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Summer Time Sadness

Darker Half
Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

You are too write a piece about falling out of love or someone that fell out of love with you.
Hi There Ghouls
I'm back with a block so I need some inspiring writes.
So what I desire... is exactly what I have explained in the descriptions. in Any genre.
Maybe a DArk love, Angry love, I called it... and your work juices in .


2 piece per poet
No Collabs
Title your work (I seriously can't stressed that enough)

Apart from that have fun... and play nice ...
not like what happened last time... lol

(^,..,^) \m/

Thought Provoker
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You've lost your taste.
Too much of my coffee
or too many breaths
of midnight on the sand;
I'm afraid it's true -
you've simply gone bland.

You've lost your spice.
Once it crackled
under the skin
of my face, but no more;
I'm afraid I may
be getting bored.

I want the kick
that you don't have -
to feel dead-sick,
to step in half -
I'll let you sink
(I'm fine with that)
but I just won't drink
if the love is flat.

Lost Thinker
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Wicked game

Giving so much getting so little
Emotions running deep I should have known.
You never knew love this was your first time.
A monster I would create, not knowing until it was to late.

Never would you raise your voice,
Never would you raise your hands.
Despite my efforts you would not fight me.
All the pain one could take, you took it all and still you wouldn't break.

A diamond engagement ring I would wear, till that day that would come where you would love me no more.
I pushed you away thinking you would never leave me, till one day you didn't need me.

This wicked game we all seem to play,
A bit of give but most just take.
There is no winners at the end.
This is just the world we live in.
Neither of us will allow love in again.
This is just part of the wicked game we play in the end.

Strange Creature
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very nice

Thought Provoker
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Wrapped around you like a
I sucked you dry, all I could

You gave and gave and finally
Said you were sick of all my

All I wanted was your
but nothing I did was ever

You were just nice and I was
Thought you liked me, but you were just being

And nothing you had was meant for
I wanted too much and caused you to

I don't particularly like this piece, seems a little puerile and poorly written, but it's based on more than one true story so I thought I'd share.

Tyrant of Words
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Just Sadness

its time for goodbyes
a lonely walk of years
has ended
leaving on a jetplane
this time its me
flying through forever

why did I keep hanging
on hopes that was  dead
dry curled leaves on rotting ground
A fantasy of a dream from before

years of sorrow
suffered through smiles
forgiveness before apology
Its too late now
I couldn't even squeeze
a sorry tear

your summer is over
your autumn is running
soon it will be winter
and I won't cry a tear

I found a love
a gem
the good bits of my life
to hold precious
in my heart.

The Gardener
Tyrant of Words
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There you were
a fringe on the fringes of my mind
filling me up from the corners with a ladle
and draining me out at the sides.

There were kisses
between antagonising, ponderous, lustful discussions
that kept me going and reinforced your unconfirmed affection
and tricked me on late Sundays, and early Mondays - when I should have been at work.

There were others -
despite my trying to ignore it, despite the bi-weekly change of heart, despite the moments shared without me.
I sheltered and nurtured and hid an unwavering belief we could be,
something still on the open water.

There were days
I wept, and imagined a drowning pool of my own frustration, of infatuation, of a passion so timeless
and I grew old and broken and crumpled with waiting, so many questions left still,

Thought Provoker
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Caramel sweet that spills.
Sugar that mixes with the sticky spilled.
White chocolate, mixed with blood.
You have missed the taste of my love.
Cracked peanut brittle, that crumbles.
Candy apples in shape of broken hearts.
My sugary sweet kiss, was always coated in sugar and not enough salt.
Your kiss was always painted in poison.
So when you left, you left with sugar on your lips.
I left with poison residue, and now you miss my sweet taste.
So I poured sticky sweet caramel on your melted soul.
While stood on the artic tundra, with withered roses in my right hand.
And blood stained white chocolate in the other.
And frozen sugar tears on my cheek.

Victoria Nojang
Lost Thinker
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Constant cries of pleasure and pain
Sent far off by the speed of sound
I still remember like it were yesterday
I held you so close, my pearl
Oh how you fought, you wouldn’t stare
You fought to keep away the tears
Fought to bury the constant fears
I am the world’s biggest fool
To have let you go and thought
I scored the greatest goal.
Yet now and then I cry
Grey haired, bald head fool
Wishing like it were yesterday,
When I had you all to me
I look at the stars and I won't dare
To make a wish, to take a chance

Victoria Nojang
Lost Thinker
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If nature were a woman, what would we call her?
Adriana would be a pleasant name for her
For Adriana as she then was, my high school crush
Pretty with eyes of gold, lovely dimples,
She could arouse the gods even with a smile

Yet quiet and composed was she,
Bold and intelligent to the core indeed
"Life is a quest, a constant battle with forms unseen"
She always declared in her essays of art
Such profound artist, could I make a move?

