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mjs211 (MikeTheEngineer)
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An animal that you love

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem not too long about your beloved pet, or a stray or just any animal you grew affectionate towards
Should Not be endlessly long
Emotional/Funny (whatever is your forte)
Just about any animal (not human) you cared about
Maximum 2 entries per person

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Puppy My Puppy

love that he rubs his head
against my hands
when I feed him
his favourite food

love that he licks my finger
when I give him a piece
of KFC
O puppy my puppy

he whines at night
and wants a cuddle
but no puppy no
you have your bed

he barks at cat
black as a bat
who stares at him
in utter dislike

puppy my puppy will grow
and no longer be fluffy
but a tall big husky
and chase the naughty
cat away.

poet Anonymous

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viejo lobo

blackened coat worn as armor
war torn
blood stained  
dogged ear and fading eyes
viejo lobo

he spies a curious sight
fallen timber in the meadow
furious flight protects the nectar
ay dios mio
stings endured  

su miel es tranquilo
a taste that coats his tongue
and chin

as it dries it whitens his goatee
he is forever marked by her,
this honey in the fire

Tyrant of Words
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She calls me Papi

Ssssh ....Crack  
Sssssshhhh ....Crack!

If this motherfucker cracks that whip on my ear one more time  
I'm gonna make him eat it
Then eat him

"Up Leo!"  
Ssssh Crack!  
"Up I say!"

Yeah yeah I know the routine
You say up
I go up
You say down  
I go down  

I know something else too
Today is not the day to try that your head in my mouth shit
Otherwise I'll give these hillbillies the show they really paid to see

How in the fuck did I get here anyway?
Which one of those incestuous Greek bastards did I piss off that badly

Zeus? He needs to learn to keep his cock in his pants
Or wear a condom
Mars? He's too busy setting the world on fire just to get a hard on
Hades? The devil himself, spends half the year with his hand up
his niece's skirt

Legend has it twas Venus that damned my kind
Now I'm stuck with this asshole in his two sizes too big ballon pants  
and two sizes too small pith helmet
Playing Lord of the Beasts,  
The Great African Hunter

Hunter my ass
He tried eBay then Craigslists to get me
And finally found this link

I am demonized
And demoralized
Then held as a Demi God

I am lacerated
Then left to languish
Then lionized when men like him need to find some balls

Shows over
Go home  
Fuck you very much folks

Forget that sign,  
By all means, Do Feed the Animals

If he really wanted to give me a treat
Then let me eat
That marsh mellowed faced kid
overstuffed with hotdogs and cotton candy
sitting in the third row

I retreat to my cage

Then she walks in
My Rhiann

She doesnt call me by my clown name
I'm her "Papi"  
She comes to care for me
Brings me water
Feeds my body as well as my broken soul

Today she has a rose in her hair
My beauty, a  Bronx born boriqua  
Runaway to join the circus

Her skin is caramelized like mine
Both robbed of the joy of the sun by those who would tame us
Marginalize us

"Aqua?" Rhiann asks of me
She lets me lap it from her hand  
My tongue is rough
But I am gentle with her  
She trusts me  
Let's me rest the weight of my deflated existence upon her

"Venga aqui Papi"
She wants me to move my head so she can tend my wounds  
inflicted by his whip

Aqui Rhiann?
I eagerly move to the rhythms of her request
I let her feel the weight and thunder of my heart as I lie there
I can hear hers too
She is a doe

Venus is pissed off
So we are star crossed  

I am both king and slave
Shackled and barred
Only knowing whispers of her love

"Te amo mucho Papi", she coos  
I slumber

There's a matinee tomorrow
The show doesn't have to go on
It just does  

Dangerous Mind
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Swimming, swimming

We found a young turtle trying to cross the road.
Tiny little thing,
hunter green marbled fantastically into mustard yellow
with angry orange flecks about it. We picked him up
and gave him a name, a backstory, like a little moving doll.
We took what we thought was good care of him—
reading up on diet and habitat,
testing vegetables and meats to see what he liked,
digging up worms (half because he voraciously devoured them,
half because we liked to watch them thrash as he fought them),
setting him in a pretty tank with pebbles sloping into water.

To us, it was a back-and-forth:
we invented his appreciation,
mistook his appetite for satisfaction,
viewed his helplessness as affection.
We marveled at the fairytale life we had given him.

To him, it must have been something more sinister,
inscrutable gods that giveth and taketh away,
parceling out kindnesses with a clumsy largesse
then disappearing with no indication of coming back or ever having existed.
All he could do was bide his time and make feeble attempts at escape.

We would occasionally take him outside in a large plastic bin
and set him in the grass to be with nature.
We figured it’d do him good.
He would immediately swim to the deep end of the bin
and rush headlong at the plastic, swimming, swimming,
trying to get through the invisible barrier
to the tall green grass beyond.
We’d leave him awhile then bring him back inside.

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Thank You for the wonderful poetry. I wish I could give you all awards but I couldn't.

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