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toniscales (Lost Girl)
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.Sex Poems.

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest your best sex poem(s)...old or new entry week to enter...

Miss Chi
Tyrant of Words
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No fusion

backwards on the black
upholstered bench.
on top and
under me
the more than once used towel.
try not to think as hard
as you are.
pin me down
by our only connection
your blade and my sheath
butchered together
bleeding out our lust
through the pulsing stream
of our seething body fluids.
Again and again we
melt into each other.
Only the hearts
the hearts will not fuse.

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Wretched .

Those damn lips
Ironing board navel
dangling diamante
in black ink
roses intertwined
in butterflies
of blue
above the soft
shaved lips
I beg to taste
[just linger in]

I loathe those lips
self righteous lips
that ignite
the teenager in me
When my open
gratuitous chin.
[while her eyes
stare at the heavens]

Looked down

Used her

Just used
those lips
to write
this poem-

This dismal poem
which is
as pitiable
as the event
as feeble
as the
"I love you" note
on the dresser

As pathetic as the next one.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Calamity's Dominatrix fantasy for her Sugar Tush

📚After reading your spank ✒    
erotica. I have been fantasizing so many 🆕things I'd like to explore with you John. 🍯 Honey bun. The spank ✋my new favorite expression of love!💖 i have never been inclined to switch 📴 but it interests me now, to take you. Be your Dominatrix for a session of exploration. I'lI take us to a lovely soft 🍃 grassy place I know by the river.  And present you with a rope red Scarf 🎀 attached to the end 👔tell you to tie it around a tree 🌳 then i bind your wrists 🙌 and tell you to lay tummy down over my lap. I pull your pants 👖 down to expose bottom. Rubbing patchouli ♨ scented oil into your flesh, then start with the lightest of swats          
✋repeated carefully ✋placed in same spot,✋each with greater force✋ than the last, until your pleasure filled whimper s and moans change into yelling out my title. I've not yet chosen, perhaps teacher or lady Jen. I spank          
🙋you for pure pleasure until there is a gorgeous sanguinen hand 💗print. I tenderly kiss 💋away your swat stings on your sweet derriere, a new favorite word of mine. 💁i then turn you over on your back and straddle your head 👲hugged tight by my knees face looking up between feminine white thighs to glorious spread slit. Raising myself so that my Dee Dee😻 is just out of reach, slowly kneeling down lower until you can hold my clitoral hood in between your lips. 😘 Suckling there, until I have to rub myself on your toungue and mouth. 📍I sugar myself before, so I leave a sweet taste on your toungue 🍬along with the fish 🐠like natural flavour of woman. Vanilla scented,♨you might taste that as well, I use pure extract, with the sugar, will be like having a 🍪 cookie cunt for an afternoon snack.        
Worked up, and both of us in 🌀desperate need for penetration, 💍 I stand up legs spead across ↔ you like your 🔱 golden Colossus, (oh how my vulva exotica would dangle! Like jewlery 💍.) and lower myself onto your almost painful erection.        
🍆You are engorged and I am💦 soaked 💧💦💦💦 between my thighs, wet cunny 🌸 and ☔Dewey pubic hair trimmed close to my skin so that my pink glittery clit ✨🌟 is exposed through a gap in labia covered in tiny spit curls. I Ease down so enjoying the feel of your mast head as it pushes 🆙into my hot cozy furnace 🔥and I ride. Oh yes! Feeling your cock🚀 🔛 centimeter at a time down up then down again buried balls deep inside me feeling your tip hit my cervix. 👑Increasing pace and force to hit a suicide pitch. A frenzied fuck now, your wrists          
🙌tugging hard at the red Scarf wanting, aye a meniacle needing to take hold of my hips and pull me down until you are so deep inside you are fucking my soul, finding places no man has gone or ever will go. 👙Now bowed over you I give you my nipple🌼 to take between lips then by your teeth telling you to bite. Ahh!          
⚡Faster now my ass thrusts back and forth, my full round breasts swaying in rhthym over you in an💤 hypnotic effect.. My vaginas 🌸walls clutch your penis🚀 oh so tight in a staccato muscular squeeze, phallic milking. Oooh! ⚡Pumped now to climactic heights,    
💫 We are both there baby! On the verge of cumming in wild animalistic abandon I 🐆 purrrr this final cummand "fill lady Jen!" 👑🌹        
You moan in orgasmic reply "yes my lady Jennifer!" 👑        
Awww!!! You ejaculate!! 🌟A furious rush of life giving semen. 💦I need one more stroke to guuussshh💦💦💦 all over your penis🚀 pouring you back out. Your spunk mixed with my 🐯 kitty fluids oozing out down shaft over 💰sack, drips down perineum through ass crack 🌙 and finally dribbles into your puckered hole. 🔴        
I untie you. To allow your hands 🙌free and tell you to dip your index finger into our sex soup and trace my lips with it. 💋        
I kiss 💋 you with sticky, sugared cum covered lips. 👄  yumm.      
Reverting back to my instinctual 🍎Submissive nature, I go back down, face 💇between your legs, and toungue bath you clean.👅👅👅        
Wouldn't waste a drop of your precious silk seminal fluid lover. ❤        
My darlin Sugar tush. 💙        
We lay in glow by river and feed each other cherries. 🍒🍒🍒Lots and lots of cherries Sugar Tush.      

