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Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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This Is Serious

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about a serious or tough subject
- It has to be either an observation or a non fiction poem
- only 1 entry
- write about any tough or serious subject like child abuse/neglect, domestic violence, sexual assault, alcoholism, drug abuse, bullying etc.
Remember no jokes this is a serious competition.

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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The conversation ended as it always began, with one word. Why? I always began it with how I finished it, with my resignation.  Her questions were endless about rainbows and stars, and how come she could swim like a fish but couldn't fly like a bird.  Sometimes I'd cheat and say ask your mother.  She tells me she did and her mother said to ask me.  

You want me to ask God again daddy. She sucks on her lower lip, doe eyed and waiting.  No I tell her, just wait till I'm there.  We'll ask him together.  Go to sleep, daddy has to go to work in the morning.

hide and seek
counting to ...

Dangerous Mind
United States
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sorry it just ended.

Strange Creature
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Wake up, empty
Wake up, hollow
Wake up, darkness
I move forward every day
Broken, and in pieces
I wake up.

poet Anonymous

Progress aside, is technology good for children as a rule
Does it give them patience?  Does it help them pay attention in school?
I ask you, how did the kids playing video games turn out?
Seriously, this issue is important, and here is what it is about

It is about the children born of Generation Y
Most decided to do the least amount of work; not sure why
Instead, they put in their time and kill people in a video game
Now isn't that a God-damned crying shame

Unable to live without a computer, these kids can never rest
Instead, they are always uneasy because of the last game where they didn't do their best
They have a bad attitude about those who have more than them
and they don't care if they get mugged, because they know how to kill, limb from limb

Now if you think this is a bit absurd
let me tell you what I heard
That the children of this generation are uneasy at life
they have no belief system and function out of strife

There is no faith or mention of God in a video game
and I am sure that is why the absence of shame
when their parents parked them most of the time to rest
was in front of a game, while they worked to give them the best

Hyped up on violence, slaughter, and greed
A fast processor is all that they need
As long as they could frag
life wouldn't be a drag

Communication aside, these kids don't know how to listen
And they would rather ignore you than respond to what they are missing
Disrespectful, preoccupied, and deathly afraid of change
these kids' minds have all but been rearranged

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."  Albert Einstein

Thought Provoker
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Leaders That Act Like Bitches

I'm tired of men being like bitches
man the fuck up and make things right
for your people
for your country
quit dicking around
square dancing ballet tip toeing
over the situation
that needs mending
have the determination and integrity
the grit to get things done
don't double talk
walk the talk you talk
walk the fine line
even when they are blurred
don't take No for an answer
get what your people deserve
don't back down because of fear
give your people something to stand up for and cheer
real men don't exist anymore
just real bitches
fuck all whores

Dangerous Mind
United States
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MsRockyJackson, luv ~ :-*

Are these to be new poems only or are old ones acceptable as well?

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Either one :)

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thank you, luv. Here's an old one then:

Big game hunting

Big game hunting in the streets
Militarization of the police

Two young men of color in my office today
Disturbed by events unfolding nationally and reactions
        On campus
  While home on break
               On social media sites
                            With friends

    The loss of precious life
              What runs through their heads (of course)
          "Could have been me"
Afraid, Enraged, Engaged, Provoked...
           "Could have been me"
Cold, blood congealing on hard concrete...
           "Could have been me"
Dead, abandoned throughout the day...

Would all these people still then say trite phrases, make jokes, poke fun?
Someone died. He didn't have to.  

     This issue is not confined nor bound to
                  Oh no
This issue encompasses distance
                  If you will
Distance is not in our best interests
       It polarizes
Divides and conquers
                  Invites self-deceit, conceit
Mirrored shades to hide behind
No windows to the soul revealed
Allows soullessness then to pervade?

Combat gear to cower behind
Protecting tender flesh
Does that then allow cruelty towards another's unprotectedness?