Compared to her, I was feeble minded
A victim of fate, losing both my parents,
Nature never smiled upon me
Circles of dark deception, winds of cruelty
That's all I got, even the shimmering sun
Lost its glow, eyes that once glittered
Transformed into a raging web of darkness

But let the readers forget about me,
My torturous past led me to Adriana
The lady who would thrust a knife and shatter
What was left of my turbulent heart?
For I met she again at college, San Francisco
Being the only African dating a blonde
She was my world, my life rejuvenated

Eyes once darkened by a humorless pain,
Began to sparkle with shocking intensity
With every kiss, she re awakened my soul
Then three years passed, and I was ready
To walk down the isles and make her mine

That scarlet night I proposed on bent knees
She wore a strapless gown of velvet
Slid I the ring on her finger, sealing my fate
When she said yes, my heart deeply rejoiced,
Leaping in joy as startled little waves

The wedding invitations shared to thousands,
Sponsors invited it had to be only once
I didn't mind letting go a fortune, all for her
Then the day itself, my best man and I
Paraded in such immaculate white tuxedos
You could tell the angels above watching in envy
Wondering what it takes to be human and me
I drove in a silver white limo, so we called it

Two hours in wait, the Priest deeply disturbed
Noises, whispers of discontent could be heard
The bride hadn't shown up, her maid of honor
Stepped in tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry Ric"
My heart stopped, dreadful thoughts lurked in

"Here's a letter for you” she handed the note
It read, “I’ll be here Ric, but not to marry you"
Then she stepped in, my bride in shining armour
Walking to her was my best man, they kissed

Forty years later, I'm a lonely old man
Unable to rise from the hard knock of fate
For indeed if nature were a woman,
I'll like to call her Adriana

Alexander Johnson
Twisted Dreamer
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Blood is love,
outweighed by hate nonetheless,
I remember a thrill,
a hunger,
like need bearing bliss,
and here I thought,
it was endless.

But how quick the flame died,
a once powerful love,
firmly denied,
a heart beats its last beat,
as beating feet,
of that fugitive run,
fleeing from me,
as I lay stunned.

Who am I without you?
and undone.

Tyrant of Words
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- - - PARADISAL HELL - - -

I see when summer mourns
The rain clouds are still to come
Roses are dead on her stone
Cold hearths are set in empty homes

Garden beds have gone black
As dark as my heart, in fact
Love me and leave me alone
Along with the end of this song

The sun fails to
Penetrate the gloom
There is no hope
Swinging from a rope

Why must you go?
On the eve
Of dying hearts
Why do you hate me so?

Paradise becomes Hell
At the bottom of a well
Love rests in Death's bitter hand
When six feet deep beneath the sand

The sun fails to
Penetrate the mood
The is no hope
Swinging from a rope

Why must you go?
On the eve
Of dying hearts
Why do you hate me so?

The sun fails to
Penetrate the gloom
There is no hope
Swinging from a rope

(c) 2015 Frank Green

poet Anonymous


It was on a full moon
I'd tried to tell you about my dream.
We lay it all out on the table,
analysed the depth of the situation,
watched the light in my mind
spark against your lost pupils
that didn't know the right thing to say.

I knew you wouldn't understand
in the same way that
you never did comprehend
my need to write, my need to be
three people in confined spaces

or the way I smoked, when
I thought you weren't watching,
because the exhale
was always enough
to induce a chemical calm.

I knew you thought it was you
when you pressed my wrists
hard against the bed sheets,
and in surrender, I let you
to take the pain away--

you thought it was you
when you saw me talking to him,
because for that split second
you saw me look more alive
than I had in months, enough
to get the light back in my eyes

and yet still,
we fucked one more time
because it's all that we could know,
for I couldn't bare to disappoint
and you couldn't bare to simply
let me


Guardian of Shadows
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To Michael, From Lisa

I was your lamb,
maybe I can
get to drying,
tears that I’m crying
for this mindless,
why were you childish?

You left and put me behind this
wall around your heart,
I will
always be waiting,
empty days, praying—
“Won’t you come find me?
Unbind me—”

Your arms, they once entwined me,
your deep seas rocking and reeling—
I want to know what you’re feeling;
I was peeling
all my hurts away, healing,
I thought life had much more meaning;
we were seeming
to find the one who’s worth tending—
your unfriending
will take time to be mending
what I hope’s not the ending.

To Lisa, From Michael

I’m just a man,
you know I am;
I was blinded,
madly misguided—
I tried it,
all those things, youth provided.

thoughts would torment me,
make me,
question who that I should be;
I did see
how much like me, you could be—
it scared me.
You loved me—
and I called you my sweetheart,
everyday right from the start.

But Fate’s dart,
has me chasing my past dreams;
I did not mean
to be as cold as I did seem,
and maybe when you become free,
maybe it will be you and me,
but right now it’s how it must be.

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