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Big Cock!?

My head invaded, thoughts of him swim..  
Laps in my gap..filled wet by his mind fuck..  
Think i send happy mental good morning cock suck..😁  
Surprise! No dream darlin my givin head tween yo dark thighs..  
Wakey wakey Gin's deep throatin M's snakey one eye..  
Pump fuck up doll..  
I can handle Kings whole dark tall..    
Twist hand in raven hair make me take it all..  
Ruby lips i write impaled by huge cock..  
Purrfucked suction babydoll till get off..  
My mornin to you hope to..  
One King one lil ol screw?  
Read back to mind trip..  
Fingers back to takin dip..  
Red finger tips slow work my slit..  
His voice echos in pullin take my hips.  
Smoke rizin from friction finger lit clit.  
Gonna blow King take control King holy shiiit!!  
Volcano rush goooosh M you want my ass or a lick?!!  
Fuck me there King lubricate with spit..  
Or suck me there King get full juice kiss, luv a sip..!  
Hmmm...yeah leavin now see ya M in Kackalakee just a lil bit..  
My tease justa bit a bitch witch..  
Cum ohn baby you know you love it!  
Cackle  🚬 💋 BANG 🔫

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Nude Religion

Bucking posession my white thigh thrust matched his holy stroke.    
Fucked our demons into submission,  We made an alter out of our bed.    
Our bodies prayed to one another.    
Saught salvation in our shared perversion.    
Two sinners turned holy,    
Seeking saint hood in our pure fuck    
Cock in mouth as I genuflected,    
Took a communion of secretions and head.    
Consecrated cunt became his sanctuary,    
Licked like worship,    
We had Baptized in each other.    
Our cum holy water.    
A rebirth back to virginity,    
His cock probed like Salome,    
My Madonna ran red.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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In the bath !extreme content!

Please forgive any distortion in the audio this time as I actually recorded while in the bath.  
I thought of you when I took my bath today  
Tendrils of steam  
Coalesce with  
Fragrant oils    
Thousands of miles apart  
         By droplets  
Sliding down my nape  
    In my bath  
Across oceans  
Through rainforests  
And amidst humid jungles  
Gathered at the small of your back  
     I want to taste that  
Essence of you  
Distilled and earthy  
    You tell me  
That I am like  
        Females depicted in ancient  
Texts from ages past  
I find this difficult to believe yet  
             Except that I am bewitched  
By thoughts of ancient texts  
                      And comparisons to  
  By waters  
                      Do visions of scarlet streaming against my chocolate taunt you?  
                   You say you want to  
                     Make me bleed  
And lick that from my body as you plunge yourself deep, oh deep into me.    
          When you say these things,  
I want them too and that surprises me  
                      Disconcerts me  
                  Frightens me  
                       Stimulates me  
You want me to    
                     Bite You back  
                     Make You bleed  
                     Lap the blood  
Embrace my wild  
              Am I this wild?  
                         You think so.    
                                     Some inner, primal part of me thinks so too.    
                Surging seas  
These needs  
Are tidal  
                            Cannot be washed  

