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Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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Pure Sex

Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Poetry Contest

Make love with your mate,show us your writing pen.
Have it with your mate or imagine if not have one

But please keep it clean and poetic.

Let sex sublime in literature but it must be a poetry though.

All the best.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Jungle Love -

In the hotly caressing, jungle-like heat,
That pulses, far beyond the winter chill…
I lick your lips like a pomegranate sweet!
And I let the nectar of love frothily spill.
Soft and wet, down on the bed’s sheets,
Our bodies sweating, crashing together…
Breasts pressed, to our twin heartbeats:
Our love is a hot jungle, in any weather.
Your legs spread, like a parrot’s wings…
And you cry like a jungle cat, in hunger!
Oh girl, you love the most naughty things,
And I shall give you a night to remember.

You grind your hips as I press atop you,
All I hear in my ears is your fast panting…
Whilst I take you beyond love most true.
The jungle’s heat is best, for romancing!
Love and lust personified in one mad act.
The wind howls, outside; you howl also…
For I have taken you deep, no going back!
The jungle’s river is getting ready to flow,
Beyond its’ banks, where fertile soil waits!
Love is a rhythm, like drums in the dark…
A native song, in which all pleasure sates,
The appetites to which we as lovers hark!

I am inside you, exploring your territory…
The river overflows, and you then swoon.
My hands caress you in throes of ecstasy,
Whilst outside rises a cold winter moon…
But we are hot, our bodies so embracing:
That we can only hear the drums beating!
Your wetness is upon me as I am playing,
With your soft hair, lost in your breathing.
I am still hard inside you, pulsing in time…
To the jungle heat that came upon us fast.
Jungle loving is a: madness most sublime!
And we still have all night, to make it last.

poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
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The Tear Of Hope

the rain fell to the ground and with it angels
sprouted and took form on Earth
tending to the affairs of mankind and love
putting people together that fit the Divine Agenda
making the future a utopia of heavenly grace
the condensation featured their departure of the angels
the precipitation herald their return home
but the angels forgot to put two people together
that should be together
and so these two souls wandered in the world
feeling incomplete and unloved
they lived their lives, they worked, they socialized
but the spark of love was missing in their lives
they never met
they never found their purpose together
and as time passed they lost all hope in love
sex held no joy for them because the power of love
was bereft from the act of passion
all the lovers in the world had found their love
but these two never found their path
but one angel was created just for them because God's heart
felt a little nudge in it, and God wanted things right
since there was no rain for the angel to come to Earth
God cried a single tear and the angel rode on it
the lovers were in different places, miles away
but the angel sacrificed its life to put them together
the angel sighed and died and gave each lover a vision
of the other in a flash in their minds' eye
unfortunately, the lovers didn't understand the sign
and had no way of connecting to a face they've never seen
so the lovers were kept apart
but there was such a yearning in their heart
and they prayed with so much fury
that God was moved once again to do all He can
to unite the two lovers
this time God left nothing to chance
and transported the lovers back in time to a different
ancient place on Earth hundreds of thousands years ago
and they met in a paradise
in a garden

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Loving Sex

We greet and undress
Kisses and a big caress
Close together on the bed
Exchanging views head to head

Genitals aroused, awaiting action
Legs apart, deep penetration
G-spot reached,soon reacts;
First orgasm then relax

Ossilations are maintained
A second orgasm soon atained
Carry on until too tired
A short rest is now required

She then moves to be on top
She doesn't want the joy to stop
She comes again from this position
Several more are our ambition

Another move; on our side
Like two spoons still inside
Vibrator placed on her clit
A new sensation to transmit

From this position is achieved
More orgasms, we are relieved
Time to sleep, in close embrace
Safe inside a warm space.

On awaking we resume
This makes our love life bloom
Sex gives life such a bonus
Providing the love is not bogus

poet Anonymous

you didn't specify new or old pieces... this is an oldie

gratitude ~

let's fake genetic competition
slow grind the breeze
sow opium babies
in a barren trench ~
[there's no love here]
& a wet cunt's a poor indication
of fairer weather
come ...
... feed me the needle
fuel the feral obsession
[how can you be so sweet]
when you're howling in agony
trying to stop your eyes from
rolling madly
beneath a kitten's talons
i've straddled the divide
to fuck the cosmos
between here & there
[sucking shotgun hits]
from the aether of your lips ~
blow into me, daddy
when i lay here spooning shadows
with a knife in my back
... my death grip clutching
the vain hopes that slip
like your gratitude from my chin ...
hush now,
[do you understand the gravity[?]
questions ruin everything
though i'll confess
the dancing lights
make me think of you
when they paint far off horizons
& that alone
should tell you everything
you'll ever need to know ...

