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RUNNERS-UP: DevilsChild and Calculating

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The Pain Inside

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Thanks, I'm so honored to be a runner up. The winner, congrats, my fellow runner up, congrats as well. You both, and everyone else, did very well.

Miss Erotica
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Fallen_Angel_194 said:She's an Artist.

She's her Own artist,
She Gets Bullied because she's the Smartest,
She get's Bullied because of the way she Looks,
Getting Punches Thrown at her, Rights hooks and Left Hooks,
She's Always Alone, Her Nose in a Book,
The Kids Don't know this But She's An Artist,
At Night Daddy Screams at Her,
In The Morning She Gets Taunted,
and When Everyone's Asleep,
Her Paintings Turn Bloody,
Cuts every Which Way,
Her Paintbrush is her Blade,
and In the Morning She Puts on a Smile and Acts like Everything's Okay,
The Kids Don't Understand,
that the Words they say break her a Little More than She Already is,
and She Thinks No one Will Ever Know How Empty she Feels,
She's an Artist,
She's Writes By Day,
and Paints at Night,
The Kids Don't Know this.. But that Girl Wants to Die.

Awesome! And congratulation! I know how it feels with a little bit of more cruelty. In your place...I've been there, done that. Yes I too was an artist before only my body starts to survive and heart, soul & mind died.

poet Anonymous

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Sorry Calculating, I forgot to say you did a great job too ^^ Always love your work also.

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