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Dark Poetry.

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

how dark can you get?!
Write a dark poem to the best of your ability!
Has to be new and one per poet/ poetress.
May the winner...win!

poet Anonymous

Eve, Interrupted  

I booked a passage to Heaven
via Hell
hoping to find some kind
of conventional paradise
with you, but
it's not easy being Eve
in a world full of Adam's,
nor is it easy
to find serpents
willing to refund blasphemy
in apple trees ~

The world has become
an unwatered Garden
of Eden's demons;
sin is everywhere
but goes nowhere, and
I don't want to be stuck here
unable to tempt fate otherwise ~

In the throes
of listening to all my lover's bitching
between the righteous and the wicked
I took the liberty of pinning back my hair
with a crown of red thorns
and re-fastened the emerald fig leafs
over what was once forbidden
to eyes, mouths and hands;
and there I left you
kneeling in defeat
like that whore
who once cleansed
Jesus' feet ~

I want to make us
pure again, and you don't
understand ~
you're a left hand Jezebel
amongst left hand Judas's.

Lost Thinker
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New, and one per poet/poetress.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- A Night with the Queen -
Based on some of my past-life memories…

On another world in a part of the universe far distant…
When time was in a previous cycle than the current one,
I lived on a world ruled by a royalty passing decadent.
They schemed long before all human history had begun!
Call us aliens if it pleases, we were mortal nonetheless,
And: much as humans today art, but very different still.
With etiquette as refined as our cruelty, and as delicious,
As a banquet before a king, or a hunter before the kill!
We savored life and death alike and spared no pleasure,
In our zeal for living and lusts for joy, however twisted.
Judge not what was, by the scope of human measure…
For human history, was no less oft stained bloody red!

“My mother and father were royalty, or so I was told,
I was to be Queen, but my heart was fierce and bold!
So to a proud Warrior King, I set my heart and my will,
And, I won him to my bed, after his rivals he did kill…
But all too oft, upon drunken hunts he wouldst depart,
Leaving me alone with my family’s ever-scheming art.
I needed a younger man, and a certain prince I fancied,
So some poison in the King’s cup wouldst set me free…
And so passed the old King, whilst the realm mourned.
I was only a young girl at the time, but a lady scorned!
How oft had he beat me, or forced me to lie with him?
No warrior was he, but a beast given to lust and to sin.”

Corruption in hearts reflects oft the soul that lies inside!
And, the great lizards that were hunted for their skulls,
Were: less beasts sometimes, despite their scaly hide…
Than the highborn kings of old, stubborn as mad bulls.
And so the death of the lizards was at least honorable,
Whereas the deaths of some kings were far less clean!
The one I put an end to had his soul become horrible…
So that it was better he die, than to live a life obscene.
Some cruelties canst go too far and I was not amused,
By foolishness masked by nobility, a thin mask at that!
No longer wouldst I serve, nor submit to be abused…
I was Queen, and so I wouldst tolerate no such threat.

“So I married my prince, who was more my own age…
Not a man old enough to be my father, or some sage!
For a wedding present, I had the King’s head on a pike,
Brought into our bedchamber where we spent the night.
My prince was tender, and became King that evening…
For love with a Queen, with hair golden and gleaming,
Will make a man of any boy, and seeing the bloody head:
Reminded him who truly rules this old kingdom, instead.
When I am older, to such measures I might be less given,
But youth must hath its’ madness, until one hath striven…
Enough the path of wisdom to know right from wrong!
But a Queen must wield power; a Queen must be strong.”

A single memory from a time that none living do recall…
And a single moment in a lifetime lived before this Earth,
Was even known to me: longer even before Eden’s fall.
A memory that hath been with me, since my very birth…
One of countless such, for it is my burden to remember.
If I be a messenger, a prophetess, an angel or goddess,
With the spirit of a lover, a warrior queen or defender…
I am still: me, and contain both equal light and darkness.
I feel not shame in knowing the good and evil that was,
For this cycle of time and all of its’ history is here now!
But I am still Queen in spirit, and follow my just cause…
For my nature is noble whilst my word is ever my vow.

Tyrant of Words
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The blackest night is pure
As a flawless gem
The thunder resounding
Like drums in my head
Seek out obsidian
In shades of madness
When I become
One with darkness

I am numb to the cold
First flakes of winter
As I sleep in the frost
Bound in iron chains
Below the altar stone
Sacrifice masses
When I become
One with darkness

Slither like a viper
In a crimson geyser
In nightmares I have found
The devil has come to town
In thy darkest deeds
Give your firstborn unto me

Madness chains eidolons
With the tithes of death
The wolves come out to feed
With ravenous jaws
In the shredded sheep skin
Orgasmic dances
When I become
One with darkness

Gamble like a preacher
Blinded by the creatures
In nightmares they have found
When the devil comes to town
With thy darkest deeds
Give your unborn unto me

From Persephone
To the whore of Troy
I have clashed with Titans
And gone to war
For nothing more
Then tears of sadness
Seducing the moon
When I become
One with darkness

Tremble like a leper
And slaughter the shepherd
With nightmares you have found
That the devil comes to town
By thy bloody deeds
Give your stillborn unto me

Slither like a viper
In a crimson geyser
In nightmares I have found
The devil has come to town
In thy darkest deeds
Give your martyr unto me

One with darkness

I have become
One with the darkness

(c) 2015 Frank Green

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

Based on a real accident I had
but I elaborate on the time I forgotten?

