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toniscales (Lost Girl)
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Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Abide with me...

Seven days remain... dig up the inhabitants and play the scene. Show me a dark flick... inhale the fear and bleed horror on to these pages.

The stage is set ... bring on the players.

New work only
Collabs welcome
Prose or poetry
600 words max
One week...

Dangerous Mind
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St. Peter

Hear the screams echo
Off the concrete walls?
Smell the urine in the air?
But you look around
And no oneís there

Teeth extractions
LSD experimentation
Hysterectomies of healthy
Uterus and ovaries

From the helpless
By the merciless

'As seen on Titicut Follies'
Morbid sadists vaunted
How can these snake pits
Not be haunted?

If you donít believe in ghosts
Farewell and sleep tight
You have nothing to fear
Spending the night here
On this Hallowed Night

Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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Danvers State Asylum
† †
† †
Among the abandoned furniture † †
tortured souls remain, † †
up close and personal † †
this is their domain~ † †
their place of pain... † †
† †
Locked doors † †
barbed wire on the gates, † †
four point and mouth restraints † †
outside will become only a view, †
if you end up here † †
oh the things they will do...

Dangerous Mind
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I dunno
I get to lie in
Mah own puddle
I got somethin
Leastways it dont get taken from
Me too quick
I get to
Smells too
Once i had a broken pencil
Had it for a week
Should of erased the pics
They were little
In the crevices and corners
Bu tom saw them
They moved me
To a room
With a camera
I did somethong funny
With myself
They came running
Put me in the shirt
Where i cant move
Stick me a shot
I cant daydream
It takes away my dream

I spend my days
Watching them
Learning them
What makes them be happy

I fly under the radar
Learn to act submissive
Thas how Im gonna play it
Thas how Im gonna make them
Let me go
Then I gonna come back
an work for them
then I gonna poison 'em
one by one

Thought Provoker
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Flawed Engineering

the angst creeps in.
the angst eats me.
I see I no longer have a purpose,
and without that purpose,
I will be hunted,
because I won't go down easy,
I will be hunted,
and terminated.

Nobody has lived past
their alotted appropriation.
But I'm different,
I'm violent.
And they can't understand
how I became this way.
They engineered me,
And now
I will take them down,
to dust,
to dust,
to their fast graves.

Tyrant of Words
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Great start, poets, thank you for those delightful delusionals.

Hold still, this won't hurt... Next!

Guardian of Shadows
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Stygian Refugee

I ran from the room behind
my eyes, and overturned the beds in haste,
on the way out.  Dear meó
I really want to right them; it bothers me
that they look messy, and that I didnít clean up
after myself, but
Iím not allowed to go there anymore, so
they must stay as is.  

Someone else will fix them.

Itís fascinating, isnít itóthe I.V. that infused
me with your emotions and mindsets; it still
hangs, waiting for me, or perhaps another
I wondered ďWhat ifÖ..?Ē and pulled it from
my vein, and it didnít bleed.

I forgot how to bleed.

I did my duty.  I told my heart that
it was just the excitement of love, each
time it jumped into my throat at
the sound of you opening the
garage door.   My bowels sank, too,
when you came up the stairs, ready
for the required run-down on my day.  

I learned to tell you what you wanted to hear.

Then one day, your maggots
ate a small sliver in the door, and light came in,
and shone on what was really there in the dark,
Stygian depths beneath the scab of our home.

It all makes sense, now, but I waited
a little longer to be sure I had you
in a place where you couldnít
worm out of, without
being exposed.  You hate exposure.
Itís ugly like Hitler, and he kept
prisoners, too.

I used my key, and burst through
the doors that looked made of steel, but
were only gauze; transparent, fragileó

I had the key all along, but never new it.

Let the beds, lie; someone else can make them
and clean up
the remnants of my departure, as
a refugee within my own life.

