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Surprise Twist

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Poetry Contest

Make a poem with a surprise twist at the end
Make a poem with a surprise twist at the end

Old or new

Good luck!

Tyrant of Words
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I watch her as she steps from the shower
Water beading on her skin like pearl drops
Her long copper red hair wet and wavy
A mass of curls when it’s dry
She’s so hot; sex on legs

Her body is beautiful
I love seeing her naked
Curves in all the right places
Fat on her bones so I’ve got something to hold onto
She’s comfortable with her scars
I call her my warrior princess

She smiles when she sees me; I can read her mind
She wants my cock; another thing I love about her
Any place, any time

She moves towards me, climbs on my lap
God, she smells delicious
Her skin, silk under my touch
No build up here, she’s straight into it
Sucks my face as she rips my clothing off
She’s every man’s dream woman when it comes to sex
She always wants lots  

I pick her up; throw her on the bed
Spread those legs up over her head
I’m straight into her crutch biting her lips
As I spread them wide looking for that clit

I nibble on it; then suck and lick
She’s screaming at me to fuck her hard
I try to slow things down; she’s saying
‘No, no, don't you dare….’
Such tender words; they have their desired effect

I ram my cock in hard
She wasn’t expecting it, not at that moment
It took her by surprise; she yells her hurt
I ease off, my movements gentle
I spread her legs, lean in, kiss her face, her lips
She returns my kisses passionately, whispering
‘Lets go slow…’

She directs me when we have sex
I’m the puppet, she’s the master puppeteer
She likes to be in control at all times
I don’t care; I’d do anything for her

We go meditatively slow
The energy building between us
I like it like this
‘Cause we're making love not just having sex

She grabs my cheek butts, digs her nails in
She’s coming; her body goes rigid
Her nails digging deeper into my flesh
I’m praying I’ll shoot any moment now

'Jesus fucking Christ' she yells
Mt Vesuvius has exploded and here I come
Spent, we lay in each other’s arms, gently kissing
I love her so much

God, I miss her
How could I have done what I did?
Will she ever forgive me?
I know she’s with me; I feel her presence

It’s a long drive
I don’t have to concentrate,
I’m the passenger for a change
I close my eyes as i think

Today’s the last day of the trial
I’ll find out what my sentence is
Murder or manslaughter of the woman I love

Will she ever forgive me?

Guardian of Shadows
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A Reckoning

Love of life, of gains for coffers
swell his worth his name on papers
tipped hat becomes his culture
knees bend to his stacks of dollars

Be by me, his swagger says
his eyes hard, with soft moist lips
for everything he has, money can buy
be it Loving arms or sparkling eyes

His eyes are lit with lovely lights
his lips they smile with pretty lies
passion in his loins are all for coins
sparkling golden in his underpants

A cold, calm day he tastes the kiss
of  death’s cold bloodless lips
his love for men and women both
has paid him true, paid him in full

upon his knee, his tears roll down
his slowly sinking cheeks
no more glow from enchanting eyes
or threats of hurts should he be crossed

bodies young and warm no longer befriend
his frame so narrow, face so gaunt
In his arms no heart will be aflame
As death slowly circles his narrow bed

When at last his body is claimed
his soul breaking out, asunder
he sinks to other dreams that may come
as pale stars twinkle wanly above

A busy bee flies by
as he is lowered to the ground
no one there, on a lazy afternoon
as the gravedigger fill the grave.

Fire of Insight
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I'll Tell You

I'll tell you what you were.    
You were a notch on my bed post,    
locker room bragging rights.    
You were a cunt to receive my dick,    
a receiver of my wet dream's emissions.    
You were a blonde to follow the redhead,    
not as good as the brunet.    
You were way too short, barely up to my chin,    
not fun size at all.    
Your boobs were so small, most boys have more,    
couldn't fill a training bra.    
You were skinny, arms bony and legs gangly,    
all skeletal angles and points.    
You were a slippery mouth with a wet double jointed tongue,    
that swallowed my cum.    
Your mop head's hair, never combed, much less fixed,    
made good handles to hold your mouth around my cock.    
Your eyes were out of a cartoon, shadowed like a raccoon,  
one green and one blue.    
Your fingers were anorexic, without the grip of a noodle,    
barely good to stroke me before I entered you.    
Your ass was something to grip with my hands,    
as I unload my cum inside you.    
That's why I ignored you when I was with my guys.    
So why did it shatter my heart, cause me to sink to my knees,    
and wish I could die?    
When you walked out of my life, with a tear in your eye,    
and whispered over your shoulder,    
"I loved you."