Dangerous Mind
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She's a long lasting dance kitty
The spot, we  hitty

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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 the mechanic

got the call about 10 pm

Not a booty call
Dead battery call

Babe my car died at the garage at work
The attendant says it's my battery
It won't start even with jumper cables
she tells me

Take my last shot of Jacks
And last drag of the joint I'd been smoking

25 minute drive one way to the 24 hour Walmart
new battery
old car
55 minutes the other way to her job

I want to be mad with her when I get there
And I am
The Mets had just sent the game into extra innings

I get there wearing my jeans, work boots, white wife beater and a

You-called-Me-for-this-shit Attitude

She's wearing that skirt
Yeah that one
The one I hate to love her ass in
The one that I see all the construction guys check her out in
when I drop her off for work

It's a quick swap
The dead for the living
but the connection heads need changing too

We drive to my cousin's shop
I've got a key because I work on my bike there

Again, it's a quick swap
The dead for the living

But now it's time to tithe

I call her over to the work desk
Glide behind her
And start cuffing her wrists to the arms of the chair in front of her with electrical tape
First the left
Then the right

What are you doing?

Shut the fuck up

But I know her and that mouth
So I wad up more tape into a ball
Jam it in
And secure it with another piece

her eyes are watering

Stop being a baby
I tell her as I hike up her skirt

I see your wearing your big girl panties

For her that meant no panties

I get some light chains hanging from the side of the shop
Tie them in a figure eight around her ankles
shoulder width apart and
Around the legs of the chair

So tight that when I step between her legs onto the chains
It forces her knees to buckle
Rocking that bubble ass of hers onto me

Shut the fuck up

Stop being a baby

I grab two big clamps off the desk
The kind for holding work orders or invoices
Rip open her blouse and bra
Clamp one on her left tit
Then right

I disappear into the dark for a moment
Step back into the light with a car battery
already with cables on it

The cable's long enough for me
to make a noose of it around her neck
The connectors dangling between her breasts

Shut the fuck up

Stop being a baby

I've got the munchies now
and instinctively I drop to my knees
putting my weight on the chains between her legs
forcing her pussy down my throat
with my arms coiled around her thighs

She's buckling from my weight and the sensation
But scared to move
as the motion might send a connector right towards her clamped nipples

I stand up and take off my cowboy belt
Lash it across her ass
until it's  pink
Like when you suck on a grape Blowpop
the sweet chewy part comes after licking the tasty dark veneer

Her gagged moans make me
A rock

I use the cables around her neck as reins
And pump deep inside her unmercifully
She's squirting all over the chains below
Her quivering knees making them rattle

I stop to catch my breathe
Didn't give a shit about hers
Reach over her shoulders from behind
And brush the connectors over her clamped nipples

Shut the fuck up

Stop being a baby

Just as it seems she will surely pass out
I prop her up
With my cock in her ass
Slow at first
so she can find the rhythm

And just when we were in sync
And I'm about to explode
I reach over her shoulders from behind
Brush her clamped nipples
With the cables
Moving the living a step closer
to facing the dead

We both collapse to the floor

When I finally catch my breath
I sit up and ask her

Is this why you don't join triple A

She looks over and simply nods


Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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S & M senryu

masked for betrayal  
forgotten vows percolate  
barbed wire kisses
marionnette molle  
tatouages ​​de cigarette frais  
les mains du boucher
(limp marionette  
fresh cigarette tattoos  
the butcher's hands)  


seeking redemption
public annihilation
arched for confession


breadth of her shoulders
grinds cold granite to tittles  
rattling pendulum


dripping black and blue
safety word not forgotten  
i never use it

Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Devil's Cum ! extreme content !

