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Best of best ... Part I (most reads)

Guardian of Shadows
Sierra Leone
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Poetry Contest

Post your two most read poems that aren't categorized as erotica
Got this idea from another competition ...

For this one post your most read poem that is not erotica.  

You may post up to two poems, and Yes it can be a prior winner of a DUP competition.

Judging will be done by participants ... If you post something I'll ask you to PM me your first three choices of poems that are not your own.

If you don't vote your piece(s) will not be considered in the final tally.
Points for voting: 10-9-8 for first - second and third.

Also, please ... please take a moment to vote on a few of the abandoned competition pieces.


- Missy -
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They start
with staccato
electric eyes,
pin-prick veins

they inhale my conscience
the sweetest vapor
blunt knives and jasmine
on crushed velvet lines,
they whisper

I receive.

There's a hollow
in the arch of my throat
where they breed religiously
holding my neck hostage
with loaded lies

they slither through
the plates of my spine
whet the cords with lies
and suck on the poison,
choking on Eve's apple
rotting the core slowly.

Bent back, my ribs
house the macabre chandelier
that cages horrors of their psyche;
I place my ear to their chests

and wait

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She is morning.I am night      
 ( )

the dawn & dusk can never meet
She is morning. I am night
I chant my dirges in the shadows
She weaves her wonders in the light

tortured lovers, fate has made us
heartbreak lingers, dispelling bliss
equators separate our hearts
we’re never close enough to kiss

somnolent lord, that rules my day
how can She ever find me?
I worship under the druid moon –
nocturnal chains that bind me

to crash the gates, that love, deny
to flee my prison, rise in flight!
and hold Her for the sweetest moment…

but She is morning. I am night

Thought Provoker
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Drug of Choice

There's no need
To smoke it like weed
Cause it'll succeed
In getting you high indeed
With a speed
Like lightning.
It's rather exciting
And enlightening
But frightening
To watch your world igniting
As your brain explodes
And your mind corrodes
Your heart implodes
You lose control
And your hold
On reality
And insanity
Takes over, as gravity
Sinks into the cavity
Of depravity
And all is lost.

Honestly, this is surprising, I wouldn't have guessed this would be the most read!
Written by harliequin
Published 9th August 2015 9:36pm
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Thought Provoker
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Abused Anger

I'm fine
is the standard line
because it's easier
than the truth

It's an awkward smile when
your tongue is wriggling your bottom tooth
and you're really
with the anger raging
through you
with ruthlessness

Caged and enraged
and somehow sheltered
by your helplessness

Violent movies playing on an endless
loop, so paralyzed with
anger you can't sleep or
even move,
keeping you restless
and discontent
unable to vent your frustration
or get appropriate

Because no one really understands
what it's like to have someone's hands
around your throat,
their fist to your face,
the way your heart races
every time you begin
to replay it again and again
bringing the rage to boil just beneath
your skin,
mingling with the fear
that if anyone gets too near
you know you'll blow
just like he did
and you'll be no better than him.

Written by harliequin
Published 11th August 2015 10:44am
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Goth Girl

Her long black hair
A dark veil over her pale white skin.

Her painted black lips
A warning, an invitation to taste what's within.

Her silver piercings on her lips
So inticing, come close she's in the mood for biting.

Spiked heels and black fishnet stalkings
She turns heads but she keeps walking.

The moon shimmering on her
She's in her glory, a dark queen,

A goddess she is
She keeps walking.

Seeking her dark lord
Soon in his embrace she will be.

His caresses so sweet, his kisses so deep
Could only come from one, her dark goth love.

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For thirteen years
you held me in your bosom
me so drugged up
unaware I was in prison.

Everday I rose early
to drink your bitter juice
I was always in a crunch
to get my methadone and feel that rush.

I was kept isolated and alone
swimming in your pink loveliness
it was all I needed to feel right at home.
no feelings, no love
no one could get in
no emotions allowed
with methadone this being unforgivable sin.

Awake all night
asleep all day
methadone you ruled my life
a king you truly reigned.
less then one percent
have ever succeeded to shake this habit
Crimsin you're a lifer
freedom you can't have it.

A year later methadone free
in the one percentile
I can't belive this is me.
getting to know who I truly am
scary but exciting.
trapped in that pink bubble for so long
I had abandoned my loved ones for a drug.

So I tread slowly on my shakey feet
this world for the first time facing head on
without my methadone goggles on.

I won't say this trip has been easy
sleepless nights, anxiety filled days
I wonder if my stomach will ever be straight.

