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Viddax (Lord Viddax)
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Poetry Contest

Break out your most intriguing and difficult vocabulary
I love what I call "Googly" pieces - works with words that make me have to look things up and learn new things.

Expand my vocabulary and wow us all!

Name It
1 submission
2 weeks
Proper spelling throughout
No explicit sexual content - I'm far more easily seduced by brains than by netherparts and functions
Link it

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
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Femme Fetale'

miss femme effectuated
halted anchoring thread thongs
exhaled legerdemain sophism
at the perfidious sauntering
inscribed malignant, reverberated
quill upon her wry
and taught sagacious
scowling luminaries nocturnally

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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prodigiously wonderful tournament conceptuality.  

poet Anonymous

Title:  Ladies and gentlemen of DUP

As I prepare to disgorge rhetoric of a different kind
made of my thoughts and fears
all released from my mind
long hidden behind my tears

My emotions and my bare soul
scream as I ponder whether life is a debacle at all
and why I have begun to exert my feelings, from young to old
into the lines that are expressed in my scrawl

When my flowery journey started
I doubted true ascendancy
But at the very least, history would be charted
Wherefore, I discovered my tendency

To express what lies within so deep
is to live in disquietude
For if discovered, one might not take the leap
or experience such gratitude

As if it feels after purging
a raw and unabashed release of anger
for example, when pain is surging
and you are unable to unshackle and untrap yourself from danger

For me, I fancy hiding behind the pen and paper
writing about whatever and whomever I want
and leaving readers wondering, now and again
if I am, to them, revealing myself or disguising as I vaunt

Be assured, ladies and gentlemen, of DUP
This author is guileless
what you read is, to date, all of me
and I hope to leave one or two of you emphysematous

Twisted Dreamer
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Ineffectual pursuit,
of a cure.
Episodic Disinhibition
Bovine Spongiform
Burrowing my path
through your mind.
See spot run.

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Tyrant of Words
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      archaic chanson

a lexicon I harvest from the soil
as silver bells around the tongue would coil
regard my song as brackish poetry
untrench a rime of cryptic melody

a trine of lovers tending me
(do count him fair, who garners three)
the moon is shamed; the blemished sun
a man bequeath to only one

on bended knee, I offer this:
my heart and hand, my sullied kiss
her tears entreat that I have sinned
confess my guile to the wind

awaken now (I’ve dreamed enough!)
in shearling rags and tattered cuff
a heart forsaked; of fain unknown
and walk away, who walks alone

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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witch hunt

antediluvian bathysmal conjures delusional episodes
forging gruesome harbingers injestng jollity

kinship languishes mercilessly nullifying obeisance
pathogens quash righteousness subjugatng thaumaturgy

undulating venom waterlogs xerothermic yearning zealots

misera est servitus ubi jus est aut incognitum aut vagum

miserable is that state of slavery in which the law is unknown or uncertain

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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पसन्द करना {pasand karana}

I have been resurrected  
Fleshly Restored  
My new fountainhead jongleur paramour  
No dilitante my darlins skills seduce  
His raconteur enchants my raconteuse  
His carnal speils filled with bawdy stings  
Writes His moon festooned in rose fingerprints  
Bares manly derriere for sensual !whop!  
Animalistic alegories drive me to  a bestial she bop  
A furious finger fuck to calm aching dee dee  
My philosopher stone rubbed thought of my new deity  
My buddha nature man devours my every thought  
Caused pell_mell decent into love lionized worship of him  
Like Asenath Pharoh's daughter for Joseph i purified scent of other men  
I bathed for renewal not in waters but suffused in ash  
Caused a swarm of bees to take wing out of my gash  
Besieged by them breathless in furious swarm  
They veiled my lips with purging honeycomb  
Honeyed nectar purified as if no other mans name has ever been moaned  
Now my troubadour i belong and lie with you alone  

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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'Congenial Epoch'

Endeared Tellurian,

It is imperative I postulate my admonition
of such confabulation of incongruous tribulation,
wherein discourse persists irreconcilable
and exists dissimilitude and in essence disparate
to rhetoric requisite concerning cogitation,
pertaining to articles orientated untoward
enlightenment eclectic in quintessence.
Further aggrandisement and ejaculation
in nature malapropos and salacious,
of hoi polloi prerogative for affirmation of articulation
yet in legitimacy for veracity of infallibility
are lax, inapplicable and derivative,
warrant embroilment moreover inexorable of altercation
justifying defenestration and chastisement
for perpetrators, flaccid conjointly squalid
in unreserved ruminating presentation
concerning conversation informative
and verbalization of variegated vocabulary
in multifarious principality.
Reiteration of deliberation shall dissuade
further spurious yet beguiling perspicuous
elocution anathema to prevalent avocation and theorem.

Congenial Epoch.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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RevolutionAL said: P.S.

prodigiously wonderful tournament conceptuality.  

Agree Al it is a
Prodigious and wonderful tournament concept.

Quitely agreed!

Guardian of Shadows
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Medical-ese: A Tour Of Body Fluids

‘Tween liver and limb,
there’s organs, within
the cavity called “peritoneal”,
but what’s not really great,
is an exudate,
that leaves everything feeling congealed.

‘Tis better, instead,
what’s in your head,
that oozes from choroid plexus;
it bathes the brain,
spinal-cranium drain,
and the neurons—ah, don’t forget us!

Now we all know this,
the fluid called “piss”,
is an ultra-sifting of plasma;
bladder inflated,
take a whizz, lest it cause a miasma.

A pleural effusion
is not like funk-fusion,
but rather, a drowning, instead;
sphingomyelin surfactant,
gives lungs, their action
but overflows make for quick death.

The joints called “synovial”
can keep you quite jovial
so long as they’re lubricated well;
but if crystals build up
as uric acid’s used up,
the gout will cause painful hell.

So remember, my friends,
the fun never ends—
there’s far more to medical, than here;
Clostridium infection
without early detection,
will spew liquid poo from your rear.

Dangerous Mind
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Some brilliant stuff here I wish I'd have seen it early enough to conjugate a few coagulated pseudo-phyto remarks of pisspotical prose or untruncated rhyme and rhythm. I'm a righteously recalcitrant rogue with a recidivistic  penchant for postulating thermionic theories more conducive to calculustic correlations of neoclassical diatribes of puritanistic, pluralistic  puke.That in itself is fulgent in its ferocity though feeble when compared to the existential arguments coupled with augmentations of that geriaticfied  foolish old fraud Freud.
This dissertation is, as you will have ascertained, copiously covered in a bovine excremental collage more commonly associated with the witless witterings  of a wounded whelk. Castigate me if you will but know this: One day I'll be known as a wit. They tell me I've already reached the half way stage!

poet Anonymous


from penknife
to corpuscles;


I am untenanted

Tyrant of Words
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Thanks for the 2nd place votes & thumbs up to Viddax. great competition...

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