Darkened skies
paint my horizons onyx
thoughts of you
binding my nights

with chains of iron
coiled tightly around
my naked form
creamy pussy open and exposed

lust burns bright
as I struggle
against my restraints

defiantly I react
rebellious in nature
with a firm hand
you chastise me

taming my demons
with collar and leash
on my knees before you
I kneel as if at an altar

saying my prayers
to the powers that be
creaming out Hail Mary's

while petting my pussy
at the devil's throne
I cum at your command

while you spill
your seed
in my wanton mouth

tasting you on my tongue
savoring my communion
drinking your offering

luscious lips
bitten and bruised
now in submission

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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he said ... she said ...  (During the morning rush)

he said ... They didn't have any blueberry scones.  

she said ... Sooooo ...  

he said ... Soooo, what? You said you wanted blueberry, they didn't have any, so that's it.

she said ... I'm supposing they didn't have any cranberry or raisin, or maybe even the chocolate chip they make? Muffins, there's a thought! Maybe a blueberry muffin?  

he said ... (under his breath, gritting teeth) Look at this idiot driving like it's a Sunday.  (yelling) C'mon, some of us have to get to work!

she said ... I guess I should be grateful I got the coffee.  

he said ... Yeah, right. You're welcome.

she said ... You sure you don't want me to drive.  

he said ... Oh my God! What because I messed up your scone order you don't want me driving either Miss Daisy?  

she said ... See, this is why we shoulda fucked this morning.  You've been pissy all weekend; and this is how you want to start the week?  

he said ... I suppose you wanted to be on top.

she said ... Oh bloody hell! Is that what this is about?  

he said ... What this?  

she said ... Look for the millionth time, I didn't go looking for that promotion. Rick approached me.

he said ... But you didn't hesitate taking it.  

she said ... Yes! Yes! Yes I did!  You know damn well I was happy running the team I had.  Besides you're the one who kept harping about how the promotion came with a fat raise, and how that would help with daycare costs.

he said ... Yes but I was saying that for me.  I bust my ass for four years turning that shit department into something real and now you're my boss, again. So now here I am having to get your scones and coffee, and chauffeur you to work every morning.  

she said ... You're being such an ass.  At least when you were my intern it was fun fucking you in the conference room, and on Rick's desk.  

he said ... Screw you.  

she said ... Yeah well, you blew that this morning big fella.  

he said ... Tell me honestly, did you even really, I mean really push for me to get that spot.  

she said ... Yes I did. I told you, they like your work, love it in fact.  

he said ... So what the fuck?  

she said ... No blueberries.

he said ... What?  

she said ... If there weren't any blueberry scones, ask the store manager, 'Why not?' Walk into the goddamn kitchen if you have to and demand some fresh blueberry scones.  Make them yourself if you have to, in their kitchen.  That's what I'd have done for you.  I always have, and I always will.  

he said ... Sometimes I think they don't respect me because I was your intern.  And now ...  

she said ... You think it's easy on me babe?  Look I'm up at 4 a.m. every morning, pumping my 40 something tits to have milk for our manchild of a baby boy.  And lemme tell you, pumping these tits for milk, as gorgeous as they still may be, ain't as easy as squeezing milk out of your 20 something cock. Hell, ten years from now you'll be running the whole damn company, and people will look at our son and think I'm his grandmother; but the first bitch that calls me your mom - I'll break her jaw.  

Anyway, why don't you take the short cut.  

he said ... We've got time, let's just not talk about the promotion, your promotion anymore.  

she said ... I know we've got time.  That's why you're gonna pull over in that empty lot on Messing and fuck me in the back seat. You might as well sleep your way to the top you pretty young thing, and screw your boss at the same time.

he said ... Oh, is that how you got the promotion?  

she said ... Please. You know Rick, if anything he wanted a piece of your nice tight ass, not mine.  And don't take out the car seat this time.  That thing's a bitch to get back in for an old lady like me.  

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