Thought Provoker
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"Quickly Over"

Everything must be perfect,
Not a detail out of place
He's coming over tonight
This man with no face

We've been talking for weeks
He thinks he's really the one
Maybe this time I'll forget your face
Once this night is done

Dressed to kill in my black dress
Fishnets up to there
Stilettos finish the picture
Careful to coif my hair

Set the table with a China set
Drag out the crystal too
Silver to each side I place
Arrange the vase, almost through

Light the candles, I'm ready for him
As ready as I'll be
Knock on my door, heart pounding
I open it to see

He's standing there, flowers in hand
A smile upon his lips
His eyes take me from head to toe
Lingering at my hips

I kiss his cheek, take the roses
Put them in the vase
I usher him into the vacant seat
Eager he take his place

Small talk over dinner, and laughs
We flirt over nothing
He takes my hand, lays a kiss
I think I'm feeling something

Starts as a tingle in my hands
Rushing up my arms
Heat pooling in my middle
As he turns up his charms

Pulling me to my feet with a grin
In his embrace I go
Mouths clashing determinedly
Letting desire show

Peeling clothes, piece by piece
Tossed upon the floor
Bodies nude, mashed together
Groaning, wanting more

Pushing me up against the wall
Hurry to get in
Thrust his cock deep inside
Revel in my sin

Moans and sighs, wet slaps abound
Fucking harder now
Slaking my thirst for rough and hard
This bruising I'll allow

I feel him quicken, shaking hard
I am almost done
I feel him go and then I follow
His face a little stunned

The blood runs between us
A torrent sticky mess
He looks just like the one I left
That I had loved the best

How that one betrayed me
He got his back, too
This one stumbles to his knees
His handsome face confused

The handle of the carving knife
Sticks out from his chest
Bloody froth oozing down his chin
Eyes closing in eternal rest

Two knocks on the wall, lightly
She comes through my door
She smiles as she looks upon
Carnage on the floor

She takes his body quickly away
A crew comes in to clean
I smoke a cigarette, waiting for her
Aware of what this will mean

Her smile beams 1000 watts
My job here is done
Though this one was put down tonight
We have just begun.

Thought Provoker
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Turn That Frown Upside Down You Clown

he loved his mama's peanut butter and jelly sandwich
it just hit the right spot and gave him so much joy
he love the crunchy nuts and the tangy jelly
on lightly toasted sesame bread
he was the envy of the cafeteria
the Zeus of the playground
they would offer him chips, cookies and juice
for his mama's peanut butter and jelly sandwich
but he refused them like candy from a stranger
it was bliss with every bite
something so divine and fine, it served him right
one day, his mama was in a hurry and packed his lunch
on the run
he found that his mama did him wrong and he cried
the kids looked at him with concern and confusion
he showed the sandwich that his mama had packed him
it wasn't peanut butter and jelly
it was jelly and peanut butter
what a dumb mother fucker

pauline malayo
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You know when you think you’re happy
But then you wake up and then you realize how much of a deeply troubled and lonely person you are
So you just sit there with your eyes wide open staring at something feeling nothing
And you fall into that same hole you always go back to at the end of every night
Falling deeper and deeper
It’s not that you can’t get up, it’s just that you won’t
And you say it’s okay,  
That you’re used to the pain
But I still see new stains forming on your bed sheet
Sleeping was one of the ways you can deal with terror
Painting red, blood dripping deep gashes on your wrist isn’t the gateway to Wonderland
I offered a hand to which you didn't take
Until your ears bled from hearing his moans of pleasure and grunts
Till a part of the lip came off coz he couldn't stop the endless thrusting of his hips going back and forth
He very much liked it against your will
You say it’s pointless so you never wanted to get back up coz you see no hope
But you were only sixteen and he was seventy two

Thought Provoker
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                    Tell me a story
I sat there on the edge of the bed.
Mother always told me and my brother a story.
Before we fell in a deep slumber.
She would let her hand slide from the frosty window leaving an icy stain on the once flawless glass.
Brother smiled and mocked me as I sat there staring into his eyes.
I offered him a hug, he offered me bitter rejection.
Brass curls twirl off the bed post as I see him in the distance on his bed.
With his constant grin.
Mother sang, brother would beat, father would leave.
Mother sat down with me and my brother.
She said how much she loved us.
Mother locked the door, titling her head and making the gagging sound .
Brother would lay there with his grin bleeding down.
His teeth became sharp.
And his eyes glew red as he came near with his long yellow nails.
His teeth rotting away.
And his face showing Skeleton features.
Mother with a gagging expression came near.
With her face all blue and purple.
"Father!" I cried out.
" what's wrong dear?" He would ask me.
" I saw brother and mother again " I said.
" honey you know your brother and mother are dead now".
Only to see them standing behind daddy.
With a knife in hand.