____"On the BIKE that Day"

My brains cooking in a medical stew.
The Doc gave me the pills he felt right.
Before the cursing reality came true.

I was caddying the corner of this busy
intersection.  Rolling atop the car that rammed
me from the left side I didn't see.  As my
head spun out of control and my helmet
pancaked into the windshields seams...

Though it seemed like a mere opening and closing of the
eyes...instantly I appeared in the ambulance ride....
My true memory erased of what happened while I didn't breath
for 1/2 hour and died.

I was taken to a holding cell by these Guardians not sure
if evil or good.  They were very displeased with my act of
stupidity even though it wasn't my fault the pills were given
by a doctor who wasn't thinking.

They gave me several choices.  To die and face my Judgment or
to return as a partial observer of a walk-in they will equip within
the confines of my earthly flesh temple.  There I will complete a
greater mission to amend for this horrific mistake I made.  Just as
I asked them what if it is not completed?  I awoke in the ambulance
as my memory instantly erased.......

But many Passed years passed I met with the one
who would warn me...If I would try
and move near my old home.  I didn't listen and.......

HORROR I couldn't DENY after I awoke...

This sad reality....full of convulsions
as I choked.  It was worse far worse than
staring at the sun till you go blind.
Might of been better.  Better way to spend
your time.

It was far worse than the most darkest surreal
lucid horrific NIGHTMARE come true.  It's laying
bleeding soul would stare and point the bone like
fingers of DEATH at you.

Gouging out your eyes after seeing an Abomination
such as this would only be the beginning.
The WAR had cradled me into a casket like bony
bosom of weary and sleepless death with no peace.
For the HORROR of this ICON was fervently unending.
As the Vision of the Twisted Avatar of Love-Craft like
Madness...Warped and so incomparably offending.  


poet Anonymous


Guardian of Shadows
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dawn of the dark
the screamers awake
born of darkness
formed in blooms
of gangrenous lights

the velvet night
where strangled rustlings
feed the stale air
with moods of dismay
strange walkers flood the road

it was a darkening world
where nothing bright lived
all but slithery inhabitants
beneath the shifting dusts
hungry monsters gibbered

within this life
within that realm
tortured souls shifted
and settled again.

Thought Provoker
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Unholy Reflection

One starless night
I searched my house of memory;
And found a heavily dusty room there,
It's door half-opened,
Tempted me, beckoned me forth

In the room were humans,
All but a few
were strange to me

Their faces differed,
Their shapes, their laughs-
The fire of life
In their eyes
All seemed pure
Like leaves burning
from a white fire tree

I only blinked; I merely blinked;
And to my everlasting dismay,
The beautiful creatures were replaced;

An unkind breeze blew a stench
from new familiar forms
that filled the dusty room
In an overcrowded way

It was with ungraceful desperation
that these creatures
Hurried in a circle

Desperate to get somewhere fast;
Some easily disappeared through the walls
(Oh the relief to watch them escape!)
Others hit their heads on the wall
Bounced off it,
And began to bleed profusely

Powerless to leave
As if a force magnetted me
To the iron floor,
I stood, barely erect
Rooted there
By Fate's unkind hand
To watch this torment,
Unafraid and yet fearful
That the doorknob I held,
Would refuse to open
When eventually I find the guts
To turn it

Lost Thinker
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What are you?

A demon?

No you are the devil himself.

You shouldn't have been able to pull me back,

Yet you did,

And now because of your jealous ways,

So many innocent people have died,

Including me,

You wanted to save me, HA.

That worked out perfectly didn't it,

Now I am just another Broken doll,

You already threw me away,

Now you tried to fix me.

Ha, all I wanted was to protect my sister,

Now I can't,

I can't protect her, or comfort her,

I hope you feel endless pain,

You destroyed almost everything important to me,

I gave my life to save the most important thing,

But now I know I died in vain, She has joined me,

I failed, I broke and now I am dead,

But you, you destroyed yourself,

Ha, hurts don't it,

To lose what's important to you,

Your such an obsessive idiot,

and I.... I... I....

I hate you.

Lost Thinker
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what is the meaning of life people always say
Is it walking like zombies on this earth day to day
or is it more that far more complex
i lay in my bed thinking these thoughts in my head
i know if i don't solve the mystery to this game we call life we will soon all be dead
the world is a giant circle
and we still haven't found it circumference
how many world leaders does it take to make a difference
every time life gets rough
every time life gets tough
just stand up and yell out i don't give a fuck

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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