Complex weaponry to apprehend criminality
When and where are drawn the lines for use?
       Too easy to cross over: abuse

Again and again
              Lessons gleaned from
Power corrupts
                 Absolute power corrupts
How many times
              How many ways
                            Must this education

Bradley J
Fire of Insight
United States
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My mind trips like i have nothing to say,
But I start writing bars its like I may find a way outta this maze,
I look up at the sky as I replay all the narrow escapes,
I look down at my body, I am covered in scrapes,
The struggle has been real man cause I got no cape,
my environment crumbled as I watched it like a video tape,
So I am stuck in a shuffle looking through the rubble for home plate,
I hear a chuckle cause some mother fucka' out here relates,
We all tried to hustle and make up for mistakes we didn't even make,
but the fact remains that one stumble mean't trouble,
So we are left to fumble our way out of a tunnel,
So i got a couple of dreams that I chase in vein,
"Maybe one day" I say so much it drives me insane,
bout to say fuck it I'm going to die this way,
Let myself cave into the landscape,
because shit, I am too basic to change my complacence,
which contradicts that I am too egotistical to quit,
maybe I missed the meaning of being a human being,
The feelings that come with not being a machine,
Everyday is the same we are struggling to breath in peace,
In all reality we are sinking faster than a submarine.
Between you and me I hate all these hypocrisies,
I cry and scream because I feel like we are lost at sea,
But my self-esteem never seems to deplete completely,
Can you believe even if I could leave I may remain on the scene,
I am like a figurine stuck in a drawing;
This sheet of lose leaf is all I perceive,
these boundaries keep me down on my knees,
So I repeat this poem like it is all I know,
Just a John Doe and this is my home,
What can I do but just grow old,
Sit around and throw stones till i let it all go,
So i hope there is a life after this,
but I'll skip it if its the same bullshit,
Abandon ship this is no way to live,
My life is leaking so I tell it like it is.

poet Anonymous

Mine's an audio poem entry, hope that's ok > https://youtu.be/p_ioirSe2-Q

The title is Voices and it was written about mental illness, and grief, as a theme.

Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Man and Boy
The boy who sighed
The boy who cried
The man who laughed
The man who acted daft
To hide the strain
To mask the pain
That made the boy cry
The boy who defied
The boy who died
The man who denied
The man who lied
To hide the truth
To forget the youth
That made the boy defy
The man who laughed a lot
The man escaping thought
The man alone at night
The man who tried to fight
The boy terror filled
The boy that he had killed
The man who seldom laughs
And the boy from his own past

Tyrant of Words
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Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Zealous Cause -
A poem about Transgender Rights…

So many have mocked me,
Here in my own hometown!
Respect has been forgotten,
For those who are different…
I keep fighting for what I believe.
I won’t go quietly into the ground!
This war was not by me begotten.
I have nothing to regret or resent!
Why can’t people live in peace?
Because they want to hurt others,
And my people were victimized.
Spat on, beat, threatened, lied to!
When will this conflict cease?
I will tell you, sisters and brothers.
When our dream is realized…
And equality is a thing more: true!
Rights on paper, mean nothing,
If we are still victimized at all…
I would see us inherit something:
True liberty that will never fall!
I am hated for being myself,
Spat on simply for existing…
And so my fight is without end.
Let freedom be our wealth,
May it be long and persisting!
Even if the world must rend,
We will endure, my people will.
I will never stop fighting for this…
Our right to be happy; to be free!
Even if all the world went still,
The earth would cry for our bliss.
We will achieve our full destiny!
I am a woman; I am a goddess.
Sing with me my sisters, my dears!
Let them hate us, call us names…
I will have peace and nothing less.
Let us now wash away our tears!
We rise like cinders from flames.
They will not ever put us out!
I am the Divine Feminine.
This is my decree…
So hear my words as I shout:
We are sacred women!
As we shall forever be.

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Cytotoxic .
Stares us, in the eyes
pupils to pupils
iris to iris
in it's depth
it trembles
Death fears us
In moments, during the years
we walk
we forget
We tremble
we forget
Death fears us
Tasting Mercury
cleaning the hairbrush
the life
ceramic bowls
on tight
Death fears us

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