Most days now I feel sane and secure
still in my dreams
methadone you do enter
to see if i'm home and lonely
you missing being my one and only.
I will succeed down this road
one day at a time as i've been told.

Getting to know myself the first hurdle
a puppet for a drug so long
it wrote my words and I just sang along.
new emotions, feelings and creativity
feeling sexual, sexy
is this really me?

I'm learning to see a beautiful person
no longer under a metadone haze
less then one percent yep that's me hooray.

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Top of The Pops !
////////////oops, never-mind\\\\\\\\\\\\\
with'draw from con'test.....merci !

poet Anonymous

a passionate woman is worth the chaos

loving me is hard,
i’ll be the first to admit
i am glad you stay

poet Anonymous

the nature of you

slow, like warm rain
your fingers on my skin
melts years of ice
slow, like a lazy river
your chest against mine
erodes blemishes

the weight of your body
breaks down walls
begins to rebuild
getting tangled in your limbs
blots out the dark
only light gets through

fast, like a thunderstorm
your breath mixes with mine
blows away doubt
fast, like a rushing river
your muscles flex and relax
bringing us closer

matching the speed of breath
opens my eyes
stare into your heart
the desire to clench my fists
overwhelms my mind
i give in to rightness

slow, like blooming daisies
hands trace curves
becoming something new
slow, like lifting fog
my thoughts come back
clear horizons

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- - - PISS ON YOUR GRAVE - - -

She kept me locked inside a cage
A victim to her beauty rage
A creature that became a willing slave
In the dark to never again see the day

Beatings, torment of the highest form
Whippings resounding with the storm
A blood red rose used to ease the pain
Just to start again another game

Gothic mistress in leather and spikes
Crimson tipped goddess of the next reich
Lovely torments and a holocaust heart
A marriage made in hell, til death do us part

Maybe one day I will have had enough
Hold you close and show you tough love
Give you the embrace of slow death
At last you will take your final breath

I was kept locked inside a cage
A victim to her beauty rage
Creature that grew tired being a willing slave
But now, in the dark, I will piss on your grave

(c) 2013 Frank Green

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United States
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Under the tides and moonlit vistas
Is a world draped in blue
A King reigns supreme on his throne
One day he will call on you
Thought of as myth by the Vikings
He coils around the earth
Seeking our destruction
To bring about a new rebirth

The great snake, Jörmungandr
The coming of the tide
At the bottom his still slithers
Among the moaning sighs
Ships of men have witnessed death
Inside his mighty jaws
They were lucky
That they did not also fall

Great snake
Midgard Serpent
Keep me from your tides
Great snake
The World Serpent
May the fog
Hide me from your eyes

Some say I have taken too much mead
That the beast couldn’t exist
But I have seen with sober eyes
The charms I could not resist
He lures you into his grasp
To crush your life away
Steel is no match for the godless snake
He will take the day

Great snake
Midgard Serpent
Keep me from you tides
Great snake
The World Serpent
Will it please
You to hear my cries?

All Father!
Where are you
In my hour of need?
Please help me!
The snake’s grasp
I can no longer breathe…

Then the snakes sinks back below
Sated for now
Just to coil in our fears
No burial shrouds
Buried at sea within His stomach
Swimming in bile
The godless serpent will rise again
And spread his most vile

Men will tell stories of the beast
Within their dens
Free from the sea wrathful gaze
They’ll take their pens
Write a chant to the ocean gods
That will raise a hair
The gods listen with scorn
To the prayers

Great snake
Midgard Serpent
Keep me from your tides
Great snake
The World Serpent
May the fog
Hide me from your eyes

(c) 2013 Frank Green

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Well Lo, that was an interesting exercise...I had to trawl through 14 pages of erotic poems before i got to this one which had 178 reads....


I just might get another tattoo to celebrate the next decade - woohoo
I got my first and only one years ago
No, its not obnoxious or a large one like some you see
It's a Sanskrit symbol very important to me
It's not on display nor is it hidden per se
With a flick of the wrist it's there to see any time of day
A spur of the moment thing I do not regret
When my skin is old and saggy it'll still have meaning for me
And more important, still look good
So what would tempt me to mark my skin a second time
The letters LKTAOTAS and I have Hafiz and Daniel Ladinsky to thank for this
They jumped out at me from a page in their contemplation book
A reminder about what's important and the path I'm on
They stand for 'Love Kicks The Arse Of Time And Space'

Very appropriate, don't you think?

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