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Zazzles (Broomie)
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~ Oral~latio (erotic women's comp)

Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Apr 2013
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>insert generic [pseudo]erotic title here<

your heart beats  
in my throat,  
somewhere in  
a pravda bottle  
for the sake of  
self-preservation ~
... hands & eyes
white quarter moons  
peel turquoise scarabs  
i suck your  
to blot my lips  
ivory rorschach tests  
for self-diagnosis  
of my own complex...
your blindness  
weeps salt into  
pooling profanity
[i drool  
obscene approval]  
around your arrogance ~  
... tongue to vein,  
my vanity stroked  
to purring
astride leather  
& steel  
christening relief  
with carbon tears ...

poet Anonymous

calamitygin said:Cool..thanks Dev!  Think it was an oversight Satinu...
Dev is an altruistic Openminded person....

Oh, and you forgot scary!

Keep 'em coming, Ladies, for a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Dangerous Mind
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Yours, Mine and Ours

I know it's attached to you
and you're quite attached to it
but after it's been inside of me
and leaves lighter than it came
that's when its mine to claim
As you lay languidly, salty liquid
calls to me to come and taste
the cocktail that we alone do make
so I slide down your side
following my nose to the prize
of your softened swizzle stick
which I lick and slurp and dip
every bit into my eager mouth
sucking and swirling it about
leaving no trace of what was
yours, mine or ours before
moving on to its fuzzy friends
on who's brine I also wish to dine
and when I've licked my lips
of each drop and drip
I sometimes find
a refreshed swizzle stick
waiting to be addressed

Dangerous Mind
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I enjoy you soft
Slipping between my lips
So delicately
Your soft skin
To rigidity
Growing before my eyes
Inside my mouth
To polished marble
I revel even more
In the taste of you
Your flesh
If I am fortunate
You have blessed me
With copious amounts
Of precum
That glorious elixir
You exude
In preparation
I must admit here
I am torn
The taste of you like this
The taste of you after you have been inside me
I confess
I am greedy
I want them both
(and here's a naughty thing)
I want the taste of orgasm as well.
Yes. Yours. Mine. Ours. Oblige me, please?


Dangerous Mind
United States 11awards
Joined 30th June 2014
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I melt in bliss
At the first hint
Of that crystal elixir
You emit

I cannot wait
To inhale
The aroma
Of your desire

But more than that
I want to experience
Your precum


(I confess)
I am voracious for you teasing at my lips
Rapacious for the weight of your manhood on my lithe tongue

Writing this now whets my appetite for you
I am wet with want of you
You know
All I need to assuage me
Bring me
Ragged relief
Is you
In my mouth
Spending your passion
Give me this treat


Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Expert tease......💋

So okay, the first part pulled
Hair ride..
Yes. I provide.
The purrrfucked Uck---shuuun
A Toungue's journey
From tip back to base..
Up down that vein..
Many times doll
Many times....
And that's the sound i's waitin for..
You are there, ready
Rock hard
Sack cradled in..
Talented hands, fingers pushin in
Licked, slid, down taint
And there's the face, my cue..
Next not for beginners
The pinball flip..
Slip first digit in ass..
Juuuust the sweeeet moment.
Hook, pull light..
Suck full uppp p pp p..

There it goes...a beaut!
Look at that arch... mouth..on
Side cheek.
Watcha white against or in. Pink.

(someone have a tissue?)

Thought Provoker
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Fire & Ashes

I struck a match and threw it
to see if I could ignite your hunger
and release the pent up passion trailing from your fingertips
singeing everything you touch

Your moans
from deep within the throes
fill the room with a vapor thick with lust
and desire

Where there's smoke, there's fire

I kneel before your altar
between these lips your wonderland
I take you into my wetness
and my goal is to lick these flames into a frenzy

In, out
Strong and powerful
I tend to you with all of my might
feeling the blaze grow
to the delight of my tongue and cheeks

The rasp of your voice like the crackle of embers
you whisper that you're ready but I refuse to release my vice
I look into your eyes and wink

Make a wish

One last blow and I watch the spark burn out
The flames dance down your body in twitches and arches
as you baptize my throat in alabaster ashes

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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KASHMIR कश्मीर

Do you think I will show you
before you turn away, an infidel

with steely-eyed intent, while time
stands still, to make you feel

there's never been anything till this,
before rising to a Kashmir morning,

a delicate touch of teeth, white and
even, scraping and biting down.

