, Chely Wright on cable, and as I heard of her struggle and attempt to resist the natural urge of her sexuality, knowing who & what she was since the age of ten (she's now 39 - as of 2012), it not only moved me to tears, but to dash off this little poem with pen & paper while the documentary was still on.

Not only did her story inspire me to this, but I learned of a wonderfully talented artist with her beautiful music and soul. Here is a youtube link to one of her songs whose video became an instant favorite for me.

The song is "Never Love You Enough" ©2001 MCA Nashville, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Thought Provoker
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Children laughing on the playground amongst the
Birchwood pines.
Days of fun and folly quickly fading into brisk mornings of colorful SORROW.
For the autumn draws nearer in the
Birchwood pines.
Family ties now not as close,
Like an umbilical cord no longer tethered to a cellular.
The sight and sounds are ever so familiar,
Yet somehow treacherous and foreign.

But beyond the alluring beauty of the
Birchwood pines
Lays concealed the clandestine threat of MALICE.
For these weathered pillars constructed from
Birchwood pines
Have WEPT with too many a silhouetted CHILD.
Hiding in FEAR of the serrated knives they endure.
Yes, it is but a mere glare by these
Jackals and Vultures
That sends
Coursing thru veins.
With the kind of PAIN and HATRED
That will tear hearts and lives without a care.

Our differences should be celebrated,
Why are theirs EXPLOITED?
Jack and Jill's names carved in a heart upon
Birchwood pines,
the sentiment honored and treasured.
Jason and Jeff's love
Their affection
Squandered and
Ruptured by the
Birchwood pines.

NEEDLES take another child away,
these days look so
we should ALL BE cast to HELL to pay,
but this music is STUCK on play!

Children laughing on the playground amongst the Birchwood pines.
Days of fun and folly quickly turn to RAINY mornings of a POLITICAL RAINBOW.

To them,
Our kindness, we do owe.
By the Birchwood pines,
May their FREEDOM grow.
To them,
Our kindness, we do owe.

Thought Provoker
United States
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I wrote this poem last year, may have come off as exremely distasteful at the time. I think I found a place for it now.  Here's lesbian with a taste of..... 'Violence'. So don't expect anything pretty .

I call this.....
Corruption and the purest of virgins

-From the blackest cave the demoness emerges with red flecks of light raising from her hair like embers taking flight from a wildfire. Stretching her bat like wings she screams as the clouds part, giving way to the gates of heaven. Unknowing what lies below, an angel ventures downward toward the cry; falling victim to the succubus who waits patiently for her kill.-

She hunts her prey the seductive way and like a lioness she stalks
With every inch she yearns for the warmth of a body as its heart slowly stops
To sink her teeth into the neck and feel the holy fluids flow
Rosy red and hot it trickles down the succubus's throat

Tempting eyes seduce which flys and call her from the clouds
The demon true has chosen a new to corrupt then lay her down
But deep inside she holds the lies behind unholy lock and key
Tighter than her grip upon virgin hips now quivering

With her tainted tongue of blasphemy, ever so contagious, she licks
The fork'ed tips they whip and lash at a pulsating red hot clit
Corrosive cum dripping from behind her folds of skin
Her victim groans a sinful moan through a painfully hedonistic grin

Wings of white now losing light they weigh the wearer down
And a virus black now turns to ash these feathers upon the ground

Screams of disdain in the masochist game
Her worth is questioned high
The Devils aim is true and plain
To thin the Angels from the sky

Let go and give in to the taste of sensual sin
The body lays splayed while the venom works it way in
Rain on her with darkness to rinse away the light
She was once an angel
Now grounded without flight

The body shakes and legs like snakes coil around the giving head
Squeezing hard and pulling close the orgasm leaves her dead

The pussy purge'd putrid ooze now pooling on the ground
Infects the flowers she lays upon now withered black and brown
Her skin once porcelain, fair and fine has excelled to rotting meat
And the succubus, wet and never satisfied, continues to eat

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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feathers on the dance floor

I'm still hungry

hungrier even.

sucking at the last vestiges of white Peruvian candy lingering in my nostrils and my fingertips

I see

the lines are clearly drawn.
concentric circles that shift and bounce off each other with every beguiling smile and outstretched hand.

