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Lost Thinker
United States
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Poetry Contest

use your pain to write a poem.
Dig down deep and find what hurts you the most and write about it. The deeper the better.

Thought Provoker
United States
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Deep in the void  where light once was, dwells my lost hope
under the shattered glass you can only find life that is broken
For its the misery I accepted when my heart was open
The pieces scream to fit together wanting to be whole
But your name echos and the glass gets a tug then a pull
Back to reality where misery's touch pulses through every pore
Every memory of you come flooding back ripping each glass apart
For a puzzle can't be whole with some many pieces missing
I want to care but the void isn't careing or listening
For how can I be whole when my heart dose'nt belong to me
For it beats in my cheast but it belongs to only her wanting to believe
That with your touch it can be fixed but it only turns it to stone
even so your never love is forgotten for I still dream of you coming home

Thought Provoker
United States
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You said it would be just a game,
So I sat down next to you.
Your my friend, for I love you.
Why would you do this to me?
You tell me to close my eyes, blinded by your friendly voice.
Blinded by our past friendship, but most of all blinded by being naive.
"Close your eyes for me baby " is what you say.
As you tie me up, and say you will kill my family if I try to fight.
Holding up a silver blade, for now it's time to trade souls.
My soul becomes black with hate as I ask him,
" do you still love me baby? " I said, with a looming anger.
Trapped under your grasp, a prisoner to your darkest deepest desires.
Pulling me with your little rope like I'm a lost pet.
Touching in places, not meant to be touched.
I was so confused... You filthy bastard! I hate you!
As you come up with your hand stroking my arms , stroking my hair.
Struggling to take off the blind fold.
I cry in the darkness, which are tears ignored.
"I love you" he says, as he lays a kiss with his dirty mouth.
That's what you say now... But when you don't need me you call me a "bitch, whore, ugly, fat and weird"
As I take up my own knife and say "I loved you"
Didn't you realize how much it hurt?

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Excruciating Pain

Banged my big toe on the couch -

poet Anonymous

Open up
Let me in
Free me from pain
Leave from the strive of

Find me
Under the bridge
Over the tumbling edge of

Please stay
Here with me
Open up


Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Painful Memories

Losing Jayden and Jasper
To an awful mother..
It hurt my heart everyday.
Because I've lost another..

Having a sister who beats her kids
And doesn't have a job..
Who let's her kids go to sleep hungry.
And doesn't care if her kids sob..

Never knowing my two other siblings,
But the memories are still there.
I have trouble speaking about them.
For the memories of them are hard to share..

Being blamed for so much
Every single damn day..
Saying that I would utter lies,
But I never have anything to say.

Oh, these painful memories..
Flooding through my head.
Giving me sorrow in my mind..
I will never sleep peacefully in my bed..

Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
United States
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For He Who Cannot Be Named


You just vanished. Not a reason
or a simple good-bye.

The clock ticks and ticks.

The maddening quiet of this house
plays havoc with my head.
I would go outside no more
than I would stick my hand in a flame.

In you, I have lost a son,
a lover, a husband, but no one
has been able to find your body.

I don't know where to mourn you.
There is no headstone.
Only my computer, where it all began.

I know it was nothing from the first,
but just leaving... I bite hard
on my bottom lip so the tears
will not come.

The clock ticks and ticks.


I was a child once.
There was this man married
to my mother but he hated me
for some reason. I loved him
and ached and waited for him
to love me back.

I waited for my father to pick
me up sometimes. Sometimes he
wouldn't show.

But I waited and waited.

My hands shake and I try not to sob.
I don't want to wait anymore.
Please, no more waiting.


Please, I don't know what to do
with myself anymore. Write me,
please, tell me why you left,
just give me a reason.

Show me you know
what the word "mercy" means.

Let the police find your body
so I can look upon it one last time,
knowing it is you, that you
are slowly fading to dust.

Thought Provoker
United States
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Lost Tears

Delve down deep, find the fear inside,
I need to bring it to light,
Something makes me push it deeper,
And create a mask to hide behind,
I know what makes me so upset,
The thing it is,
Itís driving me insane,
And I just want to cry,
But the tears wonít come,
They are stuck inside,
Inside a bleeding heart,
With every beat it calls,
For just one simple thing,
Fulfillment, Completion,
That state of the heart,
But only time will tell,
So these lost tears I cannot cry,
Will stay locked behind fluttering lashes,
And I will find a way to deal,
With my aching empty heart alone.

poet Anonymous

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Strange Creature
United States
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I wonder if you cry sometimes.