Fire of Insight
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L'esprit de l'escalier

The French call it l’esprit de l’escalier
The answer that occurs to you too late,
The cutting words you didn’t think to say
In time to save you from a bitter fate.
The moment passed, you missed your chance, alas;
You didn't speak in time, you failed to score.
Too late to deal your foe the coup de grâce,
Red-faced, you creep downstairs and out the door.
You can’t return, burst in the room and cry:
‘I’ve just remembered what I should have said!’
Your enemy would look you in the eye
And sneer, and you’d just wish that you were dead.
So swallow your hurt pride, there’s no going back,
But if you meet again, give him a smack.

Dangerous Mind
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A lot of great poems so far ^^
Keep them coming :-)

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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- Ancient Aliens -
An adventure into fear!

Part One – The Explorer’s Fate

Within the darkness black as is obsidian,
Cast off, by the ones who came down…
Forgotten by man, and forever forsaken.
Therein, came but a single solitary sound:
A scream, shrill and piercing as a shriek!
For an errant explorer had met his god…
Only to discover, all too late, how weak,
How frail is man before the Divine’s rod.
No mortal hands moved that old stone…
Which was worked to form an evil place.
But things not of all human flesh or bone,
For they were born in far distant space…
Brought to work for masters more awful.
Gods to some, but ones far from lawful!
Titans some called them, but such names,
Are fleeting, where burn immortal flames.

Part Two – Dweller in Darkness

Worship is sometimes born from horror,
From fear of that which is truly unknown.
So it was for that ancient, dead explorer,
Whose piety: into pure terror had grown!
The sealed door he had opened, curious.
One marked with symbols that did glow,
With energy that crackled so uproarious!
From unseen forces that thusly bestow…
Either, blessing or curse unto humankind.
And what of that which brought his end?
It waits there still, without tether to bind,
Its’ form, which in darkness must fend…
For it is the last of its’ kind, cast so low.
Its’ inhuman cries, true madness to sow!
The female of its’ species, it was mighty,
A goddess far different, from Aphrodite!

Part Three – The Bold Priestess

The ones who fashioned its’ cursed hide,
They watch in secret, waiting for an hour.
Eyes intent, where such beings do abide!
For they are aliens ancient in their power.
A priestess of an ancient faith long past…
Had come to the place, beyond the dark.
Her guide was the explorer who at last…
Fell to the thing to which none may hark.
She saw the creature and knew real fear,
But was wise enough to flee its’ grounds.
Unto the hidden place she so drew near,
Where the power of alien gods abounds.
She would put a stop to their cruel plans,
And banish them beyond all mortal lands.
But she was not prepared to so witness…
That which would leave her mad, witless!

Part Four – Domain of the Titans

She beheld them: titans on their thrones…
Seemingly dead in a stasis unfathomable!
Their minds were wiser than old crones…
Whilst their forms were far more terrible!
Melded to their machines, so grotesque,
That it was hard to tell, their true shapes.
The priestess called to them, to thus ask,
If they would leave this world to escape:
The deluge that was coming, to punish…
For gods warred and continents did fall!
Atlantis itself, would very soon, perish…
And so it was time to heed an older call.
One of the beings was moved to action,
By the plights of that condemned nation.
The engines of their craft, began to hum,
But one final activity needed to be done.

Part Five – The Watchers Depart

She felt its’ hand on her face grasping…
As tendrils of thought, entered her mind.
Answers to questions none were asking,
To her subconscious, thereupon to bind!
A fluid poured into her mouth unbidden,
Which at the time seemed only as water.
But there was more to it secretly hidden,
From even she, that so sacred daughter!
And long after the titans departed Earth,
She lingered in their halls, in the black…
For therein she changed, and gave birth:
Only to perish, torn from front to back.
Her child, the hand that slew her cruelly,
Waited for the next explorer’s fatal folly.
He and the female creature did breed…
When humans came, the aliens did feed.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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- The Haunted Garden -

Within a garden encircling and fair, beneath an old mount,
By caretakers silent, whose eyes are shrouded, hooded…
Thereupon the fruitful earth, stood a structure like a fount,
The waters of which fed streams in lands thickly wooded.
No angel there did ever alight, nor man of wisdom tread…
Even in the days when still did the sky sparkle, all around.
For black are the banners there, as raised up by the dead,
Who rest not in their carven tombs, nor in the wet ground!
Faded is the cloth, and the sign upon it drives some mad…
Save who have the eyes to regard the image thereon sewn.
Who knows the house that flew it before fortune was bad,
Enough to make the land accursed, despite beauty shown!
No mansion left there now, but broken stones so charred,
As to bespeak of Hell’s own flames, consuming evil entire.
Only the garden and the fount remain, under ghostly guard,
As yet untouched by time and tainted not by long-past fire.