"Would you like to dance?"

"Hello my name is ...




or whatever you've branded yourself with for tonight on that damn tag.

All I think is

That's nice sweetie but I really, really don't give a shit.

predators and prey exchange  roles with the pulse of every techno beat
as each once lonely school boy tries to slit the throat of the last forty years of a hermit's life to watch the coagulation of his emptiness and her lust for zhyttya ... life.

any life.

the masked become naked
truths take on a warrior's armor.

me, I'm here for the same reason as these other jackals

the taste of sweet hungry young піхва ... pussy.

sure, maybe I'll make her my wife
but first she's gotta prove she can be my сука ... bitch.

nonetheless I was not about to put her on display like the matryoshka dolls here

teetering to beats of hope as Peter Pan and the lost boys played air guitar to Springstein's "Born in the U.S.A".

we left.



she thought my suite at the Koklen
looked like cotton candy

something for a princess.

she stared dreamingly out the window towards Primorsky boulevard and Deribasovskaya
letting the ambrosia I'd given her seep in.

we were now disrobed of our armor and masks seeking purification through lust.

I let her stand there naked looking out the window and moved behind her so she could feel the grind of my hips moving to a new melody.

I slowly sank to my knees behind her
kisses along her back descending
like quarter notes over her porcelain sheet

seeking the taste of her квітковий сік ... honey.

she arched her back
and let my tongue take her willingly.
her moans writing yet another song
that her hips swayed to.

I stood up and let her feel the fire she'd stirred.
my wetness lacquered her full осел ... ass.

I spun her around and took both sides  of her face in my hands firmly

and asked her if she remembered what I promised at the dance hall.

"Da ... Vy miy anhel oznachalo, Marie, shchob zvilʹnyty mene ... Yes, you are my angel, Marie, meant to set me free."

Vy poletyte zi mnoyu Nataliya ? ... Will you fly with me Natalia?

"Da" she sang.

And we did.

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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we were never Gods  
hollow are thy chambers.  
echoes of life and death    
resonate in the static of each.    
this lighthouse  
this revolver    
mine heart.    
all awaiting their partner for validation    
the watchman  
a bullet  
your love.  
i sit on this eve in my tower  
looking over the bay I've safely guided your vessel through    
so that I might hold you again.    
i stay anchored so that you might roam and explore as the Phoenicians did.    
but now you've sent me a message with our sweet Mercury.  
[remember when we found him    
a baby fallen from his nest    
we nursed him  
loved him  
taught him to scurry the telephone line between our house and my tower to send notes to one another]  
You tell me ...    
winds no longer billow    
deadening the lateen    
yet i must go
Mercury dashes back.  
chain me in the gallows then  
that i might grip your oars  
hardened for a mere kiss
steel messenger in steel chamber  
Mercury returns.    
you've made me an overseer  
yet my lashes shed only tears  
forgive me not
steel messenger in steel chamber  
Here sweet Mercury    
a peanut    
now take this to daddy.  
no quarter will be given  
nor asked for I have swallowed every drop of your humiliation
you have the seas Poseidon  
guide them with your light  
so I might slip in darkness
you spoke Venus' three most sacred words    
languid gales i now see
steel messenger in steel chamber  

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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- Zealous Cause -
A poem about Transgender Rights…

So many have mocked me,
Here in my own hometown!
Respect has been forgotten,
For those who are different…
I keep fighting for what I believe.
I won’t go quietly into the ground!
This war was not by me begotten.
I have nothing to regret or resent!
Why can’t people live in peace?
Because they want to hurt others,
And my people were victimized.
Spat on, beat, threatened, lied to!
When will this conflict cease?
I will tell you, sisters and brothers.
When our dream is realized…
And equality is a thing more: true!
Rights on paper, mean nothing,
If we are still victimized at all…
I would see us inherit something:
True liberty that will never fall!
I am hated for being myself,
Spat on simply for existing…
And so my fight is without end.
Let freedom be our wealth,
May it be long and persisting!
Even if the world must rend,
We will endure, my people will.
I will never stop fighting for this…
Our right to be happy; to be free!
Even if all the world went still,
The earth would cry for our bliss.
We will achieve our full destiny!
I am a woman; I am a goddess.
Sing with me my sisters, my dears!
Let them hate us, call us names…
I will have peace and nothing less.
Let us now wash away our tears!
We rise like cinders from flames.
They will not ever put us out!
I am the Divine Feminine.
This is my decree…
So hear my words as I shout:
We are sacred women!
As we shall forever be.

poet Anonymous


 I once fell in love with a girl
who had bright red hair.

