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Color of Rain

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

What is the color of your rain?
Old or new (no previous winners)
No word count (but please keep it at reasonable length)
No collab
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Up to 2 entries max
2 weeks duration

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States 28awards
Joined 22nd June 2015
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The Voices

Usually my Jennifer is sunny, filled with white light.

I have an illness that sets in.

And the clouds that appear during my sick mania are ominous.

Telling of the storm brewing in my head.

Thunder a warning: Don't dare listen to the voices Jennifer, they are liars.

Grumbling voices speaking lightning flashes of insanity.

Altering objectivity and judgement.

The aftermath blues, down and dirty isolation.

My God how quick Sunny white does become total black.

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone 109awards
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Meat for the Stones

Cobblestoned scales ripple over the serpent's skin serving as headstones of an antebellum past

I run to dodge the bombardment of hailstones camouflaged in charcoaled mist

The wind plays tag with me and catches its prey,
She pushes too hard
And I am sent careening across slickened stoic skin

A warm crimson trail starts at my nose and is diluted by the rain as it meanders through the crevices of each flake

I hear howls of laughter in the wind at my demise
Vibrating street signs chortle along
at the cruel joke that is me, fallen and drenched

I stand to see a few hunkered in doorways as if to play hide and seek
They've lost in this folly too for they're lashed and taunted for not finding safer haven

Briny whispers breach the sea walls and waft o'er head
I can taste the salt now mixed with the blood  in my mouth

The sky is kindled and all is illuminated for a nano second
An accompanying baritone roar staggers me

I knock pitifully at a stranger's door
My doleful eyes and reddened spout the cost of admission

Thought Provoker
India 2awards
Joined 29th Aug 2015
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I can smell the rains
I can feel it pass by
I can smell it come like a streak of silver light, and smell it leave
I can capture its ambivalent aroma very easily.

I can smell the lavender in a thunderstorm
Of blood-red pouring rain, my eyes are scorn
Yellow Fireflies and contrasting frogs
Chortle around in the friction-filled misty fog

You must wonder how its scent might be
Its not easy to comprehend or to explain.
The rain smells of opportunity, its the feeling of a bold magenta freedom.
There is so much to tell, its hard for me to refrain.

Rains is all about baby pink and Happiness
Its all about being yourself and flowing.
Rains guide you through
Sometimes they do so with harsh blowing.

The rains dont always smell good
Sometimes they are black, bitter and rude.
They want you to learn a lesson
Yes they are, at times curt and shrewd.
They hurt you black and blue

The fragrance of rain is smelt my all.
You just havent noticed it yet
The trees tell you the flowers give you an example,
Of the message the rains wants you to get.

So next time when it is about to rain
Close your eyes and let the rains talk to you
Through their aromatic rainbow of expressions
Let them tell you what they do.

poet Anonymous

In cogni (tu)?  (Of Rain)

my rain falls in slow motion and blurs
across windows that might as well be movie screens or
big automatic doors leading out to Main Street

it gathers in silver lined puddles around your indifference
streaks past the alleys where my mind left the questions
and stains my world the way only nothing can

like watery rings our cups didn't leave
by a stage where we never played
it drips slowly then runs to that place so far away
it mustn't have existed

my rain sounds as loud as only silence can
the refrain a recollection of nothings
filling up the gaps in my thoughts
pauses and drops like infinity
into emptiness

Guardian of Shadows
United States 87awards
Joined 17th Feb 2013
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Graves Among Lavender

I am the smile behind the headstones that
feels the dead watching
in approval, when I write for them,
and dust off the flowers, preserving
their remnants of life, on film.

I am the graves among lavender, rooted
and reaching for the skies.

I am the wind that folds the waves, in
white-capped, turbulent seas, rushing
ashore, roaring and exposing where
each black sand dollar lies
in the swirling eddys.

I am the graves among lavender, stepping
from the soil and ashes.

I am the train on the abandoned rails, rolling
riding, endlessly, just to see
where they go
and not wanting to ever stop, for missing
what’s around the next bend.

I am the graves among lavender, freed,
like dandelion fuzz, cleansed in the rains.