Upon the air, you can still hear the music of cold panpipes,
Playing a fanfare unknown to those who venture there still.
Even when the frost of winter locks fast the land in its’ ice,
The music plays upon all the frosty winds, a melody chill…
To break the hearts of lovers and to bring tears to the eye!
Alas for that domain, for it is lost betwixt many old spaces,
Seldom traveled by man, above which looms an alien sky.
And below that, things flit with terrible half-glimpsed faces!
The roses of the garden bloom, but dust is on every petal…
Tragic and faded as a waning moon, nigh unto cycle’s end.
But lo, the knight who ventures there oft to test his mettle…
May yet, find some good that his heart could comprehend!
He learns best who listens, and there the secret is foretold,
Which is so jealously kept, by the spectral guardians there.
Beneath the shadows, beneath all the wild vines and mold!
Voices call out to the knight: “he succeeds who will dare.”

Drink not of that fount which feeds the streams of gloom…
Lest you never see, the dawn that waits oft to be savored!
Drums in the distance echo thunder, an approaching doom.
Or is it the knight’s heartbeat crying aloud to be delivered?
Yet in a coffin made of glass, he finds the slumbering maid,
Whose tears, once rotted that land yet preserved this spot.
He can only stare at such a wonder, his nerves past afraid,
For not a touch of decay is upon the lady, no trace of rot!
He casts back the lid, hoping to kiss her and break a spell,
But dark is fate, for as his lips meet that of the silent lady…
The thunder resounds, with a force and fury as out of Hell!
And the years begin to ravage the dead maid, vigorously…
Until those cold lips are no more and the knight withdraws,
Disgusted, by his flirtation with a sadly long-dead princess.
Her bones crumble to dust, her slender hands bony claws,
Leaving nothing to recall of her former vision, of loveliness.

Guardian of Shadows
Sierra Leone
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nestled in your warmth

draped in your skin
i still hear the staccato of your screams in that moment of sheer surrender.

thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's ...

Sunday school words I cannot heed when it comes to you
for I've seen him when he's manhandled you.
grabbing you by your locks and pulling your head back into his will.
teasing you with the whirr and hum of tools and toys at his disposal
so you're separated from all boundaries.
unravelling at his feet  
left naked and convulsing.

be his servant and savior for the moment
your union is written in the bible and Torah alike
but I am the thief John spoke of
so  I do not hold the condemnation of others as sacred.
for it is the chimes within my heart and loins that ring with the saunter and sway of your ample hips.
your doe eyes and warm swirling mouth beckon me
not God's calling.

On this crisp dawn I contentedly spy the two of you through your window  unnoticed.  
I unbutton my trousers to release my throbbing anticipation.
I stroke manically
catching your eye for a moment.
He, as always is too busy to look up
from your deconstruction.

and once again the grass below my feet is saturated with my thick dew.

sated yet anguished
I return home.
running my palms and fingers over
the armor you've constructed for me.
a coat of arms decorated with whaler's toggles and loops.
constructed to imprison my heart and true feelings for you.

As I pass the abandoned hut bordering our properties
I cant help but enter the temple of our sacred rendezvouses.
It is empty save for a lantern.
I inhale deeply seeking the empyrean
scent of your moist juices when you melt on me.
I'm hard again.
So again I must unfasten and begin to churn my shaft seeking more milk
remembering your warmth and bleating moans.
your supple hips give way to my rhythm and so begins the cackle of the chime.
Quickening my pace.
Leading to my explosion deep in you
And I stagger falling to the dirt floor.

You come to me.

Nibbling at the wooden toggles of my sweater tells me what you now want.
I dig in my trousers for a bit of sweet forbs and feed it to you
And kiss your muzzle.
Ah, my sweet Clara Belle.


Dangerous Mind
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I want to say that I loved all the poems and thanks to everyone!
And kate your poem was freaken awesome! One of the best I’ve read ^^

“She directs me when we have sex
I’m the puppet, she’s the master puppeteer
She likes to be in control at all times
I don’t care; I’d do anything for her”

Love anything to do with puppets, lol.

Also the runner ups were very good too ^^
Great job Ilovescarystories and Jessica

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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Great Contest! Tales with twist endings are always fun to read and equally fun to pen. Congratulations to the winner, kateA (seekingkate), and to my fellow runner-up ilovescarystories. I am honored to have been chosen as a runner-up also! See everyone next contest. :D

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