I knew I loved her
the day that we lay
in front of the fire,
earthed in a bottle
of Merlot
and she twisted
those scarlet strands
through my fingers
without a care in the world.

I could write the poetry
of her rivers for eternity;
how they flowed from soft peaks
into the deep pools of her waist,
an unending abundance of orbits
that stung my lips with stardust
in the glory of her light

and there was red
in my veins,
in my glass,
my heart.

Drinking can only be compared
to her pagan-flamed curls:
how for a second I'll lie there
with a glass in my hand
and the world exploding
outside my window,
and it simply will not matter to me
right now, trapped in this room
with the only parachute I'll ever need

and there will never be
a more perfect moment
than when I'm embracing it
like a gentle lover
I once kissed in secret,
a slow burn
in the hollow of my throat
taking me back to the fire,
that place of rounded caress.

Drinking is a love affair;
a marriage of dark minds.

It's never the accidental whore,
but one I have observed closely
over time, when nobody watches me
watching her phial curves
in the hope of something beautiful.

It's all that I
have come to believe about women,
as it slips it's underwear
into your pocket,
and kisses the back of your neck
for one last high. 

poet Anonymous


She sits at the bar, facing me    
her hair deep inlets settling    
on ribs, perfectly ringed    
I watch as strands cascade    
through scarlet fingertips,    
she smiles when she laughs    
studying a thin-fluted glass    
with delicate wrists,    
her silver bangles sliding over    
in rhythmic return.    
I have confined her cheeks    
deep into archaic furrows,    
her lips a seething reminder    
of the warmth felt kneeling    
before small mounds,    
legs crossed patiently    
right over left, softly feathered    
in dark corners of this room,    
this galaxy; I have made you God    
and you are gone,    
perhaps never to resurface    
walking the dark turmoil    
in perfect arches    
of spine and breast    
a memorial of afterglows,    
hymns to my verve.

Dangerous Mind
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... .

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Unlucky in Love

Midway through the semester
She finally confided in him
“I was born a boy”
And though it confirmed his suspicions
They became good friends

They studied together and attended events
They even went out double dates
He understood a lot more about her life

By the end of their freshmen year
She told him that no matter what
Her would be lovers either would walk away
Or they were more interested
In what she had down there
Than knowing her for who she was
She called herself unlucky in love
But one night, while they told their tales of woe
Feeling a loneliness they held each other
And without meaning to, they kissed
The fine line between friends had been crossed

They kissed and caressed
Bringing the fever to a new high
Removing each other’s clothes

He caressed her cock, stroked it
Looked in her eyes and told her
“You’re beautiful”
And kissed her again

He entered her, slowly, feeling her tightness
Her voice softly moaning, looking into his eyes
Feeling her erection press up against him
They kissed passionately amid
Slow, pulsing thrusts
“Come inside me” she told him
And his climax reach a new peak

“I want to be inside of you” she told him
Without hesitation
He smiled, nodded and planted another one her lips
Kissed her neck, her breasts, her sides and stomach
Tracing his lips down to her cock
Kissing and licking the tip at first
Then taking her deep until she was very hard

He lied on his back as she spread his legs
Lifting his bottom just a bit
Then very slowly slid into him
She filled him up completely
And he felt drained of all reason
For he felt a pleasure he never knew before
Feeling her hardness deep inside of him
Watching her slender body
Her pretty face in ecstasy until
Without knowing why he said
“Come inside me”

He felt her seed rushing in, another unexplainable joy
But the girl who was once a boy knew exactly what to do
And she collapsed on top of him in total bliss
Followed by another kiss from the pretty girl

He held her for a while, their souls embraced
The soles of her feet rubbing up against his
Sharing in an afterglow of silent caresses
Until the erections returned and she said “Again?”

Though they remained good friends
After college they went their separate ways
And of all the lovers he had he always thought of her
Whenever a girl would say “Again?”
Written by wallyroo92
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