Thought Provoker
Joined 24th Apr 2014
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Pink Rain

her cloud, a tight little slit of a muffin
at first a trickle of sticky sweetness ran down her canyon
then a sprinkle of creamy icing gliding down her hills
I was a mountain, hard and erect
I poked her cloud with my rod
she wailed, a clap of a cataclysm
a thunderstorm stirred and a deluge engulfed me
her thunder moaned and her valleys shook, jerked, and twitched
she was having a fit
my mountain covered in her cottage cheese
then the flood drowned the terrain
when it rains it implores
I am drowning in her mayonnaise

Dangerous Mind
Joined 17th Aug 2015
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The Grey was the colour of the rain

me find you
the unsung songs
hidden in the deepest sea

Bring you the wicked souls of night
split from the morning dew

Let’s sit on tombstones and sing to the remains in the grave
Feel the cold rain drops on the faces while we look up at the grey

Come with me sweet princess let’s burn down more cathedrals
Walking through the flesh of the young bodies with their clerical wardrobes

Smoke mist up the atmosphere making a dream to celebrate our love
Let’s build a citadel for our selves with the skulls and bones
Decorate the walls with in shades of skin tones

I will be the darkness to your light
I will be the one to hold you tight
I will be in the front row in your fight

Now sleep tight sweetie,
and leave your
night mares
to me

Tyrant of Words
Spain 8awards
Joined 3rd Mar 2013
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Raven Desk Why ( The New Moons Reign)

Have you seen
an onli
frolicking in the trees
trapezeing  vines with ease
balancing across branches

as keymons
laugh and shout
at the  cockpeas
dancing in plaid grass skirts
to the smooth beat
drumming from the keydon quarto

flutterbys flutter by
darting across the nights sky
even whites
so intricate
the display
as  saurodins
sing somber songs
the new moon
the rain
and the things to come

the phelleants
trumpeted loudly
signalling the eves end

Raven desk
is like a writing

Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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smell of turpentine

a mind fervently fevered
stuck in nothingness
looking through holes
into plenty

feeding on nothing
just wishing everything
faded into white
and blinked off

the raindrops fell
pale grey against the light
of far away

the colours of her rain
as it invigorated someone else
their laughter mocking her.

poet Anonymous

Wow, what a great start!!

Thank you Grace, Carpe, DeJure, Bo, ML, Miki, Aarti, Lsp and Jen...for all your amazing poems :)

Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
Joined 14th Aug 2013
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...Emotions Forecast...

Today's weather forecast is:
30% chance of rain.
As the plane departed and left a long trail of smoke,
A long trail of fragmented memories
I couldn't tell which was more painful
The fact that the plane was going to fast for me to catch
Or the plane was moving to slow to forget...
50% chance of rain.
And as the distance grew rapidly between us
The time where I'd forget her draws nearer
As the plane disappeared from sight
All that remained was the trail of smoke
And the piercing sounds of the engine,
With her voice echoing off the walls of my ears
"Goodbye, my love... "
80% chance if rain.
Soon logic and reasoning had left me too
All because I had forgotten to forget about her...
Oops,  I had almost forgotten about that too
But no worries I am not alone,
For I still have loneliness
with me
Today's weather forecast:
Overcast skies with severe thunderstorms
Do I need to elaborate?

Strange Creature
United States
Joined 10th Sep 2015
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When we see another rainbow do we admire or do we chase This life that we never atire in some points we slip and fall in the mud our problems that don't disappear when running from when you have given up and lost your hope the sun piercing rain you look up and laugh is it a joke

Tyrant of Words
United States 24awards
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Thunder and Calm

The afterglow is dim, more like a shadow but i love it anyway.
Rain pours onto my skin like rose petals and stardust dancing
around a child's face...

And I'm not afraid of the aftermath as it's always clear
and my rain isn't foggy but freeing.

Yellow Daisies and Cherry blossoms bloom
I feel alive when my blue rain comes calling
and bright skies turn grey.

Strange Creature
United States
Joined 10th Sep 2015
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Dopee !

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