I wonder if you still remember
the taste of my tears,
like a mouthful of unwanted seawater,
if it choked you and for a moment,
it feels like you can't breathe,
and aren't sure if you ever were able to.

I wonder if you feel as guilty as I feel,
because when I think about you,
and the things I had said, and the things I didn't-
it's like a weight in my chest
that I know you should be carrying,

but I can't break you.
Not even if I wanted to.

Twisted Dreamer
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I did not cry.

I did not cry then, when it still
stung and bled and burned.

Not when it
was fresh against my skin,
flush against my eyes,
tick-tick-ticking right next
to my heart.

Not when it
was the hammer at my head,
the clutch in my chest,
the ringing of the phone
that I pointedly ignored.

Not when it
was the tingling in my fingers
the twisting in my stomach
the numbness all around that could have
once been sorrow.

I did not cry then, because I thought
Not crying would make me strong.

I do not cry now.
But I suppose
that is only because
I do not know

I do not cry.
But as the moon rises
and the night settles in,
you will hear my voice in the wind
and see my face in the dark,
and perhaps you'll cry.

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Heart Cutters

The glow of her smile
weeps inside a  mirage of homeless blues.

Her hair discloses delirious sound effects,
within a semblance of deep stirring thoughtfulness.

The axe drops down and thunders
across her sun drenched eyes ,
which launches wayward across
the volcano of vacuous promises.

( He is never coming back)  

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Murphy's Law

Yesterday, I was not hungry. All I wanted was a cigarette. I watched a woman suck one down. I watched her toss the lipstick stained filter to the ground. As someone offered me a buttered bagel, I watched her stomp it with a high heeled boot. Today I found an abandoned pack of cigarettes with fourteen left. As I smoked one, I watched a man take two pulls of his cigarette and throw the remainder to the ground to slowly burn on its own. Why didn't that happen yesterday?

Murphy's Law.

Today, my stomach is the only one who talks to me. I watch a man take a bite of a hotdog. I watch him make a face as if he drank sour milk. I watch him throw the entire thing into the trash. I watch a woman read the nutrition chart on the back of a granola bar. I hear her whine to her friend about her weight. I watch her eat the entire thing in three bites.  As I light another cigarette, I wish I saved my buttered bagel. Why had I eaten it when I wasn't even hungry?

Murphy's Law.

Yesterday I lay in the storefront of the bodega. I chatted with the owner who by now knows me on a first name basis. I was tired, so I curled up, but couldn't manage to sleep.  Today I fall asleep upon closing my eyes as if I took a handful of sleeping pills. Today, the owner must have called in sick because some guy I've never seen before kicks me until I wake telling me I can't sleep there; bad for business; blah blah blah. Why couldn't this guy have been here yesterday instead?

Murphy's Law.

On days when optimistic thoughts seem to bubble in my head like a shaken soda begging to be let out, I cannot get hold of a pen. But today, as negativity surrounds the brain, I am left to reread a list of complaints. Why must pessimism bleed through my writing? Why can't I record happiness? Why must this poem consist of only pain?

Murphy's fucking Law.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Depression is A Whore

Depression is a whore and she's fucking me to sleep
She sucks out all my essence til my body's just a heap

The price paid with my soul
the change is in my mind
These words are an erection
Of the love I couldn't find

And I'm just trying to check out
Sign out and black out
But her legs keep me locked away
In this familiar crack house

Materialized from nothingness creationists designed
She broke my nose and cracked my skull
when she chipped for gems to mine

I'm spitting blood and spitting teeth
and cursing at the sky
I'm clawing at the frozen earth
to find a reason why

This farce I call a fucking life
is just too much to take
But as I cock the hammer back
my hands begin to shake

It's not so simple, it would seem
'cos suddenly I'm scared
It seems like that for now, atleast
my pointless life is spared

Even with such a simple task
I failed it miserably
I guess I'm cursed to see it through
and live in misery

Tyrant of Words
United States
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"A Grave Half-Empty"

You canít imagine my pain
A ladder to infinite loneliness
Every rung breaks with each step
As the depths rise up around this grave
With no death to fill itís hollowed ground
No corpse to fowl the sweet scent of desire
No flowers adorn the unknown site
Where unborn love grows beyond the rim of darkness
While insecurity feeds tireless shovels
Soiling the ground I look up to
Piling higher toward a suffocating collapse
I would fill my lungs with each choking handful
Dropped from the fingers of lovers never touched
Felt only in the heart of one ever undesired
The one whose love lives on, unknown and alone
Whose grave rests in pieces
Pieced together by hands too dirty to hold
Held back by a heart afraid of the dark
Imprisoned by shackles it canít envision
And you canít imagine  

(JJ Johnson)

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