Lost Thinker
United States
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i fantasize about you
us doing the hard flesh covered sausage dance
i need you near me
i await that moment until we are alone.
and i can talk to you and give you my phone.
we start off kissing then feeling each other up and soon enough we ar making the flesh colored caterpillar
you pounding your manbranch into me with such passion and intensity.
you at the same time carressing all my mountains and valleys with such sensitivty
we enjoy each other
as if the opposite were a fine gourmet chocolate
enjoying the sweetness
and the milky flavor

william swann
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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It feels so wrong.    
Then, it feels perfect.    
My mind is split.      
I can't tell the difference.      
My bed the snake pit--      
Her head is worth it.      
Those eyes are toxic.      
I can't shake the feeling.      
I can't take the pleading.      
The sex is the reason.      
I may never leave my room--    
Not so long as she stays.      
This may spell out doom.      
She is not the type to date.      
Lies lying all around us--    
Lust is all it is with us.      
Drugs are a must for us.      
I can't pretend.      
She is no best friend.    
I'm on my own in the end.      
Every time I touch her skin,      
I'm falling for the wind.      
This is another dead end--      
Just castles made of sand

Strange Creature
United States
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To touch
To kiss
To Taste
To revel in the heat of passion and die in the thirst of orgasm

I craved your scent upon my flesh
I craved your taste upon my lips

The heat of your skin burned me
Our lust a molten pool of flesh upon the bed

To touch
To kiss
To Taste
To dance in our heads at the sounds of our animal cries

I craved to feel the depths of your mouth
I craved to taste the essence of your flower

Your hands caressed
Your thighs spread
Your mouth the source of amazing head

I craved your soul
I fucked your holes
But your love fueled my lusts

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Chocolate and Caramel

My chocolate
Your caramel
         The skin we're in
Slick up next to you
                         Want you deep inside
(I'm always so impatient -- ahead of myself again)
Your caramel
         My chocolate
                      Want to lick you up
Taste you, taste me
Taste me on you
Dip you
Into me
     Salted caramel and chocolate
                   Delicious treat
Come here now
Bring the cream now
Slide yourself down my throat
      That's the caramel I've been awaiting
           Really needing
Like me pleading?

 Now who's begging for some
               To spread for that caramel
                             wet and decadent?

Peruse the feast

Silken thighs
Garters tight
Leaving succulent little marks you promise yourself

Just as soon
As I swoon
From the praise you lave

Don't forget that correspondence to Antigone, luv...
                 you pause
Wait awhile till I'm composed (or the facade's in place) once again
    Oh! The lust
                    the je ne sais quoi
(yes, I know how you detest the descent into French
Makes me happy, conveys my meaning with great accuracy...)

Under the desk
You say,
      Do your work
Now, don't mind me
As you wield your wicked tongue
If I peek
I can see
Your pique

Por favor
Let me soothe you
How do you want me
In my mouth?
      If you gift me so,
          I'll suckle your caramel
Spend long hours
Learning you
Tenderly biting
Breathing in your masculine scent

Just thinking of you
          Envisioning this
                  Has made my mouth
                         My cunt sodden
                                  Aching with need you can fill
            Caramel stroking chocolate
Hold me tightly,
I yearn...

Truth be told
I'll be content
If you enfold me
In your caramel
While I embrace you
In my chocolate

Hold on tight, luv,
I've got you
Let the world pass right on by...

Lost Thinker
United States
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The Bed Room as the sweet scent lingers off the body of her skin
and as I drip with sweat
I can tell this night is goanna be wet
I put her behind her head
as we come close to reaching the magic bed
I am so close I can fell her breath on my skin
we get on dressed and I put my big monster in
I grind slowly making lots of heat and compassion then slowly mouth down south to make her filled with great satisfaction  
I am in moment my grove and we finish together like always right on time

Thought Provoker
United States
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The First Of Many
Petals fall softly around her feet, her dance is without a pattern, yet the air that carries the body above has yet to notice... The silken linens removed once worn in a sacred time, now fallen among the floor boards, discarded to be used never again... A naked body before him awaiting, dipped in finest of perfumes... Honey dust sprinkled upon the breast for the taste upon the tongue and strawberry wine to pour into the navel...She beckons him, come lie with me, may I wait no longer for my lover to take what is his... A glance of his eye and the beauty that stands before him consumes his thoughts, he is taken captive in her eyes, her love penetrates the inner courts of his soul and he becomes a man unmasked before his bride, vulnerable... Entangled bodies, moving in the motions of love become one, desire surpassed lust of the flesh and man made love with his wife....

By: RFuller

Jemia de Blondeville
Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Joined 1st June 2015
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I like to kiss you
Upon your lips
Upon your lips so sweet
To taste your delicious nectar
When tender lips do meet
My ever encircling tongue
Savours a taste of pure delight
I love you for infinity
And I adore your taste tonight

Fire of Insight
United States
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Chasing Stars
in glittering
I feel him
the stars
across my
porcelain skin
the dots
to every  
sound inducing
He whispers
sweet words
of twilight
in my ear
to open  
lustful desires
to persuade  
my thighs
to part
He fits
fill my eyes
as he
his gaze
is amorous
intense pleasure
I am
I shine
for only him
at his
the universe
spreads out  
before me
I fall into
his gravity
A captured star

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