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Beyond the Bedroom

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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Poetry Contest

Write a sexy encounter that doesn't happen in the safety of the bedroom ...
Up to two writes.
Old or new but would prefer new.
No previous DUP winning writes.
All forms welcome including micro fiction (300 - 500 words; flash fiction >1000)
Fact or fiction, your choice.
Collaborations welcome.

One week ... Since it's about public displays of affection - speed is a factor.

If it's a story about the backseat of a car ... eh. Backseat of a police car ... Yes please.

If you add pics or gifs ... suggestive is preferred - nothing hardcore.




Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Love at first sight
He was out walking            She crossed the road
He wanted a coffee            She went in the cafe
He sat in the window          She went to his table
He noted the weather          She agreed it was hot
He had a day off              She was on holiday
He hired a boat               She agreed to the trip
He pulled at the oars         She sat in the stern
He needed a rest              She spotted a glade
He sat on the grass           She lay at his side
He asked of her story         She told him her life
He found her attractive       She responded to him
He relaxed in the sun         She shed her top clothes
He touched her bare arm       She snuggled up close
He lay on the grass           She kissed on his lips
He hugged her warm body       She kissed him again
He loosened her bra           She opened his shirt
He kissed her plump breasts   She asked him for more
He reached for her groin      She savoured his touch
He eased down her skirt       She pulled at his zip
He soon was quite naked       She lay there unclothed
He caressed her all over      She stroked his smooth skin
He entered her gently         She took him right in
                    Hips athrusting
                    Lips adjoining
                    Thighs entwining
                    Passion rising
                    Juices flowing
                    Senses climbing
                    Penis pumping
                    Cunt relaxing
              Until at last their climax came

                    Together as one
                    They lay quite still
                    Together in passion
                    Intense was their thrill
                    In love and together
                    They slept for an hour

He woke up the first          She roused quite soon
He helped to her dress        She assisted him too
He took both the oars         She watched him with pride
He went to his car            She sat in beside
He went to his flat           She moved in as well
He loved her for ever         She bore them a child
He still lives in bliss       She is fulfilled    

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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Thank you for starting off this competition - gardenlover - with a heart warming entry.

Strange Creature
United States
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You walked up behind me with your hands on my hips grinding pelvis to cervix with your tongue against my lips in the middle of the floor as all eyes start to stare yet we do in our thing like theres no one there you slid your hand between my legs as you inched up my thighs staring at me with love as lust set in your eyes juices start to flow creamy like milk your hands a form of satin while my inner lips are silk you gripped me with force so caressing and tight filling me nicely up stroking me just right you got me on a high feeling nothing but its pleasure clit full of pressure as you search for buried treasure we got all eyes on us as you sex me in this club face full of lust and eyes full of love

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Sheltered by a field of flowers
dancing with a Summer breeze
two bodies, naturally naked
lay entwined
on a cushion of stems
sacrificed for their sacred ritual

His strong fingers
run through her soft hair
like joyous children
playing in a field of straw
her serene sapphire eyes
pour over him
filling his soul
with unfathomable happiness

High on her opiate scent
his warm excited breath
collides with her sweet staccato exhalation
together tightly sealed
by voracious kisses
as if newly born
he suckles her ample breasts
clings to her swollen nipples
as they gently rise and fall

Reaching out
resting his rough hands
on her alabaster derriere
steadying her
as she rides the sensuous wave
his life force plunges deep
bathing in her warm nectar
one with the rhythm of nature

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Deep rumbles of thunder
natures timpani
usher in dark gray clouds
heavy with rain
streaks of lightning
slash the Summer sky
the smell of damp earth
mixed with wet hay
refresh and comfort the scene
intermittent moans of passion sound
mid the whistling wind
coursing through gaps
in the sun-bleached red planks
of the ancient barn
she hovers over him
her cascading hair the golden color
of the straw that makes
their lover’s bed
like a newborn babe
he suckles her breasts
as she gently rocks to and fro
on his stalk
rooted deep in her warm, humid soil
bending down
she meet his lips
closing nature’s circle

