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Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

What are you grateful for?
With thanksgiving coming, I would like to see what people are grateful for.
New or old poems

I’ll read everyone’s poems and see who I like the best

I'll post one later myself

Good luck!

Dangerous Mind
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Just something silly to help kick things off.



I stepped into the confessional
Because I couldn’t be thankful
No blessings were given me

Taking a seat like ‘The Thinker’
I tried to remember
A cause for humility

This too shall pass
And I cut loose some gas
Before reaching the TP

What, where, how?
No damn way,
There’s no TP?

Jesus Christ, Christ Almighty!
I exalted divine intervention
Give me Charmin please!

Toilet Paper; a luxury we all take for granted. It may sound silly, but the greatest blessings in life, are the ones we don't appreciate. Keeping in mind, most folks in the world have never touched toilet paper, or have ever used indoor plumbing, nor, have they a real bed to sleep in. If you don’t believe me, just remove the roll after you go. And when the next person goes into the water fed confessional, just listen.  I’ll guarantee you, you’ll hear prayers never heard before

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Thank YOU

As I bow my head at night
I vividly see an amazing light
that vivid dream
my two angels
with eyes that gleam
and hearts of love
making my family team

If ever I get the chance to say
I'd fall to my knees and solemnly pray
Thank you for bringing me joy
I'd thank the world
the universe and more
for my daughters who are
my everlasting
whom I most


Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thanks snugglebuck and RevolutionAL. Both great poems!
Keep them coming

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Here is my poem I did for the comp ^^
It is excluded BTW

Family & Friends II

Sun shining in my eyes  
Wiping the night before from my face  
Forcing myself out of bed  
Working out at the local gym  
Lifting weights for all my lady friends  
Did my routine run  
Got my hair cut  
Took a much needed shower  
Soon to meet up with those who show me  
Nothing but, unconditional love  
How could I ask for anything more?  

When looking around the room  
Seeing those who made me renewed  
Forever loving all my  
Family & friends  

Going to my job  
Same shit different day  
Stubbed my toe for like the fiftieth time  
Rumor mill run-a-muck  
Talk about me and my entourage  
Peanut butter and jelly mofo’s if you tell me  
But bills are paid  
Roof over my head  
Clothes on my body, and a smile plastered on my face  
How could I ask for anything more?  

When looking around the room  
Seeing those who made me renewed  
Forever loving all my  
Family & friends  

I made a lot of mistakes in my life  
Did a lot of things wrong  
But I swear I’m not the crazy one  
Just a crazy magnet  
Or at least the driver to the clown car  
Either way, I know that I have the strength to pull through  
When others still live in a kingdom of tears  
All thanks to my loving family and friends  
So how could I ask for anything more?

Thought Provoker
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Unlikely thanks

Im thankful for the deaths
Of all those i loved
Ripping my heart
Out of my chest
The razor sharp beats
That vibrated through my flesh
The loss of them haunts me
Follows me, swimming through my blood
As my soul continues to bleed
Its amazing how my reality
Is an actual horror story

But through all the deaths
My anger died
The heart flutters stopped
And the nightmare subsides
Because these losses made me who i am today
They trimmed and pruned me in a special way
These deaths were an unlikely find
Breathing life and luster into my spine
Now im standing taller and alittle stronger
No longer afraid to face the pain
Because these death gave me life
To live another day

Strange Creature
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I'm thankful for the people around me who at least pretend to care .
They give me love when they're here .
I'm thankful that my attempts were unsuccessful ,
I'm thankful for the family and friends who make life less stressful.
Everyone should have a friend to pick them up when they are low .
Most of all , I thank the ones who decided not to go .
To have my back so I don't have to fight this battle alone .

Lost Thinker
United States
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Giving thanks

Like a Phoenix raising from the ashes,
I look back on all the horrible things from my past some I have done, others that have been done to me.
I spread my wings I lift my head I look around knowing I should be dead.
I shake it off all that makes me dirty.

Like a rose with many thorns I grow trying to protect all the beauty that surrounds me. Little buds bloom beside me their thorns not quite prickly. I try to protect them with my thorns till they are fully bloomed and can protect them selves.

Like a wolf I find my pack I walk beside my mate showing my loyalty to him, willing to fight to the death I stand beside him I follow him with complete trust. We hunt together, like a true pack we protect each other.

Like a human I love with all my heart, I feel too much, I pray for those who have touched my soul, I'm thankful for all I know. I give thanks for my past no matter how hard it might have been, it shaped me into the person I am.
I'm thankful for my present with all the things that are here and now. I'm thankful for my future, what is to come who knows an adventure awaites me.

I give thanks for all my blessings no matter how big or small they may seem to others. Giving thanks is what everyone should do, as tomorrow is never promised to you.

Guardian of Shadows
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I am Grateful

My companion...
the pout of petulance
the frown on my face
the silence and quiet
they don't mean I'm ungrateful

My listener...
Thoughts are deep
dreams adrift
These are causes
of my perceived indifference

My life...
I'm grateful for your company
I'm grateful for your time
I'm grateful for this existence
I'm grateful for your constant presence

I'm grateful for my companion
that lives in me
My spirit, my soul that fuels my  life.

