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Im a person, too.

William The Bloody
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Poetry Contest

Demons are people, too!
Write a story/ poem from the point of view of any kind of demon (vampire, succubi...) standing up for your basic human rights and finding your... positive aspects.

New poems only
Correct grammar and spelling
One poem per person
Between 100-400 words.

Twisted Dreamer
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The Vampiric Elf

Don't spit on me when I walk by,
I may be demonic but I have feelings and I do cry,
You may hurt me everyday,
But I have found out the reasons behind what you say.

I am a person too,
Even if my ears look like they grew,
I hope you know the damage you have done,
Being me now isn't much fun..

I can do what you humans can't,
I can fly and suck the blood of my foes..
I am also mythical so watch me go,
On my own, I am quite the show.

But you ruined it all for me,
And left me trapped in misery,
But I will triumph and march on through,
Because that's what we are supposed to do.

I will remember the greatness I hold,
And stories of me will be told,
Because I am a vampiric elf,
And don't even think of placing me on a shelf...

poet Anonymous

Too krystull bawllz werk betta den won

Damm wryte dey R.
Look att mee.
Eye'ma phuckin' debbil with nuttz.
Uh reel debbil.
Nawt uh vampyre.
Dey ain't gawt nuttz.
Enyhowell, eye emma debbil.
A terribull won eye am.
Eye gott too krystull bawls.
Nawt won.
Too beeg bald wonez.
Won hangz lowher den da uther.
Winn eye laff,
eye kann tell yew
your fortshinn.
Itt don't look pritty.

Sorree fer da mispellin'
Itt'z mai kurse......eye hadd itt since birf.

Thought Provoker
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       Humanity in the Immortal

     All I have ever wanted was what I had before it was taken from me.
To be back in that time with those people was what I thought I wanted.
Growing up from a rambunctious lad to a troubled young man.
I remember my mother and father.
My sisters and their children.
My friends.

 I have lost that part of me long ago.
I may look like you in terms of appearance but I have been around.
I have been here to see how you live.
I used to want nothing more than to grasp the concept of our purpose on earth.
Time and my curse has allowed me to come this far in my conquest for enlightenment.
 All I see are people .
When I look in the mirror all I see is what I was, and still am.
A person.

Dangerous Mind
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Not A Monster

You may say that I look beastly,
You are afraid of me when I'm watching you when you sleep, but don't be so afraid.
I just want to touch you and hold you,
Caress you to let you know demons can love too.
You ask me who I am, well don't worry about introduction because all you need to know is I'm here now.
Don't scream, please don't shout
I'm just here in need of a friend.
Can you see me for me?,
Do you really understand me? Or are you just scared of me.
Don't be frightened, I won't hurt you.
You are not my enemy, but I hope I'm not yours.
I can protect from those who would harm you,
Make you understand that I don't want to kill you.
Stand by my side and I'll keep my word.
Sure I have nails sharp enough to cut anyone's skin,
Sure I may be tough,
Sure I can do things no human is capable of doing, but it don't matter.
I'm not a beast,
I'm not an animal,
I'm not a monster.

Twisted Dreamer
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The Same Evil

Even though I come from the night
I still expect to be treated as equal,
bent up emotion but I will not fall
critical the alarm state of my people
I am a demon, but what is a human?
The same thing I believe to be,
flesh walking the streets looking to belong
in a society that seems to want to pre-judge.
Why am I ridiculed for standing up to pain?
Every individual is his/her own monster,
I went to bury my friend last night, all
because of someone's belief of his evil ways
but in reality his closed casket was his final stand,
no mass, only a few people looking at us evil.
I'm here to inform, we have begun the heeling process,
we like darkness you love the light, is that what
really separates you and I? Have I ever done you harm?
My people kill, your people kill, why blame us?
We believe in a darker way of living,
don't you believe in freedom? I guess not.

Thought Provoker
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My identity was never known
Working quietly in the night
I had just arrived from below
My seeds of destiny already sewn

I came here hungry from that trip
so few are ever even offered
So I sought meat, my favorite food
and had their fear within my grip

But hunger grows as you well know
and barely time had I to eat
in those back lots and foggy streets
my reputation began to grow

I sliced and pulled out parts I like
as anyone with a food preference
the meat is just luke warm up here
and goes cold short after the strike

I hid by day and hunted by night
my practice had become a game
"Can you catch me?", I taunted them
In those days law were not too bright

I had my fill and moved along
to other regions to slaughter
to eat the women, wife and daughter
I thought not that my deeds were wrong

At least not for ghouls from Hell
A name you placed on all my work
you called me Jack the Ripper
in stories I'm sure you know quite well

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