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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My lover and I walked arm and arm down the dark, deserted city street, happy, laughing..  
The full moon urging us on in playful approval, shining a seductive light on my bare shoulders and in his bright eyes..  
We talked intimately and animated for blocks, heading nowhere. Together in only that moment, like people rarely are but mean to be.  
Clouds drifted over our friend moon. And it started to pour, my lover quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me to dry safety in a brownstone doorway.  
The rain lifted the smell of the street up into the air, and I was snug tight in his chest. I inhaled the scent of him. All of it was intoxicating. We watched everything disappear into a blanket of grey. The rain sounding so cool as it hit the street. The closeness. It all invaded us.  
The effect was sensual and perfect.  
I shivered. He draped his jacket over me, and pulled me in for a long deep kiss. The soundtrack was of grumbling sky, perhaps Mr. Moon unhappy to lose his view of us, his part of the romance.  
He held me so close we were of one hungry body. I could feel his erection against my tummy, and arched into it. He took my hand and placed it on him. I felt his masculinity, rubbed him and he groaned from somewhere low and gorgeous.  
Arroused and alone there in our doorway, I unbuckled his trousers and slipped my hand in.  
I grasped his penis, began stroking him, he nuzzled his head into my neck and backed me up against the door. He exhaled "I need to take you here." There was no question in his voice, half breathed and part growled.  
I became Immediately wet and felt the same need, I lifted my skirt for him.  
He unzipped and freed himself, wrapped my legs around his waist, and pushed up into my cunt with jarring force. I hung on tight, around his broad back and behind his silver head. His hands held my ass, and lifted me. Up and into me he thrusted, hard and furious, my back sliding up and down the door. It didn't last long, it didn't need to. Time had stopped for our desire and love making. It was a few minutes of wonderful eternity.  
He told me to cum, I was already there. He shoved me up one last forceful stroke, and let out a sound of animal release. He came inside me with soul intensity.  
When my feet finally found the ground again, we started laughing. It was just good, the moment. All of that nights moments, not one had gone unnoticed. Not one wasted with distraction from us.  
The rain had stopped. The moon came back. If he had been upset about missing our love making, he had gotten over it like a gentlemen. Forgave us in grand fashion. And good naturedly accompanied us home.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Private Beach

The beach was hot,
The sea was calm;
They came upon a secluded spot
And sat below a palm

Very soon they had removed
What clothes they wore that day
Naked in the sun they moved
Then on the sand they lay

There were no others on the shore
To to see their naked actions
This was a chance to explore
And to test her reactions

She showed she liked the way
His hands caresssed her thighs
Encouraging with foreplay
Until his penis was full-size

She lay back, her legs apart,
He entered her with gusto
Back and forth from the start
Building up a sensual glow

They kept this up for half an hour
Juices flowed a plenty
She marvelled at his sexual power
Orgasms there were many

Whilst they were engrossed
In this sexual operation
A coach tour reached the coast
For an hour's relaxation

The tourist throng came along
Encountering our couple
Stood and watched the goings on
And cheered when they uncoupled

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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WOW! Wow! WOW!

The party is full swing ... Quariee thanks for your scintillating entry, and welcome.

Gahddess Worship wonderful ink.  Gin, lol ... I knew this was a party you wouldn't turn down. Gardenlover, nothing like playing to an approving crowd.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Hillbilly Knockoff Lockup Love

I had been hit..
The durned cashier at the gas station i knocked off was ornerier than i had given him credit for.

I fell hard that night...Twice.
The first at gunshot..BANG!!
I went down in splash of neon yellow Mt. Dew, orange corn nuts (barbeque)
And wads of my fisted pretty cold hard green cash....
The bills futtered up and arround and settled on top of my body, now ooozing red...
"Oh my Gawd! Whut have i done?!"
I heard a mans voice shout..
Then i realized my head was being held up by the ornery cashier..
Our eyes met..magic.
And i swear those eyes were the color of a razzberry slushee...

"That wuz the saddest, purtiest thang i have ever seen M'amm. It looks like i shot a bag of rainbow skittles..and them 67 dollars looked like green butterflies flew round and landed on you. Please forgive me for shootin you in the gut..."
My gut said to scream..
"You shot me for 67 dollars you giant dick!!" But i had very little gut left..
And he started to cry the most beautiful, sincere slushee tears..

They dropped down on my cheeks,
Like a razzberry elixer of life..
And i knew i would live.
I reached up for him...
And his sweet dumb face came down and kissed me.
The second breathtaking fall....
I heard music..

Well, at first i thought it was music..
Then we both recognized the sirens.
"No!! I can hide you! I luh uh uhvve you!" he wailed..
I held my finger to his mouth, "Shhh.."
"Then baby, bring bail and marry me."

The cops came in and pulled my love away..
I felt so alone...
Was momentary chaos, pain and handcuffs, but not in a pleasurable way..
Then, i heard some shouts of celebration..
And some man saying "Bubbah's got himself engaged!"
"To who?"
"To the suspect!"
"Bubbah she is purty! Congradulations!"

They all kindly allowed Bubbah to ride with me in the back of the ambulance..
Said it was the proper thang to do..
And finally, after they got me all hooked up to some morphine, and what not..

They pulled the curtain between the cab and the rear and we were alone.
"M'amm i am now gonna make sweet love to my future wife.."
And he took me there..

It was an exciting ride!
The sirens blaring,
Handcuffed to a rollin bed, again...
He got me right good on a couple of the faster corners..
"Oh Buhhbah!"
"Yes M'amm!"
"Call me Jen and fuck me deep!"
"Are you kinky, or is that your name?!"
My new love diddled my deedee good and hard...
We came simultaneously and then with a giant head rush..
From fantastic orgasm..
The excitement of the evening,
And loss of blood..
I happily passed out.