Strange Creature
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Ode to Spencer

Grateful is my heart for love I receive
Genuinely caring for all my needs
Supportively hugging never to leave
Always the one to do unselfish deeds
Ever encouraging I be myself
Providing me courage to last throughout
Purest intent to always give his best
Spirited and chipper being himself
From rooftops I love you I want to shout
Forever knowing that I'm truly blessed.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Oh wow 😁 Love the poems so far. All were great reads.
Keep them coming 😬

poet Anonymous

I'm grateful that waking up this morning was not a glitch
and that I did not wake up, half naked, in a ditch
I'm grateful to be walking, upright and standing with a vertical pitch
The crutches I used last year were a freaken' bitch

I'm grateful to have food
and the money to buy it whenever I'm in the mood
and clothes to wear to avoid going around nude
and a car to drive to the store in, and for not being sued

For all the things and the people that I have done wrong in the past
I'm grateful to have made amends at last
And, to those whom I may have ruined, my last stone is cast
I am grateful for being able to appreciate nature which, in itself, is vast

I'm grateful to have an educational certificate
in case I decide to get off my pity pot of shit
and I want to have a future to do as I see fit
I'm grateful for my dreams, my good health, and my will to never quit

This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful to be alive
and not anticipating last call in some smoky beer dive
And I will never forget that I have chairs on which to sit
and that I'm not all addicted and shit

I'm grateful for having a few sober years
under my belt; under my tears
I'm grateful to have helped homeless animals whose pain sears
within their souls, as they begged me to adopt them from the kennel they shared with their peers

I'm grateful to have memories of family and the love that they used to bring
up until the time my mother was called away as the angels prepared to sing
I remember the last Thanksgiving when we all sat at a table in a circular seating ring
preparing to dig in to a feast fit for a king

On a whim, I announced to everyone that I wanted to know what they were thankful for
and most looked at their full plates and were thankful for the lovely hors d'oeuvres
But my mother, so quiet and stoic, was thankful that she didn't lack the money to pay her bills and was not poor
And I remember being surprised that she didn't mention her children or her good health; she was taken from us a few months later, forevermore

Strange Creature
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it's my birthday, and i'm not positive
why i dread the dizzying fall into
another year, another short lifetime of
red scarves, black hats, woolen socks,
cheap wine, cuban cigars, coffee with cream,
and the ever-present sensation of bankruptcy.

this year, until my life is restarted again,
i'll throw my skepticism out the window,
like a piece of gum that's been chewed too long,
and try believing in miracles;
after all, my father did, and now he's
given up the ghost: maybe i'll see him this time around.

why does cabernet taste like it smells?
why doesn't lightning strike twice, even if we want it to?
why does my dog have such a bad sense of humor?
maybe i'll find out the answers, and instead of
stepping out in the rain and complaining about the weather,
i can find out how long it takes me to cheer up after a storm.

this past summer, i began to experience something wholly
new: i don't know whether or not it's wisdom, but
i am under the impression that i have been squished by
the hands of god into some mould or form, and
this may be the end result, my body now just an instrument
of my addled mind, attempting to use something called logic.

upon reflection, the past hasn't been so harsh a mistress;
she hasn't always been kind, true enough, but
more often than not, she's given more than taken --
and that's more than i can ask for, presently, but i did
ask for just that, and now that i find myself on the precipice of
a brand new adventure, i'm certain i will be asking again soon.

as i turn my lamps off, those bright, burning reminders that the
darkness is never held at bay for long,
i remember a night long ago, the night i started to fall in love.

it was similar to most other nights that autumn,
cool and crisp and the wind blowing softly,
and maybe it was the mood that got to me.

simply put, it was not just the way the moon struck the pond,
or the way the pine trees creaked like the elderly in church pews,
or the way the leaves eddied around my feet.

simply put, it was the entire air of simply being,
and that was when i fell in love, and why i fell in love with

what will this new year bring me? i haven't a clue;
however, if fate, the weird mistress of reality, is benevolent,
i will enter this next year, this next life, with a new-found sense of


The Gardener
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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My body has been my baseball bat
and I
have cracked it upon a ball,
many a time.
 Despite my wish for self
it resurrects
every time.
You've got to be thankful for a shell so resilient
and I am
indebted beyond the cost.
I've got to be grateful for a husk full of promises,
an inside,
deeply charred.

Here is my communion,
here is an uttered soul,
here are my two pence on the grateful shade -
this body is contrarily open.
It is a whole,
and is
the only thing I will take where ever I
am lucky enough

to go.

Thought Provoker
United States
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You know, I almost gave them up...
These words,
The ability to string together beauty like a strand of pearls
To leave a part of myself on the paper, exposed to the world
Emotional nakedness is certainly the most intimate

I almost gave it up, you know...
The music
The way it soothes my soul
Melody of my emotions, explaining them better than I ever could
How it controls my body, moves my hips, stomps my feet
Hands clapping to the beat of my heart

You know, I almost gave it up...
The joy
Of an uncontrollable giggle and laughing until you cry
Of all the reasons to be breathless, laughter is best of all
The relief you feel after finally regaining control and realizing you let so much go

I almost gave it up, you know...
Sunrises and sunsets
The beauty of a rainy day
The moon and the stars
Simple things that make up your memories
Inhale, exhale; one foot in front of the other

I almost gave up...

But these things are
The essence of

To let them go would mean that I consent to being a shell of myself
Just a sum of parts instead of a whole
Ghost in the machine

If I've learned anything in this life, the only thing I want it empty of, is regret.

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