Down comes the veil of perfumed hair,
swaying velvet, like beaded curtains

separating the morphine of what you
know, of an opium den filled with

addiction, that numbs you till you're
unable to move, and on this night,

I give you the drug of my mouth,
intent on injecting with cobra's tongue,

the overdose: to atrophy your fingers
and toes, echoing the notes of your

calling, from the seventh level of
consciousness, when it answers, when it

comes time, with narrowing bow through
your slip, when it comes time, with

hot milk spurting, from nostrils over-
flowing satisfied lips, splitting the

gush of residue, streaking under
chin and neck, with rivulets streaming,

like the river Ganges to the sea,
when the rush of your flood meanders

and mixes with salty cross currents,
bodies bathe in your Goddess's offering.

©2016 Jade Pandora. All Rights Reserved.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States 28awards
Joined 22nd June 2015
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I genuflect before Father
He waves the sign of the cross
before my forhead
And marks me with ash there
Lent is apon us
40 days will be spent without our secret sacrement

I open mouth wide
Laying out tongue
To accept this eucharist
Body of Christ he says
And lays the tip of his fat cock there

Precum drops salt essence on tongue
His holy annointment Father says
I close mouth arround body
Our sacred act starts in suck

My child this is holy communion
I am divinity take me in
He pushes to back of throat
In out and deep in holy force
Hips thrusting into trembling lips

And in monotone Priestley groan
Spends his self proclaimed
Sainthood of pure seed
Swallow my child
Blood of Christ
The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

Makes the sign of the cross

May the peace of the Lord be with you
Now go in peace my child

I was a child
I left in many pieces

Tyrant of Words
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not sure cause i mention other situations if this qualifies?
I entered anyway ")

Head Bangers Ball                              
Big Machine Velvet Revolver                              
please listen and read thank you...                              
I succumb to my submissive needs                                  
and let him skull fuck                                  
his second favorite pussy.                                
His luster stick                                  
slides down my throat                                  
like a silicone covered pill                                  
It's a real thrill                                  
to have my mouth filled.                                  
His milk is fat free                                  
packed with protein                                  
and vitamin C                                  
plenty for me.                                  
He grabs my head and pumps it,                                  
in and out,... he's into it,                                  
yup that's it,...      
up, down and around                                
touch down!                        
Legs above my head now                                  
he slides in                                  
and fucks with my emotions                                  
like a Jehovah's Witness                                  
he has me talking in tongues                                  
then down I go                                  
for more fun.                                  
Two hands behind my back                                  
he licks my pussy from behind                                  
and I fall into his spell                                  
like a sinner                                  
straight outta hell!                                  
On my knees begging like a homeless bitch                                    
PLEASE! Baby PLEASE! fuck this!!                                  
He pile drives me to the floor                                  
leaving me wanting no more!              
Copyright © 2015              
Jackie Doucette aka Zazzles          
All rights reserved.

Twisted Dreamer
Joined 20th Jan 2016
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Wow these are all so cool. Glad I'm not a judge.

Jen I know you been working the ideas behind Amen
And they are all here; seamlessly neat to my eye. It's Divine!
I thought the ending:
"I was a child
I left in many pieces"
gave it all a lot of extra punch and depth. Fantastic way to wrap it up!

Tyrant of Words
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blocat said:Sorry wrong page I'll re-enter it in the men's section!

lol blocat, you're funny...
you made me smile...

Dangerous Mind
United States 11awards
Joined 30th June 2014
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My mouth


in anticipation of...

Give me cherry popsicles

Biting cold
Luscious slush
              Sliding down my throat
I want to put
               cherry-stained lips
                                 Pin you down

                    Now, calescent

As I swirl my tongue
                                (Ooo...I'm wet, drenched
             Torrential rains
                                salty need - as with you)

             Let me suck
                                confection you present
        I shan't relent
                         Icy sweet
                                    Cherry treat
Chased by
                         Calescent heat
                                    Salty sweet
Give me                        
               lots of
                            Cream to eat


poet Anonymous

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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States 154awards
Joined 9th Nov 2015
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I am here with you through this veiled titian night
Of native heat, moving without sly moonlight's

Presence, of this new bewitchment, seeking
Enrichment; amber, the drops of essence,

Residing, the horizon of this mind's eye
Peering out at me, tongue, a darting spear
As both tips of reptilian stealth meet,

While moving through the jungle of your hair
Hiding there, tasting my perfume in the air,

The slippery conch of me contracts around
Your thickness, consuming all of its bounty,

Even as the fire in your belly torches the
Slender quickness of my viper to your snake,

It takes little else in the dark regions of musk
Till I rise up through your sex like a phoenix.

©2016 Jade Pandora. All Rights Reserved.

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