(Sorry no backseat Lobo..lol..but cops and Sirens...)

. . .
Twisted Dreamer
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I took a deep breath and turned the door handle. I hadn't met Rex Jethry yet, but I was quietly dreading the encounter. I try my damnedest not to pass judgments against my patients, but anyone who does that much heroin and survives to tell the tale has to be a hardened friggin' criminal.

I walked in and just as quickly walked out and slammed the door, my heart racing. There was not one, but two people in that hospital bed – and they were both naked.

“Pull yourself together!” I thought, as I frantically tried to collect myself. “You're a doctor, for Christ's sake. Yeah, it's been a while, but you can handle a little nudity. You're a damned professional!”

I strained to hear some rustling of clothes on the other side of the door, but all was quiet. “Alright!” I announced. “I'm coming in!”

I inched open the door and stuck my head in through the crack. “C'mon in, doc,” said the petite blonde who was in bed with the patient who'd almost died only hours before. “I ain't gonna bite.”

. . .
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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You realize with a sudden sense of finality, the party's over. Rex nods solemnly, wrapped in a sheet, puts out his cigarette in his water cup and proceeds to ignore you as the doctor prepares him for a consultation about his legal options.

You feel chilled by his distance as you quickly step into your jeans and stuff your panties into your purse. You figure it was bound to happen sooner or later, but after sneaking into the hospital to make a present of Marlboro Reds and beef jerky – to say nothing of the mind-blowing sex that followed – you'd have thought you'd have been good for at least a kiss goodbye.

Strange Creature
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ode to a popstaR

The spotlight's 'O' reveals a form to rival Venus's grace
Her eyes flick down to ripened breasts then signal me to taste
A drum beats time as fingers tease and nectar starts to flow
Her nipples harden on my tongue, my hand joins hers below

Her fingers meet my iron shaft, as though in silent prayer
Her agile tongue parts lewd young lips and breathes out scented air
Her open mouth enshrouds the tip now beaded with desire.
As shrieking fans stir heated air which serves to fan the fire,

Now rhythmic, thrusting. lusting loins push deeper for release
And nostrils breathe their fill of musk born sweet as sweat's incense,
Collecting, steeping, deep in crease of cunt, neath heaving breasts
On the chocolate toffee tattooed flesh of the island's rude songstress.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Peaking Early

I was 16 or 17 or whatever
And I still hadn't had any pussy
And all those hormones
And testosterone or whatever
And it was damn hard
Beating off at home
If my mom wasn't bothering me,
It was my sister
And my dad?
Well, he didn't give a shit
As long as you left him alone
But there was this girl in my class
And it was the first time that I felt,
Well, that this girl wants to fuck me
So I got her number
And I don't know what the hell I was thinking,
But I just started blatantly
Telling her we should have sex
She just laughed it off like,
Yeah right, as if
But I kept at it, I was persistent
She wasn't out and out saying no
And I could tell there was something there
So she finally gives in
And I go pick her up
In my mom's minivan
But she's hesitant
She says she needs something to drink
So I drove to this liquor store
In a seedier part of town
On Western, I think
Where if the clerk wouldn't sell to you,
You could always find someone outside
Who would buy for you
For a few bucks
So I got a pint of strawberry schnapps,
Gave it to her,
And headed up to Palos Verdes
Where I heard of this secluded parking lot
That overlooked the ocean
She kept complaining about how gross
The schnapps was
But she kept drinking it
I remember when we finally got there,
I wasn't nervous at all
It was simply time
I had already made out
A bunch of times
And did some heavy petting
I really didn't know what I was doing
But I'd seen some pornos
So I just tried to mimic that
And let me tell you,
It was awesome
We pretty much did the litany:
Blow job,
And I really did use the lotion
I found in the console
To make sweet love
To her titties
I remember "Gin & Juice"
Seemed to be playing
On the radio
The whole time

We went back to that spot
A few times after that
One time I saw a dude I knew
Who was doing the same thing
We rolled down our windows
And greeted each other
As our girls hid in the back
Of our respective vehicles
We just laughed

No one knew what we were doing
Because we agreed not tell anyone
And we always fucked in cars
Because at that age,
We really didn't have
Any other place to go
We even fucked in the back
Of my friend's truck
At The River
During spring break
One time

The last time we hooked up
Was in my mom's
69' Firebird (thanks, mom!)
At the end of my grandmother's
Cul de sac
When we were back on break
From our 1st semesters
At our respective colleges
That was the last time I ever saw her

I've lurked her on Facebook
Like creep a couple times,
But I never found her
She's probably married with children now
Like they all are

And only a sucker looks to the past,
Only a sucker gives into nostalgia,
Only a sucker cries alone at night,
Trying to forget

And, well, I guess
That's what I am

Who are you?

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