Twisted Dreamer
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I hear the knocks, the taps, and scratching
Of something in the darkness hatching
I listen to its rasps and hisses
With needle teeth and promised kisses
My door was shut and now its not
Reminding me of fear forgot
It's in my room now, it's in here with me
It's darker somehow, the black is shifty
I cover up and hold on tight
Oh my god I wish for light
Drawing near I hear it wheezing
Gripped with fear my tears are freezing
It's bearing down and closing in
Says I'm your friend, just let me in
Should I believe and loose my grip
Let go of me, just let it slip
Into my mind, surrender choice
To its design, its sticky voice
Face to face now, with a blanket veil
We end the chase now, I end my tale
I let it in and let it be
I let it win, now it is me
Death of soul, I've given birth
Now once again, he walks the earth.

Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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The Host ! extreme content !

twisted in my visions
I loved every last one of them
cold succor, darkest release
tightly coiled and ready to spring
sulfurous perfume, cloying
clings to me announcing my presence
German SS soldiers still marching
in the bodies of the living damned
hell's pyre burning here on Earth
in the middle of the psych ward
my placement in the hierarchy
put in four point restraints
my demons rose to the surface
getting demonically dangerous
using my hands and mouth
to cast black magic and set shit on fire
deranged demons insane
these are the most vicious type
pressing in on their host
biting tearing and clawing
then there are the creamy ones
these are wickedly sexual
showing me their ideas
of sex appeasing them in my mind
as demented as I am
they make me squirm with their ideas of pleasure
though I give in writhing in orgasmic agony
no one can make me cum the way Lucifer can
tearing back my face
see the lunatic
ticking out her wicked verse
can you hear legion's curse?
licking and tasting my cunt
inhabiting my soul
feeding me visions
of serial killers
plastic bags placed over women's heads
as they're raped in the ass
wash boarding them fucking them hard
as they buck in the throes of death
this is some of the perversion
that my demons show me
they creep not in the shadows
walking in the flesh of mortals
they are among us not in chains
hell is on Earth they march on
sending their clawed tendrils
from this host to the next
I'm Lucifer's sexual mount
cunt always open
on display should my Darkest Lord
walk this way

Thought Provoker
United States
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really your talk of insanity is a terrible deception
there is and can be no such thing as insanity
as insanity demands the existence of sanity
and of all the things I've found in the world so far
sanity has yet to be one of them
silly talk really
we're so afraid of being different
nobody has noticed that we're not the same
that we're not sane
that we're not insane
but don't take my word for it
I write down the words I hear in my head
I think they're mine

Tyrant of Words
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Cheers, for the entries, poets. Please consider adding a title, those that haven't yet.

Only two days to go. Time machines not allowed.

poet Anonymous


Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Little V

I was tired of being, wanted and yet...  
Wanted was the easiest attention to get...  
Couldn't get no Satis fuck shun..  
Was playin death by catholic scool gal master ba shun...  
Only burried by small cocks deep an unalive...            
Alter boys playin with their he man toys talkin confessional jive..        
Right oblivious to my rolled cat eyes...  
This Sugar and spice turned on by smurf was justa lil smurffette.          
But had big girls thoughts of              
And put big girls things in            
No knowing of then, the cry of cherabims Regret.            
I met him at twilight at Silver Springs   Park.            
The beast pulled rough mih legs apart...            
Pulling my panties down and the beast he laughs...      
Only one finger in your tiny gash?      
He laughs at me some louder when he enters and i gasp..            
C'mon my pretty, you allow me a little fun..            
Gimme a girlish squeel my little one..            
Hehe i will...question. Mark?        
Fuck i wanted away from that park.          
Gitchy bitchy fuck and goo!              
Satan's gonna nail the stupid poon!!          
Then..gone gone Jenny Jen!        
Quite ripped apart by my romance with sin...  
Raped by a devil left longing suicide..
Screams strangled a desperate wanton sigh..          
That feral fuck of my soul caused lil girl gone cry.    
Used up by blues and left to die..        
Bloodied beaten beside road side...    
Lil poon no mo...        
Was woman now..hear my demons roar...?    
Was Almost tickled dead alive!!            
But my girlish shrieks did not lead to die..      
Yeah.. Jennygirl (no more) got screwed by an AWESOME guy..    
Quite the bloody fuck of a fucking good time.

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